09 December, 2006

Who did 911?

... so you reckon it was CFR PLUS MOSSAD VIA CHENEY.

I beg to differ.

I think it was HENRY SHELTON and a crack team. "Angel is next" fits like an iron mask.

Ask yourself a few questions:
  • Why kill everyone in the NAVY central operations room?
  • Who had the power to do the Burlingame?
  • Why Buffett in Offutt?
Cheney is an important passenger in the cabal-bus, but not the driver. The driver is a mlitary specialist who knows TECHNOLOGICAL SECRETS. Shelton, Henry is responsible, he signed it off.

Don't kid yourself: Technological Secrets are the key to unravelling 9/11.


Vice Admiral Cotton: ... I'm on a military leave of absence myself from American Airlines. I moved right into 4E458 in the Pentagon, which is where Flight 77, with my friends, crashed on 9/11 and murdered our Navy people. The captain of that airplane was Chick Burlingame, a Naval Academy graduate, class of '71, a Naval Reserve captain. In the back of the airplane was Rear Admiral (retired) "Bud" Flagg, who was my flag mentor and spoke at my squadron change of command. He and his wife, Dee, were killed that morning, along with many other


retired Capt. Mark Greer, former director of information technology for Navy intelligence. "You're the window to the intelligence world for the Navy staff in the Pentagon."

In late summer of 2001, Dan's 32-person team moved into newly renovated offices in the Navy Command Center on the Pentagon's west side.


“CNO-IP”—the Chief of Naval Operations Intelligence Plot—was our office. It was wiped out that day. The nerve center of our Navy became ground zero.


Admiral Timothy Keating. He was in the Pentagon's Navy Operations Center just moments before Flight 77 obliterated it. Twenty-four people died in that room, and today Admiral Keating is at NORTHCOM/NORAD watching the skies ... Bobby Dolan (ph), Larry Gesfred (ph), Andy Shenauer (ph) ... classmate from the Navy and flight school friend was the captain of that flight, Chick Burlingame, right? ... flight school in Pensacola and Kingsville, Texas.

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posted by u2r2h at Saturday, December 09, 2006


Anonymous farang said...

I think you are on to something here....I say it was a combo of Mossad, CIA and some kind of Black Special Ops team that pulled this off.

And yes, I believe if this is true, that Shelton signed off on it, he still did so following orders from "above."

The CFR is an interesting lead to follow there: I'd suggest watching Barry Chamish video on youtube describing Netenyahu's curious rise to power. And don't forget Cheney attempted to get that old CFR war criminal Kissinger to head the "official Commission" investigating 9/11/01.

Speaks volumes for those with ears to hear.

Sat Aug 11, 05:56:00 pm UTC  

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