23 September, 2008

2nd World Trade Center Attack of 9/11 - 42 angles

Nearly all the known angles shot of the 2nd plane hitting the South Tower of the WTC at 9:02;54 (seismic data) or 9:03;11 (9/11 Commission Report).

Try to pick out the altered or otherwise fake videos.

1. ABC LIVE (replay)
2. Naka Nathaniel New York Times (distant, face shot obscured by Woolworth building)
3. CBS LIVE #1 (closeup misses plane)
4. CBS LIVE #2 ("replay" of plane descending behind towers)
5. Edited NBC-MSNBC LIVE #1 without cut to the extreme closeup [not included in this collection] - impact is a replay of LIVE #1)
6. Park Foreman, amateur at 1:30, aired 9/11 evening (face of building obscured by Woolworth Building)
7. "tinacart" (YouTube channel), at 1:43, unknown amateur shot broadcast on 9/11
8."Moussaoui" shot supposedly from Al Qaeda website first seen 12/04/2003
9. Scott Myers
10. Naudet (see documentary titled 9|11)
11. Earth Station (unknown videographer, footage discovered at earthstation1.com
12. "tinacart" 9/11 witness reactions #2
13. Ronald Pordy
14. Luis Alonso
15. WB11
16. Michael Hezarkhani - face impact
17. Pavel Hlava, first aired September 2003 - face impact
18. "Shizzzham" (YouTube 2007 - face impact)
19. Jennifer Spell (zoomed face impact)
20. "Mindblower" unknown, (poor quality face impact)
21. Evan Fairbanks (face impact at 4:53, broadcast 9/11 evening without audio)

(CameraPlanet Archive clip at 5:04 not counted... oops)

22. Brian Gately (Camera Planet)
23. History.com, unknown amateur (distant face impact)
24. Luc Courchesne (face impact closeup with audio)
25. WNYW LIVE FOX5 Chopper 5
26. History Channel, unknown amateur
27. "rocer" (SAMPLE text obscures video)
28. NY1 "LIVE" but not
29. CBS 9:05 am "replay" from behind Empire State Building
30. Devin Clark
31. Peter Strid (YouTube user peterstrid, uploaded 2006)
32. Gamma Press (at 7:58, BBC version) - amateur
33. CBS 11 amateur shot from North
34. BBC World, distant amateur zoom from water
35. "Jersey Shore" shot, BBC version
36. FOX5 Marta - blue tinted
37. "Columbine shot" - featured in Michael Moore's film Bowling for Columbine - unknown amateur
38. CNN 9:10 am
39. Spiegel TV, unknown amateur zoomed face shot
40. Clifton Cloud
41. PAX-TV (FOX5 version) - fast birds
42. WNBC - MSNBC leaning towers, no background

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posted by u2r2h at Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Blogger Andreas Kress said...

Please watch this documentation here. You can download the movie for free in high quality or watch it online. The 9/11 TV Coverage was a massive fraud. And this movie shows all. Please watch it and diffuse it. Thank you


Fri Sep 26, 07:20:00 pm UTC  

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