17 September, 2009

USA secret power - google GLADIO

google GLADIO to see what the state of USA POWER was 30 years ago,
and then IMAGINE what DECEPTION they can do today.

MOSCOW. (RIA Novosti political commentator Andrei Fedyashin, additional
reporting by Artoh Jutu, FInland) - The United
States intelligence community has received broader and more specific
objectives for countering threats to American national security and

Major strategic goals for all 16 American intelligence agencies have been
set forth in a new four-year National Intelligence Strategy (NIS), which
has been submitted to Congress. This is the first blueprint of this kind
during the Obama Administration. By tradition, it is drafted by the
Director of National Intelligence (DNI).

Speaking to journalists in San Francisco on September 16, Director of
National Intelligence Dennis Blair mentioned a number of "new concerns"
-- economic crisis, swine flu, bla bla
Blair did not mention all of the new concerns. The report also raises
concern about China's aggressive pursuit of natural resources around the
world and its efforts to modernize its military, and states that Russia
may also try to reassert itself as a regional or global power.

To understand his motives, we should recall who he is.
Sixty-two-year-old Dennis Cutler Blair is a retired admiral, the third
DNI, and a one-hundred-percent American tough guy. He is a
sixth-generation naval officer. In his thirty-four-year naval career, he
commanded frigates, missile destroyers, and the Kitty Hawk Battle Group
aircraft carrier. His last strictly naval position was the
commander-in-chief of U.S. Pacific Command. He then served on the Joint
Chiefs of Staff and as Associate Director of Central Intelligence for
Military Support.

Blair is known for his quick temper and frequent disregard for the chain
of command (on several occasions, he refused to implement political
instructions from the U.S. Department of State in Asia). In the Navy, he
is primarily appreciated for his irrepressible character and his
inclination towards purely naval ventures. Young American naval officers
like to recount how Blair, then the captain of the Cochrane missile
destroyer, water-skied behind it at a speed of 38 knots. Last January,
President Barack Obama appointed him DNI.

It is worth noting that even during the Bush administration, American
intelligence officers were not happy about the creation of another
coordinator position. After a complaint from the first DNI, John
Negroponte, (CIA Blood-baths in Central America) George W. Bush
(illegal war president) even had to issue a special directive ordering
intelligence agencies to fulfill the instructions and reply to the
inquiries of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Now Blair is ready to give American intelligence agencies broader
missions. To create a new enemy and frighten the US population into submission
with more terror -- expect new "violent extremist groups , cyber
intruders and criminal organizations", It cites attempts to "manipulate
U.S. policy and diplomatic efforts, disrupt or mitigate the effectiveness
of our military plans and weapons systems, and erode our economic and
technological advantage."

Indeed, If the US population isn't terified enough, there will less money
for the humongous military apparatus and development of more futuristic
and covert weapons by which to dominate the world.

9/11 was a phantastic demonstration of might. ALL countries have submitted,
but the psyop is wearing off, and may even be exposed by the growing
911-truth movement in the USA.
Considering the audacity of the crime and the huge effort on the cover-up,
the moment when an insider will go public may not be so far off.
When that happens, the PR disaster may enable a global justice movement
to be effective - something that is long overdue.

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