08 January, 2009

Israel Gaza ...

Israel and Hamas

Israel started Hamas, funded and protected it (for details Google .Israel.s Support for Hamas.) to use against Arafat and the PLO, just as we helped Osama arm and train al Qaida to fight the Soviets. While you are at the computer, check Israel.s use of terrorism against the Palestinians, from its earliest days. They have repeatedly massacred civilians, including women and children, at the slightest provocation, just as we did to our native Americans, and for the same reason.

We are aiding and abetting a long-running criminal enterprise there, and have repeatedly used our veto in the U. N. to defeat efforts to stop the killing. As Noam Chomsky has long maintained, we don.t want peace in the Middle East. Never have. We want exactly what.s happening. We are paying for it. We have given Israel more than $50 billion in the past 50 years. Do you like what your money is buying? Do you think we.ll stop paying anytime soon? I wouldn.t count on it!

John Goodwin, Lebanon


Israel sells weapons and weapons systems to China, including top secret systems that they reverse engineered from us (the US).

Israel has the ability to hit exactly what they are aiming at. They have used their ability to hit exactly what they are aiming out to hit hospitals, schools, bomb shelters, and apartment buildings full of innocent bystanders, men, women children and babies.

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