07 January, 2010

Turkish youth is switched on

Young Civilians rally in support of .cosmic search. judge



Young Civilians, a civil society group known for its creative demonstrations in support of democracy, has called on everyone to support Ankara 11th High Criminal Court judge Kadir Kayan, who initiated a search at the Special Forces Command last week as part of a probe into a suspected plot to assassinate Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Ar.nç.

Kayan issued a warrant for a search of the Special Forces Command.s top secret archives, referred to as the .cosmic room,. on Dec. 24 after the capture of two officers from the Tactical Mobilization Group, a unit under the General Staff.s Special Forces Command, as they stood watch near Ar.nç.s house in Ankara.s Çukurambar neighborhood. He is the first judge to search the Special Forces Command. The search aims to reveal whether there is a military plot to assassinate high-ranking politicians. The discovery of seven military officers tailing Kayan on Thursday raised suspicions among the public that the General Staff might be trying to hinder the search.

A group of Young Civilians gathered in Ankara yesterday to protest such attempts. Although the group planned to make a statement to the press in front of the Ankara headquarters of the Tactical Mobilization Group, they moved their protest to Adnan Ötüken Park after being informed that a man was organizing a demonstration there in support of the General Staff. The group.s spokesperson said: .We call on everyone who is fed up with coups, policies adopting a .for the people despite the people. principle, suspicious murders, plots to incite chaos and munitions unearthed [as part of a probe into a clandestine organization known as Ergenekon] to support judge Kadir Kayan.. Stating that they have been waiting for a judge to search the .cosmic room. for 31 years, since the assassination of Ankara public prosecutor Do.an Öz, who is regarded as the first prosecutor to examine the Gladio network in Turkey, the spokesperson said they condemn the death threats the judge is allegedly receiving.

The group also held banners reading .Don.t touch the judge!. and .Stop following the judge..

05 January 2010, Tuesday


Anger Sessions

There is a widespread opinion, anti-democratic regimes to survive always need an enemy. Psychology of these regimes, policies, behavior and structure that best describes the format and analyze the author of perhaps the best one of George Orwell. Non-moral and non-human face of Orwell's fable of dictatorship by the method described in a delightful way that "Animal Farm" is a book we all known. But perhaps the most recognized and Animal Farm book describes much of our current regime 1984'tür. The classic example of this type of science fiction works, the future is dark, true, lines was detected, no freedom of speech and the world was made up of the dictatorship of a few years 2050'li explains.

Orwell and the growing world of "other" other "line from the giant, and this hatred that feeds hatred is talking about nationalism. Novel of 1984, in the existing 2050'li Eurasia, Oceania and East Asia Oceania of the dictatorship then explains. But the 2050 Oceania fictions, as if we are living Turkey. Yes, while reading this novel for the first time in Turkey, leaving behind an area that we see the world .. Novel tells the years, but Turkey 2050'li to order at least a century ago had it. Oceania's into you will acknowledge when I'm sure.

Oceania's biggest feature everything from BIG brother is always followed. Party records and protective big brother leaders of the revolution only is shown. Under this correspondence network to the party opposing a regime that is impossible to be in action or discourse. Dissidents "evaporation" goes to the so-called fail-i unknown.

Ocean from anywhere in London, the capital of a common height of 300 meters, had the Ministry of accuracy. Drawn by the Ministry of Doru and everything is checked, the authorities estimate that contain false rhetoric and outdated publications collected and re-printing of actually (!) Was written. Say something wrong and wrong so that is unsaid was. Ministry of accuracy anywhere to be seen on the walls of London's size was written as follows:


FREEDOM is slavery

Strength is ignorance

Size and to place the sanctity of the regime and to transfer to future generations to write screenplays and tastes like the real scenario will be recorded. Thus, also the date chosen would be a lie.

One of the greatest crime in Oceania is thought crime. Ignorant people make, to neuter the language and therefore thought by the regime as an official language of Oceania "yenikonu." called a language is developed. This language is the ultimate goal is to eliminate the idea. New language will not be such a thing as thinking. Working in the Roman hero of the dictionary section Syme'ye, according Yenikonu.'un thoughts all aim to narrow limits, thought crime, and it will tell usually is to remove words from the language. By 2050 they now speak the language and everyone will understand no one will talk with Yenikonu. language.

One of the most important features of Oceania inside and out traitors to the community placed against the enemy is anger and fear. This anger every day to keep the bell "two-minute sessions of anger" and at certain intervals anger week "are held. The most important feature of anger weeks, the most fanatical nationalists and those who show loyalty to the regime to their homes, cars and large businesses, is equipped with a larger flag. Parsons, one of the heroes, in a chat with Winston "Do you hate us even for a week my house treasurer. We are a very big effort. We will organize an extraordinary show. Victory Mansion on the street is not building up the flag hanging, I do not have crime, you know "he says. Dating from the third world in our country and flag ceremonies large accelerated national day wonder one race anger session "Do you?

Constantly on television "Oceania everything for you!" Slogan is repeated. Is more nationalistic in environments open to the public by saying that everyone starts. Militarized society to dehumanize and continuous violence in the cinema, war films and will play full of anger, people enjoy it is provided. Just today in our country, and box-office breathing, such as Valley of the Wolves Iraq, or the Sakarya-Euphrates, "One Turkey" type arrays, movies and almost every day with news bulletins occupied "hate sessions" ...

Homeland-nation in Oceania is very strong literature Sakarya and treason. This hatred also thought the world of children-oriented thinking has shaped. Children with the training given by one party loyalist, but "others" as against one monster can be grown. These children and doting big brother to the party they terror. National songs, marches, ceremonies, flags, toy guns are training with, slogans, the worship of Big Brother, all of which are for them by one game. Out of all the anger, the state's enemies to foreigners, traitors and criminals thought to have been translated. In Oceania itself has become a status usually özçocuklar.ndan afraid. These fears are not unfounded, because the newspaper constantly "child heroes" I hear the aforementioned small spy on their parents for a few doubtful that the thought police are warning that news. In the novel, plumbers and opponents of the regime secret that our hero a home repair faucets goes to the weapons and toys to play with kids my Karhan gun pointing and "you are a traitor, you're a thought criminal,'re a Eurasian spy, you steam" type of threats are. However, we also look familiar to Oceania?

Party officials do not need to listen to him when speaking. What is certain already beginning to say: they blame someone else, thought more effective measures against criminals and renegade rows. And stops at the atrocities against the Eurasian army. Malabar war hero and said big brother may be praised. Every word they use is in line with Party doctrine and official ideology can be absolutely sure. Our hero, while direct orator, "jaw opening and closing gözsüz face while watching this, and not a puppet of a person caught in a strange feeling I was watching. Speaking, not the man's brain, throat was the deal. Words were pouring from the mouth, but this is a real conversation, not a sound was a heap ". Today, the official ideology-nationalist and nationalist in any matter where he will continue to speak of those outlines not easy to guess you think?

Oceania or Eurasia, 2050 or 1950 does not matter time and space, but Orwell in 1949 after 60 years in Turkey, namely the 2009 Türkiye'sinin have drawn a great table. Breath, One Turkey, Sakarya-Euphrates, Enduring Heroes sessions such as anger, flag ceremonies, Yenikonu., thought criminals, homeland-nation Sakarya and treachery literature, the nationalist-nationalist hatred, the official date, big brother, war blessing and official ideology vakç.lar. vak. In economics, science, art could not possibly succeed, but anti-democratic practices have left behind the world a century. Do a great job in a short time we have not succeeded, what about you.

Parties have been published in the Gazette dated December 21, 2009.

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