21 February, 2008

Air war against IRAN - 1500 targets..


... despite the Constitution granting the war power to Congress, in
Vietnam (1964), Kuwait (1990) and Iraq (2002) our presidents have asked
Congress for permission to make war only when they expected major fighting
on the ground. Even to invade Iraq, George W. Bush said he did not need
permission and asked for it only after Congress, and the public, raised an

In 1999, President Clinton conducted a 78-day air war against Serbia even
though the House deadlocked 213-213 on a resolution supporting it, and the
Senate never voted at all. Clinton didn't care; his position was that he
didn't need permission for an air war.

What matters is not only the Constitution; it is the outcry. Government
does what it can get away with — and in the last year of the Bush
presidency, it is still an open question how much that is.


Last year, there was a push in the administration for an air war against
Iran. The given reason was Iran's plan to build an A-bomb. Then came the
National Intelligence Estimate that said Iran had given up on it five
years ago.


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Asheville, NC Wednesday, February 20, 2008 2:31

Asheville Citizen-Times - NC,USA

Local News

Veterans for Peace to observe Iraq invasion anniversary

Includes reading of names of dead troops, blood drive

by Joel Burgess

published February 19, 2008 5:00 am

ASHEVILLE – The local chapter of Veterans for Peace will be observing the
fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion with several events.

"Five days for five years," is the theme of a series of events the week of
March 17-21 to mark the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, said James
Latimore with the local chapter.

On March 18, the chapter is planning to read the names of the troops who
have been killed in action. The reading will be held at the site of the
billboard at Lexington and Hilliard avenue and will start at sunrise.

The chapter is also sponsoring a blood drive the same day and is looking
for donors.

The chapter will record a phone interview of Noam Chomsky for the Veterans
Voices radio program on WPVM-FM that day. It will be broadcast March 19.

For more information, contact Latimore at trusteejamesl@charter.net.


If you want to puke, read the COMMENTS of BORN-YESTERDAYs:

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posted by u2r2h at Thursday, February 21, 2008


Anonymous creditos said...

Iraq: A Hopeless Cause

It has been far to long and I am sick and tired of our country fighting a war we don't need. With all the problems in our country, why are we concerning ourselves more with others. It has been 4 1/2 years too long and we need to take action NOW!!!! The Bush Administration needs to take a closer look at their Bible, "remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother's eye." (Matthew 7:5) While America has been paying attention to every other country, the U.S. has been experiencing economic problems, unemployment, a stalled housing market, and a growing deficit. Every day we fight this war all of those problems listed worsen, and as they worsen our country fails it's citizens more and more. If we don't end this war now it will never end. The world is moving to fast for us to waste time on meaningless conflicts.

Carlos Menendez

Tue Mar 04, 12:06:00 pm UTC  

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