13 January, 2011

War letters... and Merry Christmas

A book about War letters...  may need to be re-written,
and the unsaid, the unmentionable, the censored brought out
into the daylight.

I can imagine the shell-shocked war-slaves wish that someone would publish
the heroic deeds of non-killer-murderers instead. 
War *is* murder. And the returning soldiers are best off, if they can forget and
about the "good" and "bad" phantasies of the not-shell-shocked.
Most soldiers, however, became wrecks who lost all beliefs.

But, yes, the children naturally idolize. They have not seen the unimaginable
terror and injustice (reality vs fiction).

Another child with memories of a US airstrike perhaps?

And....  the "good fight".  As if the USA/UK were the "good guys"
who "rescued us" and as if the fire-bombing of cities was ..  well,
what shall we call it to not offend the white man's sensibilities?

Necessary business, cold hearted, calculated? R&D for corporates?

There are massacres ("wars") going on right now. But where is the protest?

Guess what? It is about territory.

Like ww2!  Don't kid yourself.  If Germany would have murdered jews,
communists, gays, disabled and gypsies in their own territory,
the US and UK would have taken it as in incentive to start the
planning on how to do it!  (Do you know how many disabled people
were castrated?)

Iraq? War crimes? -- The US Dollar speaks!

Hello!  Afghanistan?
'We fight here because the enemy is here. The enemy fights here because we are here.'

Dare to listen to these talks in your cold winter nights:
There is MUCH reality (very condensed) that need to be in every book.

I listened to the pinkerton talk this morning. The opium war was a revelation
about the feeling of china towards the west.

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posted by u2r2h at Thursday, January 13, 2011


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