13 May, 2009

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Like Harry Potter, the "war on terror" has been a cosmic boon for the publishing-industrial complex. It has generated dozens of best sellers with movie tie-ins, and revived the languishing careers of war correspondents throughout the world.

John Merriman, the Charles Seymour professor of history at Yale University, might be forgiven for worrying that our bookshelves couldn't accommodate yet another volume on the 21st Century's idée fixe -- even one as agreeably lean as his.

911 was an inside job.


Respected Journalist Peter Scholl-Latour on German TV:
9/11 "A Saudi Operation" and "A Big Lie"

On April 4, 2009 the journalist Peter Scholl-Latour appeared on the talk show of the german Phönix channel.
The titel of the show was "Germany in War - Out of Afghanistan?"
In this clip you see Peter Scholl-Latour, Khazan Gul (build schools in Afghanistan) and Gert Gert Weisskirchen ( foreign policy spokesman for Social Democrat Party SPD)


Before the above clip of the talkshow Peter Scholl-Latour as always outright rejects the idea that the german army should play any role in Afghanistan. He claims that the german troops in Kunduz are sitting ducks. He has been several times to Afghanistan and explains that there can be no military solution to the problems. He says we should sent the Red Cross or the Salvation Army to Afghanistan instead of the military.

Peter Scholl-Latour was born in Germany in 1924. Doctorate at the Sorbonne, diploma at the Institut National des Sciences Politiques in Paris, diploma in Arab and Islamic studies at the Lebanese University of Beirut. Since 1950 journalist, many years as a correspondent in Africa and Indochina, studio manager in Paris, TV director of WDR and editor of Stern news magazine. Author of numerous best-sellers on political issues. Auhor of TV documentary "Russia Surrounded: Putin's Empire faces NATO, China and Islam". He was the only western journalist to accompany Ayatollah Khomeni, who he criticize, to Tehran in 1979. Unsure of his treatment on arrival, Khomeni entrusted Scholl-Latour to carry his handwritten version of the new Iranian constitution. Scholl Latour claims that the U.S. and "the west" has no understanding for the dynamic and power of the social and religious movements in the Middle East. The West weaken the traditional moderate forces of Islam.
Scholl-Latour has both the French and German nationalities, and describes himself as Gaullist.

Kazan Gul, NGO in Afghanistan
Read an interview with him: "Striving for a World Without War"


Strong Doubts On 9/11

In October of 2008 Peter Scholl-Latour already voiced strong doubts about 9/11 and the plausibility of Germanys military engagement in Afghanistan


* Interview 1/15/07:

"One should not put the blame for everything on Osama bin Laden. He certainly did not organize the September 11 attacks. He certainly did not have in his Afghan cave the flight plans from the USA to coordinate it. And if he is still alive today, he cannot use a telephone, or fax or the Internet, if he doesn't want to be located immediately. How can he organize terror from there?"
Original in German http://www.linksfraktion.de

* Zwischen den Fronten (Between the Fronts) by Peter Scholl-Latour 2007:

"It is also worth noting the precise implementation of this suicide mission [9/11]. Under the impact of the two planes the monumental skyscrapers fell down almost precisely vertically, and it happened like they were carefully prepared as if for demolition of a dilapidated building. The surrounding area remained largely spared. ... [Page 50]

"When will German politicians abandon the proven false arguments that the precise planning, precise execution of 9/11 were done in the caves of Afghanistan? Granted, it may be that Osama bin Laden, who until 1991 was an active recruiting agent of the CIA in this region, after his sudden, religiously motivated turnaround against the U.S. ordered the mission for the destruction of the World Trade Center. But that could have been ordered from any point on the Earth. In the many al-Qaida camps in Afghanistan nothing more took place than basic infantry and rudimentary instructions on how to build explosives. The special training of the mainly Saudi suicide pilots took place exclusively in the U.S., and only there could the suicide pilots obtain and coordinate the flight plans, which gave them the schedule." [Page 348]

* Interview Neue Presse, Hannover 6/9/06 as reported at NGO-Online:

"Islam expert Peter Scholl-Latour said in an interview with the Neue Presse [German newspaper] that the terror network Al Qaeda is "more of a myth that has been magnified by the Americans and which really doesn't play such an important role in Iraq and the Arab world."
Original in German http://www.ngo-online.de

* Interview by Cerno Jobatey on ZDF-Morgenmagazin (German public television) 11/28/02:

Peter Scholl-Latour: The "War on terror" is a phantom war. And when we say we are in a war against terror - so much of which didn't really happen ... The tragedy of the World Trade Center happened [9/11], and now we are told Al Qaeda is behind every attack that takes place. ...

Cerno Jobatey: Don't you believe that? Don't you believe that Al Qaeda was [responsible for 9/11]?

Peter Scholl-Latour: No, Al Qaeda doesn't have the central organization. I was recently in Afghanistan and everyone swore to me they hadn't even heard of the name "Al Qaeda" before 9/11.

Cerno Jobatey: This narrowing of focus onto Al Qaeda - It leads to no solution? Do I understand you correctly?

Peter Scholl-Latour: There is no solution for the war [on terror].
Transcript in German at http://www.staff.uni-marburg.de

* Bio: http://www.groupcsa.com/csa/speakers.php?id=7

BBC Reports
Depleted Uranium munitions in Afghanistan
Dramatic Rise Of Birth Deformities

BBC Radio on March 26, 2009 brroacased a very interesting report on the use Depleted Uranium munitions used in Afghanistan.
During the last year hospitals in Afghanistan report a dramatic 100% rise of birth deformities.

25 minutes download available at

History Of Staged Terrorism
Exposed In German Mainstream Media



The conservative german Süddeutsche Zeitung on April 4 published an remarkable article within a series on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of NATO.

excerpts and summary here:

Underground Troops In Nato Countries - Guerilla For The State

It was a secret of many Nato member countries. Underground armies were existing to fight in the case of a Soviet invasion in guerrilla fashion. The trails lead back into the 1950s - and NATO is still blocking the facts.
from Jonathan Stock

The article on Süddeutsche Zeitung goes in great detail into the history of Gladio, its connections with former german SS troops and plans to blow up bridges and other strategic infrastructures in case of an soviet invasion in the aftermath of WW2 and the beginning Cold War.. The story of the "Stay behind Army" was blown open in 1952 when members of the underground groups informed police and the scandal first made the news. This lead to a politcal uproar when it is revealed that a list of numerous well known german personalities exited who were planned to have been killed in case of an emergency situation. The list included communists as well as social democrats and the state interior minister of the german state of Hessen. Several people were arrested when the list was discovered. German chancellor Adenauer claimed to have not known anything about the activities at the time. The US High Commissioner Walter Donnelly claimed the group was about to be dissolved in the same month when the arrests occurred. The Süddeutsche Zeitung article goes on to report that after a ruling of the german constitutional court the arrested members were released in the same month of 1952.

In October of 1952 Prime Minister of the german state of Hessen made the case public in a speech in front of the state parliament . After that even the New York Times and the german newsmagazin Der Spiegel reported about the case and for the first time the public learned about the existence of the "Stay Behind Army" of NATO

The Süddeutsche Zeitung article then reports about former Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti who in 1990 during investigations about alleged Mafia and crime connections chose to reveal the existence of the italian "Stay-behind-Organisation" named "Gladio..

This lead to a offical report of the german government in December 1990 that said: "The units that where set up by allied secret services on german territory until 1955 for means of securing intelligence and trafficking of personal have been transfered into the custody of german intelligence services as of 1956." The same report also stated that the organisation was not dissolved as promised in 1952 and that 104 people still were active at the time of the report.

The article in Sueddeutsche Zeitung goes then in great detail into explaining the findings of the swiss university professor Daniele Ganser. The paper explains about the 11 countries in which the underground Gladio network was active according to professor Ganser and then quotes him: "The groups intervened massively in the interior affairs of some of these countries - at least in Belgium, Greece, Turkey, France and Italy, for example with the bombing of the central railway station in Bologna in 1980." and then "It can not be accepted, that tax money is being used to kill ordinary citizens."

Daily Exposes Plans To Use Staged Terror Attacks
In Disinfo Campaign Against German Red Army


Another remarkable article appeared in the conservative daily DIE WELT on April 10, shortly after about new findings appeared in the press about the history of the german Red Army Brigade, which some researchers claim now was infiltrated by german intelligence services during its final years.

excerpts and summary here:

Police Planned Terror In Fight Against RAF (Red Army Faction)

For 30 years these files were classified, top secret.. Now the files from the interior ministry from Stuttgart show details of a desinformation campaign, which the Federal Criminal Police Office and the intelligence of the german state Baden-Württemberg wanted to go against the Red Army Faction.

DIE WELT proceeds by stating that it seems absurd but the information seem to back the fact that there were plans that considered staging terror attacks and then blaiming them on the left group "Red Army Faction"

This included scenarios of terror attacks on the Berlin water supply network and the electricity grid in the city of Hamburg.

The paper then goes on to describe how the head of Bundeskriminalamts (BKA), Horst Herold, had a framework set up officially called: "Desinformation in the fight against terrorism" This included the concept of falsified news reports and infiltration of political groups.

The newspaper also states that no files were found to prove that any of these scenarios were actually realised. According to the former head or the State Criminal Office Mr. Kuno Bux "The concept of desinformation was abandoned, because for judicial and political reasons it could not be implemented."

The WELT article was based on an article that was published in the news magazine DER SPIEGEL with a different headline.


Calls for a new 9/11 investigation in Germany

In Germany a group of politicians call for a new 9/11 investigation as well members of local and regional councils as well as two members of the german national parliament have signed a declaration, in which they call for the impeachment of G.W.Bush and Dick Cheney, criminalization of war as a means of conflict resolution and military withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq. In the second point of the declaration they call for an international investigation of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks:

Heike Hänsel, Member of German parliament (MdB)
Dr. Axel Troost, Member of German parliament (MdB)
Stefan Ziller, Member of Berliner Abgeordnetenhauses B90/Grüne
Florian Jansen, city councilor DIE LINKE in Kiel
Thomas Reinert, Chair B90/Grüne Kreisverband Coesfeld
Ingrid Zimmermann, city councilor DIE LINKE in Kiel
Barbara Scheller, Landratskandidatin der GRÜNEN Link
Carsten Labudda, politician, DIE LINKE in Weinheim Link
Martina Knappert-Hiese, B90/Die Grünen Kreisverband Bodenseekreis
Renate Flühr, district chapter DIE LINKE in Heidelberg
Karl-W. Koch, Speaker LAG Ökologie B90/Grüne RLP Hillesheim
Ulrich Lenz, Chair DIE LINKE ( Left Party) Rhein-Lahn
Günter Skupin - Delegierter für den Landesparteirat district chapter Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis Link
Renate Bahr, co-founder der GRÜNEN in Österreich
Gaby Bermreuther, Chair DIE LINKE ( Left Party) in Freiburg
Brigitte Ostmeyer, Chair Die LINKE in Holzgerlingen
Marcus Menzel member of county council, Bautzen
Wolfgang Schmitt, deputy Freie Linke in Trier
Sabine Schwenk, district chapter DIE LINKE Alzey-Worms
Roger Mallmenn, Chair DIE LINKE ( Left Party) Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis Link
Margarete Skupin, Deputy Chair DIE LINKE ( Left Party) district chapter Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis Link
Helene von Kolontay, DIE LINKE district chapter Daun
Jo Biermanski, Die Linke LAG Hessen in Alsfeld
Wolf Theilacker councilman, Bündnis90/Greens - Heilbronn
Rick Thürnagel Chair Jusos Hamburg



The terror attacks of 9/11 are used as the central justification for the war on Afghanistan and Iraq in which
hundreds of thousands of innocent people have already been killed or displaced.
Well documented evidence shows that the official explanation of 9/11 can not be correct.
Hundreds of international personalities in science, politics, and culture, including high-ranking military veterans,
have repeatedly called for a new international investigation.

In 2009 under the leadershiip of Yukihisa Fujita, a member of Parliament, Japan and Karen S. Johnson,
a former member of the Senate of the State of Arizona, USA a new initiative has been launched that calls
for a new independent investigation of 9/11 by political leaders.

45 Political Leaders so far have signed the petition


Brae Antcliffe Elected Alderman to the Council of The City of Sydney, Australia, early 1980s
Berit Ås, former member of Parliament, Norway
Shirley Bianchi, 1999-2007 District Two San Luis Obispo County Supervisor, California USA
Eric Booth, elected Former Islands Trustee, Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee 2002-2005, USA
Dr. Robert M. Bowman, frm, Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force in the Ford and Carter administrations
Andreas v. Bülow, frm. State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Defense, West Germany;
frm. Minister of Research and Technology; frm. member of the German Parliament
Donald R. Bustion, former Assistant Attorney General of Texas
Giulietto Chiesa, Italian member of the European Parliament;
Gerard Chevrot, Municipal Councilor, Saint-Sixt, France
Matt Cole, Board of Trustees, Town of Alma; Alma, Colorado, USA
Wolfram Elsner, PhD, former head of the Planning Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bremen, Germany
Douglas Nixon Everingham, Member, House of Representatives, Australia, 1967-75 and 1977-84,
Minister for Health 1972-75, World Health Assembly 1975, Parliamentary Adviser, UN delegation.
Jeanette Fitzsimons, Co-leader New Zealand Green Party since 1995, member of the House of Representatives since 1999.
Constance Fogal, Canadian Action Party Leader, 2004-2008
Egon Frid, elected Member of Swedish Parliament, 2006 . Member of Committee on Civil Affairs,
Deputy Member of the Committee on Transport and Communications.
Yukihisa Fujita, member of the House of Councilors, National Diet of Japan; Chairman,
Special Committee on North Korean Abduction Issue and Related Matters;
former member of the House of Representatives
Ole Gerstrom, Member of Parliament, Denmark, 1973-1975.
Bill Goodacre, Smithers, BC, Town Council (12 years);
elected Member of the British Columbia (Canada) Legislature, 1996-2001
Senator Mike Gravel, United States Senator (1969 - 1981)
Dan Hamburg, former Californian member of the US House of Representatives
Joel S. Hirschhorn, Senior Staff Member, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment 1978-1990
Barbara Honegger, former White House Policy Analyst and Special Assistant
to the Assistant to President Ronald Reagan (1981 - 1983)
Ferdinando Imposimato, elected Italian Senator, 1987-1992, and 1994-1996.
Elected to the Chamber of Deputies (Parliament), 1992-1994
Tadashi Inuzuka, member of the House of Councilors, National Diet of Japan
Karen S. Johnson, former member of the Senate of the State of Arizona,
frm. chair of the Family Services Committee
Scott Kennedy, former Mayor and City Council Member, Santa Cruz, California
Senator Prof. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, member of Pakistan's Senate since 2006;
member of Standing committee on Education and Science and Technology;
member of Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights and Parliamentary Affairs;
Vice President of Jamaat e Islami (Pakistan)
Paul Lannoye, former Belgian member of the European Parliament,
vice chair of the Committee on Energy, Research, and Technology
Jon Paul McClellan, chief election judge (appointed), Eastside Precinct, Orange County, North Carolina;
former elected chair of the precinct organization.
Cynthia McKinney, former Georgian member of the US House of Representatives,
member of the Armed Services Committee and the International Relations Committee
Michael Meacher, Minister of the British Parliament; former Minister of the Environment;
former Undersecretary for Industry (Charter Member of PL911Truth)
Per Mohn, deputy representative to the Norwegian Parliament from Akershus, 1989.1993
Dr. Andrew J. Moulden, Leader of the Canadian Action Party
David Nelson, Hate Crimes Working Group (appointed advisory commission),
U.S. Department of Justice, Utah, 1997-2001
Marty B. O'Malley, elected Democratic member of Council, Forest Hills, PA USA
Bruce Randall, elected Longmeadow (Massachusetts) Water & Sewer Commissioner, 2002-2003, USA
Senator Fernando Rossi, member of the Itallian Parliament (Senator), 2006-2008 USA
Val Scott, founding member of Canada's New Democratic Party;
former Trustee and Vice Chairman of North York Board of Education, Ontario, Canada
Prof. David C. Smith, former Town Councillor, Mont Saint Aignan, Normandy, France
Simon C. Smith, elected to Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council,
Great Bridge Electoral Division, United Kingdom
Joel Tyner, third term county legislator for Clinton and Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, New York State;
Environmental Committee Chair for Duchess County Legislature. USA
Gianni Vattimo, member of European Parliament, 1999 - 2004 (Italy);
Committee on Citizens' Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs;
Committee on Employment and Social Affairs; Committee on Culture,
Youth, Education, the Media and Sport
Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota USA
Bruno Vézina, elected Mayor of Irlande, Quebec, Canada, 2003
Terry Wachniak, elected to City Council, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, from 1986 to 1989

Independently a new independent 9/11 investigation has also been called for by:

Ron Paul, veteran republican Congressman, USA
Dennis Kucinich, member of Congress from Ohio USA
Cindy Sheehan, US-anti-war activist, challenging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the 2008 elections.
Paul Hellyer, former Minister of National Defense of Canada,
Libby Davies Canadian Member of Parliament
Tony Benn, former Minister of Technology and longest serving MP in the history of the Labour party
Mahathir bin Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malysia from 1981 to 2003.LINK
Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela
167 members of the National Assembly of Venezuela in 2006 LINK

Hundreds of members of the following groups also demand new 9/11 investigations:
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Firefighters for 9/11 Truth
Lawyers for 9/11 Truth
Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth
Pilots for 9/11 Truth
Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth
Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice
Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven
Veterans for 9/11 Truth
Patriots Question 9/11 http://patriotsquestion911.com/

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