05 July, 2009


The Bottom Line - Privatizing The World
Knowledge Network Documentary about privatization of mother earth. Stars a couple of scholars and is brought to you in full colour...
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The Bottom Line: Privatizing the World (2002)

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A documentary by Carole Poliquin


Just as God created the World in seven days, today the All Powerfull Businessman is intending to sell it -in seven days. His ultimate goal: to declare the Total Market.
Using an effective parody of the "Voice-Of-God" documentary style, the film shows the consequences of the world is submission to private interests: a Canadian farmer is sued by Monsanto because patented seeds brought by the wind were growing in its fields; traditional knowledge is being patented in India; American people without insurance are denied healthcare, businessmen want to sell the Canadian fresh water to the highest bidder while thousands of people in the world are desperately needing it... etc.

Can the human community survive if all elements essential to life (water, healthcare etc.) and all elements forming the very basis of life itself (genes) become commercial goods? Will human rights prevail on corporate private profits?


see also: Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine (2007)_ConCen.torrent

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