18 October, 2006

Judy Wood is my new heroine

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Wing spars are built of strong but brittle forged aluminum and must break off. But back to the government-media fairy tale: As each wing root and its jet fuel and heavy undercarriage crashed into walls and floors, no fuel spilled out and nothing burned across the face of the building, all fuel being carried inside. Since 767 wings are swept back about 35 degrees, each intact wing had to sever steel columns and spandrel belts sequentially over milliseconds, each aluminum forward edge effectively "sawing" through steel columns/belts and steel-reinforced concrete floors with nothing breaking off. Amazing! Despite no structural connection to the main spar, the right wing tip in question survived this assault and then tattooed the aluminum façade, demurely slipping inside each building. Gullible Americans and most American physicists, judging by their silence, join Steven E. Jones in embracing the WTC airplane fiction.

Its created by inspiration from the MUST READ webpage by Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds


Her latest article is JUST AS ILLUMINATING:

The World Trade Center (WTC) towers did not "collapse" on 9/11/01; they were pulverized (blown up) before that was even a possibility.


The perpetrators ... took care to design WTC destruction to accommodate its survival. They needed to turn a majority of the Twin Towers into powder and avoid severely impacting the foundation of the towers. Such "powder-production’ would prevent too much tower material from slamming into the bathtub below and damaging it.

(The evidence) indicates an extraordinary high-energy weapon was used top-down to preserve the bathtub and surrounding structures.

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posted by u2r2h at Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Youve got it

Wed Oct 18, 02:09:00 pm UTC  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have got it. Now get organized and spread it. Think about the implications.

Wed Oct 18, 02:11:00 pm UTC  

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