24 May, 2007

MUST WATCH Documentaries

List of MUST WATCH Documentaries


===== Police State USA =======

WOW! Great list.

I've downloaded and watched ALL the videos on Outthere's webspace.

Who needs blockbuster....

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

It has begun!!!

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 3:23 am Post subject: anarchy-tv.com Reply with quote

I hadn't listened to your podcasts or been to your myspace page in a while, but I stumbled back across your myspace page this evening from my friends list. What gave me pause for thought, was that I saw a lot of videos on your myspace page were also videos that I myself had just recently added to my particular video mashup site, Anarchy-TV.

Apparently, we visit the same sources and come across videos, or go digging for videos from the same links, and in some respects have intersected so our featured videos seem to be "on the same page" (in sense of, on the same page brain wave wise).

OutthereRadio has something of a consipiracy theory / occult / secret society / fascination with government macinations & coverups topical interest, whereas my site, Anarchy-TV, takes a severly critical look at the government, military, police, lies, torture. and political spinmeistering, as kind of the anti-FOX, for the purpose of getting video not widely seen, out in front of a larger audience.

I listened to Episode 30 and heard it was Raymond who "pimped out the myspace page"with videos, and that you had posted a listing of the videos here in the forums in lieu of the second season site upgrade, and so I had of course search them, for review and possible addition to my own site. Maybe looking at the presentation of my site, will give you a few ideas on how to do your own video section.


Have you ever though of doing a video podcast, identical to what you are doing now, but with a video camera filming it? Pause and think about it. It does not have to be anything more elaborate than what you are already doing. As an example, consider the Diggnation podcasts (http://revision3.com), which for a set consist of nothing but two geeks on a couch talking. They oddly are very popular. You could setup a camera in the studio right when you do the radio show, film it, and upload your show as both video and audio only, and feature the video versions as well on your new website and on your myspace page. I myself have considered doing it but do not have anyone in line for a 'co-host'.

If you ever would be interested in interviewing a computer geek, about what its like inside a Georgia prison, let me know. I spent over 700 days in one before winning my appeal, for a crime that never occured. It was a fascinating, nightmarish, pyschologically catastrophic journey. To be locked in a sensory deprivation concrete box, with a psychopath, with nutritionally inadequate food, constant sleep deprivation, and the constant noise that crushed out all conscience thought... was nothing short of torture. Anyway, I can give you the inside scoop on life inside a Georgia prison hidden at the end of a dirt road in a pine forest out in nowhere beyond the public eye.

I myself wanted to go to the SOAwatch gathering this month, but after watching videos of past events on YouTube of it, I changed my mind, as it seemed mostly like a bunch of spiritually centered people singing lots of kumbaya songs, which would not be in tune with my own angry and vocal feelings about what I had to say rather bluntly and from personal experience about torture. Also, I didn't want to go alone. So if one of you wants a travel partner to quest down there with, let me know, maybe we can hook up. Athens is about 2 hours from Augusta; last trip I went was to see the UGA botanical gardens.

If you want to add any of my videos in my collection to your list, feel free to do so. Most of my work on the site has been on backend programming, so the videos I have up now were a quick list I assembled until I get something more automated to periodically "freshen itself with new content" in place.

bumblef*ck (i mean augusta), joja

check out dave rabbits radio first termer (an inspiration for me):


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