21 May, 2008

The NSA bootskin

National Security Agency - Echelon Spy fake terror

NSA logo -- noble looking version. NSA Agents take pride in their work but -- as the 911 inside job shows -- the servants of state are not in control. They have been subordinated to the fake war on terror where countless civilians are slaughtered for domination of resources and hegemony over minds. Today, the American Way is to limit freedom and -- worse than East Germany -- to spy on civic society in order to gain control over the natural trend towards socialism, to protect the modern owners and their hierarchy of artificial money, to prevent democracy and public institutions. The privatisation of public equity is the source of perverse money-creation! The benefits of peace and industriousness are not supposed to be enjoyed by the general public. The NSA is purporting this criminal attitude and instrumental in preventing remedy.

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posted by u2r2h at Wednesday, May 21, 2008


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