29 July, 2007

Cheney = Devil -- then blogger suicides?

Theresa Duncan
Two days before her death, on Sunday, July 8, Duncan wrote that she had another political essay in the works and would post it later. She'd entitled it, "The Devil and Dick Cheney." What would she have said? We don't know.


July 10. Theresa's boyfriend of 12 years, Jeremy Blake, discovered her body in their East Village apartment, an evident suicide. ("A bottle of pills and alcohol were found near Duncan's body [and] she left a suicide note saying that she was at peace with her decision and loved Blake and her family deeply.") A week later, a man was seen walking into the ocean at Rockaway Park, and not walking out. Blake's wallet and clothing, and his suicide note, were found beneath the boardwalk.

26 july 2007

The body of a man found Sunday about 4 miles off the Jersey Shore might be that of Jeremy Blake, a rising star in the modern art world who was last seen wandering into the ocean off New York's Rockaway Beach a week after his girlfriend had killed herself.

The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office announced that suspicion Wednesday afternoon after a New York City police officer contacted investigators who have been attempting to identify the body since a fisherman found it four days ago.

Investigators were particularly interested in speaking with any dentists or doctors who might have worked on Blake's teeth, according to the Prosecutor's Office. Comparing X-rays and impressions against dental records taken during an autopsy is a common way of identifying bodies that have decomposed.

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday the 35-year-old Blake is suspected of killing himself July 17, a week after his blogger-filmmaker girlfriend, Theresa Duncan, had done the same in their East Village apartment.

The apparent double suicide of the glamorous, intellectual couple has confounded and disturbed the worldwide art community, which has held them both in high regard.

Blake's work has been collected by several major art museums, which have considered him a pioneer for mixing computer art, animation, film and other genres.

In February, the couple had moved from Los Angeles back to New York, where Blake had accepted a job as a graphic designer for a video game manufac-turer, the Times reported.

While many of the couple's friends and peers told the newspaper they were shocked by the turn of events, others said Duncan and Blake had acted strangely in their final months.

Those same sources told the Times that Blake and Duncan had insisted that they were being stalked and harassed by Scientologists, a seemingly ever-present fear that soured friendships and hampered relationships with colleagues.

Blake was apparently last seen by a woman who told New York City police that she witnessed a man walk into the ocean. His clothing, wallet and a suicide note were found under a nearby boardwalk at 102nd Street, according to the statement and the Times.

Five days later, about 4 miles off Sea Girt, a fisherman came across a man's body with brown eyes, brown hair, but no scars, tattoos or any other distinguishing features except for several teeth with gold crowns.

An autopsy conducted that night determined that the man was between 30 and 50 and had been in the water for about a week.

Because the body was first brought to the Coast Guard station in Point Pleasant Beach, the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office became involved.

Investigators checked missing-persons reports and questioned marina workers near the waters where the gruesome discovery had been made. They also sent notices to various law enforcement agencies, including the New York City Police Department.

Anyone with information about the identity of the deceased man, or about the dentists or doctors Blake might have visited, is asked to call Senior Investigator Sandra Rodriguez at (732) 929-2027, ext. 2570. Detectives working on this case from the New York City Police Department can be reached at (212) 477-7809.


She had no history of pill popping, and her cause of death is still officially undetermined.

  • The one witness to Jeremy's alleged walk into the sea, the woman who called the police, now can neither be located nor identified.

  • His body has still not been recovered.

  • It took 72 hours to notify Jeremy's family of his disappearance. The newspaper was notified first.

  • Friends are having a "hard time imagining the two committing suicide," reports the New York Post. "Suicide would never be on their to-do list," said Blake Robin. "The narrative of the wallet and the clothes under the boardwalk, it's like somebody writing a cliché, it's not them. It would be embarrassing to them. It seems too calculated for the most uncalculated people. I can see some teenager in Idaho who listens to Marilyn Manson doing this, but not them."

  • They broke a lease eight months short of term when they recently left LA. Allegedly they were being harassed by a recently-arrived neighbor, a Scientologist, and were receiving no help from authorities.
The Los Angeles Times is now reporting the story, and on the couple's "paranoia" of Scientology:

According to several friends and art world peers, the two believed they were being stalked and harassed by Scientologists, an abiding fear that soured old friendships and made some of their respective working relationships difficult.

Christine Nichols, a colleague and friend of Blake's since 1998, produced two art exhibitions, two books and a record in conjunction with the artist through the New York art gallery she co-founded, Works on Paper Inc. Nichols dates the couple's rising sense of "paranoia" to around 2004, two years after Blake created an album cover for alternative-rock star Beck, who is a practicing Scientologist.

"They thought Scientologists were really harassing them," Nichols said. "They would say, 'They are following us, harassing our landlord.' I did not see any evidence of that. But it got to be something that was huge to them -- a 'You're either with us or against us' thing where if you didn't believe them, you weren't on their side. The story they had woven in paranoia and conspiracies took over part of their lives. A lot of us couldn't understand that acting out."

Two other art world sources corroborated Nichols' characterization but declined to speak on the record out of concern that Blake may still be alive.

One thing I missed from the LA Observed article speculating on Duncan's death: the first intimation of Jeremy Blake's disappearance came from an unnamed "ex-girlfriend of Blake."

Which reminds me. I've been looking at some of the art of Anna Gaskell, Blake's ex-girlfriend and subject of Duncan's disturbing warning in her May post. (""Stop accepting payoffs from [Des Moines businessman and guardian Jim] Cownie immediately, get your younger brothers away from him, get a lawyer using only your own money, and have the lawyer get Cownie to answer a few questions about your mother and father.")

From the Guggenheim catalogue:

Anna Gaskell crafts foreboding photographic tableaux of pre-adolescent girls that reference children's games, literature, and psychology.... In untitled #9 of the wonder series, a wet bar of soap has been dragged along a wooden floor. In untitled #17 it appears again, forced into a girl's mouth, with no explanation of how or why. This suspension of time and causality lends Gaskell's images a remarkable ambiguity that she uses to evoke a vivid and dreamlike world.

Gaskell's girls do not represent individuals, but act out the contradictions and desires of a single psyche. While their unity is suggested by their identical clothing, the mysterious and often cruel rituals they act out upon each other may be metaphors for disorientation and mental illness. In wonder and override, the character collectively evoked is Alice, perhaps lost in the Wonderland of her own mind, unable to determine whether the bizarre things happening to her are real or the result of her imagination.... Gaskell addresses this psychologically loaded subject matter with images of girls wandering in a gothic mansion illuminated by candlelight. Here the psyche in question has been fractured and fraught with terror by a perverse father's look, a voyeuristic gaze.

We don't want to see things that aren't there. But when they're there, are we crazy for seeing them?

More, from Ron Rosenbaum:

According to sources I checked with in the New York City Police Department and the City Medical Examiner’s Office, the death of Theresa Duncan which has been almost without exception called “a suicide” in the local papers has not yet been officially ruled a suicide. It may well still be. To my knowledge no evidence has come to light suggesting murder or accidental death. But the authorities aren’t commenting , awaiting, for one thing, toxicology reports on Duncan they say may not be available for at least two weeks.

Rosenbaum adds that he has additional information on Jeremy Blake's reported death and other aspects of the case, and hopes to post them soon.

Alice in Wonderland programming, revisited:

From Cathy O'Brien's book, 'TranceFormation of America' (the link has 81 reviews), an ex-MKULTRA who was seemingly being put through the same as perhaps some of the people photographed in the links above:

"It was Houston's G.E. capacitor scam that provided me insight into the elaborate Long Island docks drug network run by U.S. Congressman Gary Ackerman (D.NY). I first met Ackerman in 1981 when Houston was booked into the Woodberry Music Festival with known CIA-mind control victim Loretta Lynn. Senator Byrd proudly claimed Loretta as his mind-controlled slave and told me, "I literally made Loretta what she is today, and she is maid to order." Loretta's son and secondary mind-control handler, Ernest Ray, told me, "I know what the Byrd did to my mother. I can get away with murder... All I gotta do is call him and I'm free as a bird/Byrd." Loretta's road manager, Neo-Nazi pedophile Ken Riley, who was also Alex Houston's best friend, often assisted Houston in handling me. Riley in turn handed by Charm School programmed keys, codes, and triggers to Congressman Ackerman, who skillfully accessed my Alice in Wonderland mirror theme programming.


It was a sunny, fall day in 1983 when U.S. Congressman Guy VanderJagt met with my CIA operative mind-control handler, Alex Houston, my then 3 ½ year old daughter, Kelly, and me on the steps of the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C. Kelly appeared familiar with VanderJagt, although I had never previously remembered seeing her in his company. Even so, I could not think to realize he was, in fact, sexually abusing her as he had me when I was a child. VanderJagt knelt on one knee in front of her to talk with her, assuring her that "today was a special day" because she would "see Uncle George (Bush) while mommy sees Uncle Ronnie (Reagan)." He stood up and took her by the hand, saying in Alice in Wonderland cryptic language, "Let's go on an Adventure together" and led her quietly and robotically away.

Cathy O'Brien:

Mind Control & MKULTRA, Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, (Edmonton, Canada presentation)
1 hr 44 min - Jul 24, 2006 -
(89 ratings)
Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien expose the Federal Government's involvement in Mind Control projects, research, and abuse of its' own people. This is the...

Dick Cheney in all his glory, as snapped by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photographer Dale Guldan. The photo ran on the front page of the paper's Metro section last September 11:


The story of the photograph, from The Milwaukee Magazine:

Guldan got a call from a reader the next day. “Did you notice anything unusual about that picture?” the reader asked. Upon closer inspection, it seems the vice president’s smile was not his biggest, ahem, asset. Is that what we think it is?

“You’re not imagining it,” Guldan says of the unintentionally revealing photo. Let’s just say the snugness of Cheney’s pants left little to the imagination, and we’re not talking about his waistline.

One Journal Sentinel reader pointed out the blooper in an e-mail to WKLH-FM radio hosts Dave Luczak, Carole Caine and Kevin Brandt, who had a hoot talking about it during their popular morning show. “It’s nice to have someone of that magnitude in the White House,” Brandt joked. “He’s got a porn career right there,” Caine snickered.

I normally wouldn't bother with a story like this. But there's something about it that bothers me. And I'm sure some of you will think I'm crazy for even mentioning this. But you see, there's this very strange book, titled Trance-Formation of America....

Published in 1995, Trance-Formation is the autobiography of alleged CIA mind-control subject Cathy O'Brien, and describes incredible scenes of ritualized truama, perpetrated by some of Washington's most prominent figures. Dick Cheney, the then-former Secretary of Defense, plays a not insignificant role.

Even to some who accept that Project Monarch is genuine, O'Brien's story is simply beyond belief. And frankly, that's where I've placed much of it. And some of it does read like porn for the paranoid mind.

But here's a passage:

Dick Cheney had an apparent addiction to the "thrill of the sport." He appeared obsessed with playing A Most Dangerous Game as a means of traumatizing mind control victims, as well as to satisfy his own perverse sexual kinks. My introduction to the game occurred upon arrival at the hunting lodge near Greybull, Wyoming, and it physically and psychologically devastated me. I was sufficiently traumatized for Cheney's programming, as I stood naked in his hunting lodge office after being hunted down and caught. Cheney was talking as he paced around me, "I could stuff you and mount you like a jackalope and call you a two legged dear. Or I could stuff you with this (he unzipped his pants to reveal his oversized penis) right down your throat, and then mount you. Which do you prefer?"

When I first read this, the most incredible aspect of O'Brien's entire tale was the prospect of Dick Cheney having an oversized penis. The second, the image of Cheney as a huntsman. Yet we've seen many stories in the past year or so regarding Cheney's "thrill of the sport." (For instance, his bagging 70 pheasants last December, and duck hunting with Antonin Scalia as his bid to keep secret the details of his energy policy came before the Supreme Court.)

Perhaps, in the mid-90s, O'Brien had learned enough about private citizen Cheney to know he loved to hunt. That makes sense; I can see that. As for learning enough about Cheney's privates, I suppose it comes down to this: either O'Brien got lucky, or she got unlucky.

bin'dare said...

i love your speculations, i have a grin on my face. but, alas, the explanation is probably a little more mundane. i would say Cheney has a catheter (sp?) (a tube up the urinary tract that empties into a bag). i think we are seeing the bag.

but given our affinities for conspiracies, let me say that the stories of "big dick" are disinfo planted by the Big Dick himself.

10:21 AM
Anonymous said...

It's a good thing my wife turned down "Dick" Cheney's bribe, er, job offer to work for him in Secretary of Defense office at Pentagon. She retired with Gulf War Sabotaged Vaccine Syndrome, and had 4 heart attacks within 1 year at age 32. I've read both of O'Brien's books, and her facts do check out on Bush and Cheney performing "mock" human sacrifice at Bohemian Grove, running drugs with CIA's Iran-Contra Gang, and perping terrorism both foreign and domestic. Victims of 9/11 sued Bush Jr, Bush Sr, Cheney et al under RICO Act for perping the 9/11 Massacres. Read our book on Cheney firing 4-star General Mike dugan, USAF Chief of Staff, during Gulf War #1 at PirateNews.org

11:22 PM

One thing I missed from the LA Observed article speculating on Duncan's death: the first intimation of Jeremy Blake's disappearance came from an unnamed "ex-girlfriend of Blake."

Which reminds me. I've been looking at some of the art of Anna Gaskell, Blake's ex-girlfriend and subject of Duncan's disturbing warning in her May post. (""Stop accepting payoffs from [Des Moines businessman and guardian Jim] Cownie immediately, get your younger brothers away from him, get a lawyer using only your own money, and have the lawyer get Cownie to answer a few questions about your mother and father.")

omnimental said...

Wail Street Journal

Sunday July 22, 2007

by Wordsworth Nothington

...We had people there. An expert of the Second, Fifth Air Squadron Command said, "At the end of the day, on the ground, Omnimental was given a signal by secular extremists to send a warning signal to other waring factions in the perimeter of the confilict zine."

The terrorists heard Omnimental's call for extreme measures and predictably, they followed him. Several Suni, Wackio, Dumbolim, and Crazyesh Muslims joined Omni in his band of extremists in a siege to take over the coalition force's education infrastructure. Despite the coalition force's immediate and authoritative response, the organized terror cell remains at large, plotting and scheming with new technologies that Omnimental has been preparing and perfecting in his hideout.

It is unknown why the coalition forces, having an actual dragnet that watches and controls the whole planet Earth, actually have let Omnimental become the terrorist threat that he has become. Condoleeza Rice, an expert on the psychology of dangerous fringe groups like the one Omnimental lords tyrannically over, says, "It is clear that Omnimental has the charisma and know-how to develop his mind weapons and to gain strong support among Crazyesh Muslim clerics. Just exactly why the coalition forces have neglected to take the time to infiltrate such a threat has yet to be analyzed by my office or by that of the president. We are in the process of finding ways to better deal with such threats and to communicate any developments in that effort."

7/25/2007 11:20:00 PM
Dr. Bombay said...

There is a very interesting article
in the web archives of the New York
Observer titled: Did Anna Gaskell
get by with help from her friends?
I can't link to it, but I think
you will find it well worth your
time to track it down...

7/25/2007 11:29:00 PM
Mark said...

Jeff and others said:

Some things that have come to me, some word of mouth, since yesterday's post. Theresa's "suicide note" was short and vague, and found typed on a computer. That is, it was not handwritten. She had no history of pill popping, and her cause of death is still officially undetermined...


"I have not read any other account that insinuates Ms. Duncan and Mr. Blake may have broken up prior to their deaths. In light of this, it may explain a possible reason for Ms. Duncan’s suicide. If one reads her recent posts of the last several days and weeks, it does seem that some posts indicate she may have been struggling with some emotional, relationship-related issues."

Or, since Blake is the one to bring out the story of 'finding Duncan's dead body', with the unattributable computer written note in their own apartment--why isn't he a suspect, particularly since he has now conveniently disappeared before the autopsy comes back?

It sounds closer to me that Blake may be attempting to keep from being investigated himself for murder by faking his death? And having (perhaps Anna) phone in the story to the press/newspaper? And why would Anna still have any contact with Blake?

Anna received an M.F.A. from Yale University in 1995. Her father died/murdered in 1991, then she is ward of Cowrie and packed off to Yale in 1992. Who paid for her Yale education, obviously that Iowa guy?

Additional connection:

"Gaskell deals with the notion of creating an artificial person. She dressed female students from Phillips Academy in Andover in white lab coats and cast them as young technicians undertaking this bizarre experiment."

Hard to get more hyperrich inherited patrician New England than that Academy (where GHW Bush went to school).


My Gosch. That's a thousand yard trauma stare if ever I saw one.

More on the death of Anna Gaskell's parents here:

Thanks for posting that.

Yale, Yale, Yale. So Anna was dating her photography professor Crewdson at Yale, eh? Crewdson arrives as a visiting lecturer at Yale the very year Anna get there, eh? Coincidence? By the way the late Teresa Duncan said that Anna was close friends with another young female who was doing the same thing and dating her professors in a California art school--and that that group was out to libel Teresa Duncan/Jeremy Blake. This gets more and more abstruce in its national network implications:

Like the Federal "Cointelpro" campaign that deliberately drove Seberg to suicide, the smear campaign against Wit and Mr. Wit uses as its basis pre-existing, completely invented smears started by married art professor Ralph Rugoff and his student girlfriend Hilary Chartrand in order to cover up their 2000 affair while both worked at the California College of Arts And Crafts. This is something that sharp-eyed Wit accidentally discovered during one particularly dreary art dinner in November of that year. Hilary Chartrand is friends with Anna Gaskell, who is also known for carrying on affairs with her married professors in order to have access to ethics-challenged art world log rollers like NY Times critic Roberta Smith and her husband Jerry Saltz. (See article below.)"

So the "Anna strategy" is carried on by a close friend of hers at another art univesity, eh? http://www.hilarychartrand.com/

Anna Gaskell's friend "Hilary Chartrand's background in screen-printing informs the way she looks at everyday objects. She uses the registration and color codes on security envelopes and box tabs as a starting point for her paper abstractions. These collages and sculptures re-examine the printing codes in terms of color and shape, and may or may not resemble their office supply origins."

There's probabaly nothing to Hilary Chartrand in a similar "Anna II" sort of way, though there is the strange 1999 job Hilary had

illustrating [rut roh...] "California’s Welfare and Health Programs— A Guide For Teens:

This booklet was written by the National Center for Youth Law and the Western Center on Law & Poverty, with the support of the Public Welfare Foundation. It is part of an advocacy project for teens affected by CalWORKs. For more information about our project, or more copies of this booklet, please contact us at (415) 543-3307 or info@youthlaw.org.
Please feel free to copy and distribute this booklet. Design: Nicola Ginzler Illustrations: Hilary Chartrand [friend of Anna Gaskell, according to Teresa Duncan]


Thus both Anna and Hiliary have very strange connections and art jobs dealing with pre-pubescent teens? And "state ward" infrastructure issues? What are the odds?

The official story is Anna dated her photo professor "of course only after" she graduated in 1995. However, both Anna Gaskell and her professor (Crewdon was made a visiting professor that same year, who had Anna's same tastes in art) both strangely arrive at Yale in 1992, as in sync? Or a year apart there?

Where did Blake come into Anna's life though? Yale as well? No, Blake from Iowa and "Anna'a past".

"According to Mr. Wit of the Staircase, aka artist Jeremy Blake, (who briefly dated Ms. Gaskell for a year or so as an undergrad in art school and who as such was more than once a personal guest of Mr. Cownie's in the early 1990s)...

Wait a minute. Jeff describes the Duncan/Blake long term tryst as 12 years old as of 2007, which would go back to 1995.

If Jeremy Blake/Anna Gaskell were both at Cownie's in Iowa "in the early 1990s", this means it that perhaps Jeremy was lying to Teresa? Because Anna Gaskell packed off to Yale in 1992 after her father is found dead in a park outside their house and only becomes a 21 year old ward of Cowrie from this point. So Jeremy is dating Anna right as her father is killed, and Jeremy assuredly dated her and they kept in touch while Anna was a Yale.

Jeremy had kept quiet all these years about his connection to Anna Gaskell, despite being close to Tereasa Duncan for 12 years? Jeremy only started to talk to Teresa Duncan about his past connections in the 1990s in Iowa to Anna Gaskell in 2006 as they started to be threatened, according to Duncan's post:

"Once the harassment of The Wits began, these disparate old Anna Gaskell anecdotes, which up to the late summer of 2006 had been completely unknown to me, began to suddenly bob up in Mr. Wit's memory. Mr. Wit's recollection was further jarred after we repeatedly witnessed Ms. Gaskell's brother Zach [supposedly living in Iowa] mysteriously pacing in front of our Venice California home. Then there were the many cars with Iowa license plates following us around Los Angeles at the time....

Is Anna's career in the media eye someone else's "legend" as they say in the spy trade? This is a revealing quote, if accurate, on Jeremy's view of his ex-girlfriend Anna Gaskell:

"Anyway, Ms. Gaskell and I don't seem to have much in common besides her very brief intersection with the life of Jeremy Blake, a period about which Mr. Wit says "She was so dumb, so arrogant and so mysteriously smug. She really thought she had some sort of advantage in every situation. I could never, ever figure out where that came from, because it sure wasn't coming from anything she did. But I guess now I know.")"

In early 2007, Teresa started going into and encouraging others in Iowa and (Hilary's homebase) California to get into Cowrie's money trail back in May she said:

"Also, as I mentioned above in the Cownie article, MK Ultra and other Strangelovian secret intelligence mind control techniques often used cults like the CoS, the Manson cult, and the Jim Jones cult to manipulate and infiltrate the left and the counterculture. This "Cointelpro" program using cults and hypnosis, mind control, etc. is now well known thanks to lawsuits filed against the CoS, the Federal govt. by victims of these programs, and through the declassification of documents related to these Federal programs. Also, a couple investigative journalists in the Midwest and California have been helping me look into Cownie's many companies' adresses, SEC filings, and other "follow the money" trails that conclusively point to [Cowrie] financial dealings with the entities I suggest in the article above."

So the "Anna strategy" is very similar to Anna's friend (no coincidence there) Hilary Chartrand in California:

"Conflict of interest, logrolling, mutual favors, jobs at Yale, vacations in the Berkshires: these are the alleged crimes and misdemeanors of art criticism's Keebler Elves, Jerry Saltz and Roberta Smith, according to an exceptional ad hominem attack by Jeffrey Hogrefe in his New York Observer column.

It seems that Roberta and Jerry promoted Anna Gaskell's career out of all proportion because she and Yale photography professor [who both arrive at Yale in 1992] Gregory Crewdson publicly date with Jerry and Roberta. [The article additionally indicates that Crewdson helped get some of these Yale positions as well.]

Three reviews by Jerry in Time Out, repeat reviews by Roberta in the Times, introductions to the Guggenheim's Young Collectors Council, all allegedly used by Smith and Saltz to load themselves up with the perks of the art-world good life.

Hogrefe's article characterizes Smith's supportive role as particularly "ambiguous" while quoting Salz dismissing the charges as "Academy Award stuff."

We barfed when we saw Gaskell's stupid derivative "Alice in Wonderland" series, bought at a deep discount by the Gugg from Casey Kaplan.

According to Hogrefe, Crewdson got Laurie Simmons a job at Yale, [and it was] Simmons [who] put Gaskell in a show at Kaplan's [and started the whole thing rolling], [and] Roberta and Jerry allegedly brought around the collectors and the press coverage, then they all spent their summers in the Berkshires together just like in a Woody Allen flick.

At Feature, Jerry Saltz told us [completely ignoring the actual charge], "I've never reviewed Crewdson, Roberta never reviewed Crewdson. He was discovered by Gary Indiana. Let them take potshots at us. It's good for the art world when critics are attacked. I've never met Jeffrey Hogrefe, couldn't tell you even what he looks like and have no idea what his motive is." {It's perhaps telling that this Jerry guy ignored in silence the main article's charge of his 'pimping' Anna Gaskell in his articles three times, not Crewdson.] And now we hear that Anna has dumped Crewdson!


That New York Observer article of 1998:


To be asked to make introductions to her [photography professor/] boyfriend seemed to pain Ms. Gaskell, who has achieved a phenomenal amount of success in a short year and a half. From being a relatively unknown but talented artist living in the East Village, she has become an artist with a solo show at the Casey Kaplan Gallery in SoHo that sold out before it opened. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum purchased a complete set of the photographs from that show. Her work has been included in a group show at the prestigious Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. She was invited to hang two prints for the reopening of the P.S. 1 Contemporary Arts Center last fall and another at Mary Boone in January. And this year, the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami and the Galerie Analix-B&L Polla in Geneva, Switzerland,...

[Anna Gaskell is]...[a] former studio assistant to Sally Mann, a photographer whose use of her [own siblings] nude children as subjects caused a stir a few years back...


Ms. Gaskell's recognition has coincided exactly with the period of time that she has been involved romantically with Mr. Crewdson, her former professor at Yale. And there is an impression in the insular art world that, despite Ms. Gaskell's talents, Mr. Crewdson is personally responsible for making her a success. Their careers have become inextricably linked in a way that hasn't been the case for more than a generation. You have to go back to pre-feminist days to find parallels: Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keeffe. Said one Yale graduate from the 1970's who asked not to be identified: "Women of my generation made their names on their own merits. You don't think of Cindy Sherman and then think of who her husband or boyfriend was. This, unfortunately, is the case for Anna Gaskell."

'Talent Is Only Part of It'

"Anna is clearly being groomed for a position in the art world," said Lois Conners, a colleague of Mr. Crewdson's in the Yale graduate photography program.

One of Ms. Gaskell's fellow students from Yale who asked not to be named put the situation into a neat equation: "You have 16 students who were in the photography department at the same time. Out of those students, the one with possibly the least amount of promise comes out as a rising art star. She also happens to be the one who is dating the teacher."

Mr. Crewdson, 35, a photographer known for his surrealistic black-and-white prints of Middle American scenes inspired by Twin Peaks -style melodrama, shows his work at the Luhring Augustine Gallery in SoHo. He began teaching as a visiting lecturer at Yale's graduate school in 1992, the year before Ms. Gaskell joined the program. [or the year of?]

[So immediately after her father was found dead in 1991 across from her house in a park, Anna is packed off to Yale entering in 1992 on obviously that guy Cowrie's money?]

7/26/2007 02:15:00 AM
Emlon said...

Gaskell has married Douglas Gordon.
Charley Finch in ArtNet has a comment or 2.

This is all looking pretty much snarky art-world par-for-the-course.



Party for Anna Gaskell
A Different Kind of World

Tony and Heather Podesta hosted an intimate gathering for New York-based artist Anna Gaskell, whose work is featured throughout the couple's D.C. home. Gaskell burst onto the art scene in the late 1990's and immediately caught the attention of critics internationally. Her work has been described as cinematic, profound and provocative and features the use of theatrical techniques to enhance and manipulate her photographs in a number of different ways. The subjects are often young girls and two of her well-known series of photographs, “Wonder” and “Override” are loosely based on Lewis Carroll's “ Alice in Wonderland”.

Gaskell was in town with her husband, artist Douglas Gordon, whose own exhibition is on view from February 12 through May 9 at The Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden . The exhibition includes large-scale projected video installations, text pieces, still photographs and filmed images on video monitors. Gordon is a Scottish artist known for his film and video installations based on classic Hollywood movies. The exhibit includes an all-day screening of Gordon's internationally acclaimed “24 Hour Psycho,” which slows Hitchcock's film from a 109-minute movie to 24 hour-long large screen show, compelling people to focus on every detail of the thriller.

Anna Gaskell, future's eve
2001, published by New Langton Arts, San Francisco; designed by Michael Abbink and Joshua Distler.
Commemorating future's eve, an installation of Anna Gaskell's film and drawings, this catalog features an interview by Langton's Program Director James Bewley with Gaskell. The catalog includes film stills and pen and ink drawings by Gaskell, as well as informative texts providing insight to Gaskell as inventor, seducer, and artist.

7/26/2007 02:52:00 AM
Juke said...

My instinct says Theresa Duncan didn't suicide. My instinct's been wrong before, but it's also consistently called me from where the deeper, verifiable, undeniable weirdness steps out.
The readily apparent love Duncan had for Blake makes it bizarre to the point of implausibility that she'd leave "at peace", unless something had altered that relationship profoundly. The only other normal explanation for it would be a medical death sentence recently received.
She was way too cool for this, is my basic stance. Too cool, too smart, and too brave.
Not too brave to kill herself, if that was the heart's next move - too brave to go out weak behind a cloud of suspicion.
She knew she had readers and she was loyal. She had a lot of love. None of that got shown in her exit. What changed?
What happened?
I feel, again, incompetent and cowardly and slothful to the threshold of self-condemnation.
I wish I'd written her, just to say hey, thanks, yes.

7/26/2007 03:15:00 AM

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posted by u2r2h at Sunday, July 29, 2007


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a large article you've written, so I will reserve comment on most of it except for the comment you made about Anna and Jeremy and him possiblying to Theresa about the time line of their relationship.

Please do your research before you make comments that suggest someone has lied to another. It just creates more rumors, which in this case, can be used for topping off other rumors running rampant.

Jeremy and Anna attended undergrad school together in Chicago during the years 1990 and mid 1992. Here are the facts:
Jeremy Blake attended and received in 1993 a B.F.A.from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Her father died in April of 1992 when she was still a student in IL. She may have been on spring break. Jeremy may have even been there in the spring or summer of 1992 visiting her while she helped straighten out her family situation with Cownie in charge. She "received an M.F.A. from Yale University in 1995." which means she may well have graduated later in the fall of 1992, which would make sense because of family issues of the past spring.

I see nothing here suggesting that Jeremy was lying to Theresa, so please correct the record because and the times do fit.

Anna Gaskell "studied at Bennington College for two years before attending the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received a B.F.A. in 1992"
"If Jeremy Blake/Anna Gaskell were both at Cownie's in Iowa "in the early 1990s", this means it that perhaps Jeremy was lying to Teresa? Because Anna Gaskell packed off to Yale in 1992 after her father is found dead in a park outside their house and only becomes a 21 year old ward of Cowrie from this point. So Jeremy is dating Anna right as her father is killed, and Jeremy assuredly dated her and they kept in touch while Anna was a Yale."

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Sorry, here is Anna Gaskell's bio

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