26 April, 2010

Voice of Africa .. clear CIA CRIMES

Nigerian Voice gives daily news updates of the country
Nigeria The following article, Obama Brings International
State Terrorism to Ghana, was written by Sekou Nkrumah,
Chairman of the Pan African Improvement Organization.
Sekou Nykrumah, has also authored two books: Repatriation
and Pan Africanism, the Suppression of Two Movements and
Notes on White Supremacy and Capitalism. This article was
written as a critique of Obama's trip to Ghana in 2009.
Upon reading it, I couldn't help but think about how
apropos Nirvana's song, Rape Me, was in the analysis of
the plunder of my Africa.

Just a quick sidebar before you read this article. If
we don't take the time to base our actions on a scientific
objective analysis, we are destined to be duped time and
time again by those who plan to oppress us. People, we
must stop taking militant stances for ignorance like
T-Pain's response to unknowingly pushing a conservative
agenda with Sean Hannity. As the song D*** Riding For
Obama, becomes more and more popular in anticipation of
The Boondocks Season 3, our opposition to Imperialism
can't be founded in a catchy song that sounds cool and
rebellious; I mean hell, wasn't it singing WILL.I.AM's Yes
We Can! song, one of the reasons millions felt compelled
to vote for Obama. Scientific objective anaylsis, must be
utilized by people of color as the weapon of choice
against Imperialism, not one rooted in emotion; emotions
are good to have but to be lead by them has catastrophic
consequences*i.e. OHHHHBAMMMA! And now, it is time for our
feature article, enjoy!

Obama Brings International State Terrorism to Ghana

Unfortunately many Ghanaians are being deceived by
Barack Obama's presidency and his scheduled tour to Ghana
. Many Ghanaians think that Obama will be coming to help
develop the country, provide money or establish friendly
relationships with Ghana . All three reasons are far from
the truth. The truth of the matter is the U.S. has
economic interest in Ghana , which they must guard
militarily. This economic interest and military action
presupposes political control. The implementation of U.S.
political control of Ghana is predicated upon terrorizing
the leadership, and consequently the Ghanaian masses out
of their resources.

Terrorism is defined as the use of organized
intimidation systematically to evoke extreme, intense and
overpowering fear with violence or the threat of violence.
Obama represents a country, from its inception that waged
state and international state terrorism against African
countries and Ghana , aimed at intimidating them to the
point of dispensing of their human and material resources;
through slave raiding.

Through the Africa Command (Africom) which became fully
operational October 2008, by the Bush administration,
terrorism is now being carried out by Obama in Africa .
Although the U.S. foreign policy makers have stated,
'Africom is about helping Africans build greater capacity
to assure their own security the actual fact is the U.S.
plans to manipulate African militaries against their own
people and interest.

Assuring African security is another fabrication of the
truth because the U.S. has never helped Africans, much
less African countries, become more secure. Africans in
America have been terrorized by such groups as the Klu
Klux Klan for over 100 years, and the U.S. government
never took one step, passed one law, outlawing the
organization, or ending the violence committed against
African people. Even after chattel slavery the U.S.
government facilitated the Black Codes, which supported
the Klu Klux Klans reign of terror on African people.

The U.S. was conceived in terrorism by murdering over
100 million 'Indians Indigenous People of the Western
Hemisphere, and by destroying families and villages
throughout Africa with the slave raid. As a consequence,
Africans were enslaved for over 300 years and over 100
million Africans lost their lives in Africa, during the
middle passage, and on America 's plantations * NAKED

The U.S. has supported Mobutu of Zaire (1965-1997),
Houphet Boigny of Cote D'Ivoire (1960-1993), Ian Smith of
Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe (1953-1980), Said Barre of Somalia
(1978-1991), Arap Moi of Kenya (1978-2003), Hastings Banda
of Malawi (1962-1995), Omar Bongo of Gabon (1967-2009),
and the military support given to the racist apartheid
regime of South Africa (1910-1994) in which hundreds of
thousands of Africans were tortured, raped, and murdered
in cold blood.

The (CIA) Central Intelligence Agency of the U.S. has
trained and armed reactionary movements that have murdered
millions of Africans. These movements are and were
directed toward the overthrow of legitimate governments in
Africa . For example, Jonas Savimbi of UNITA in Angola,
Afonso Dhlakama of Renamo in Mozambique, and the Selous
Scouts in Zimbabwe. Since 1950, there have been 186
military coups in Africa , and 26 wars with many of them
inspired by the CIA. In 1966, the CIA violently overthrew
our first President Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Today
Obama is covering up the torture by CIA interrogators in
Guantanamo Bay , Cuba .

The CIA murdered Congolese Prime Minister Patrice
Lumumba and aided BOSS, apartheid South Africa's secret
service, in the capture of Nelson Mandela which took 27
years of his life and forestalled the ending of apartheid.
The irony of this is the U.S. labeled Nelson Mandela and
other African National Congress (ANC) leadership as
terrorists, while they were supporting the Apartheid
government's terrorism against Africans in Azania South
Africa .

The CIA sought to overthrow the Revolutionary Republic
of Guinea in 1970, by aiding the Portuguese invasion of
the country, which was aimed at murdering President Sekou
Toure and co-President of Guinea at the time, Dr. Kwame
Nkrumah. They planned to also murder the Pan Africanist
and Revolutionary, Amilcar Cabral, of the African
Independence Party of Guinea and the Cape Verde Islands
(PAIGC), Kwame Ture of the All African People's
Revolutionary Party and leader of the Black Power Movement
in the U.S., and his wife Miriam Makeba, Africa's premier
revolutionary songstress*who recently died, may her soul
rest in peace.

The U.S. shot down two Libyan jets on August 21, 1981,
and bombed Tripoli and Benghazi on April 14, 1986, in an
attempt to kill Qaddafi. The bombing killed Qaddafi's
daughter, Hanna, and were attempts to destabilize Libya
(the country with the highest living standard in Africa ).
In 1989, the U.S. shot down two Libyan jets. In August
1998, the U.S. launched a number of cruise missile attacks
on Khartoum , Sudan , killing innocent women, children,
and babies. In December 1992, the U.S. invaded Somalia
with 28,000 troops, slaughtering innocent women, children,
babies, and elderly people, looking for a fictitious
warlord who never raised one finger against America . In
April 2007, the U.S. bombed Somalia from off its coast,
along with using Meles Zenawi in the same year to invade
Somalia , causing untold damage to the country and the
loss of many lives. The U.S. has imposed sanctions on
Zimbabwe because Africans have taken their land back from
a white racist illegal settler regime. Obama has continued
the sanctions against Zimbabwe 's elected government,
while he hasn't imposed sanctions on the illegal military
coup makers in Honduras , lead by General Romeo Vasquez,
who was trained by the U.S. military in the 'School of the
America 's.

Obama is obligated to continue this U.S. foreign
policy, which is international state terrorism, because he
represents the American capitalist class, who has
tentacles of exploitation in countries world wide. It is
this interest of the capitalist class and the protection
of their profits, which is the reason for all of the
terroristic violence that has plagued Africa, which is
what Obama will advance when he tours Ghana .

When Israel invaded Palestine in January 2009, it was
with Obama's full approval. Over 1,500 Palestinians died
in one week, and hundreds of thousands have been
systematically murdered and tortured over the years at the
hands of the illegal white supremacist settler colonialist
Zionist state of Israel . Obama even laid a reef at the
holocaust memorial in 2009 for Jews that were murdered
during WWII by Hitler, although Hitler murdered them with
the help of some Zionist organizations and agencies who
are running the state of Israel today (read Ben Hecht's
book, Perfidy). In the same vein he has no remorse for the
Palestinians who are being massacred by the terrorist
state of Israel . This provides evidence of how Obama
supports racism, even against African people, because he
refused to allow American participation in the 2009 U.N.
World Conference Against Racism, in Geneva Switzerland ,
because of possible condemnation of Israel for its crimes
against the Palestinians and the demand for reparations by
Africans for the U.S. crime of enslavement.

Obama has stepped up his war in Afghanistan by
providing an additional 20,000 troops in search of the CIA
trained Al Qaeda, while killing untold numbers of Afghan
women, children, and babies. Obama was shooting Drone
missiles into Pakistan while bribing President Zardari,
which forced him to break a truce and wage a war against
his own population near the Afghanistan border, in search
of the Taliban. All of this is a result of U.S.
international state terrorism, to satisfy the unquenchable
thirst of the U.S. oil cartel. In Iraq Obama is no where
near his campaign promise of pulling out U.S. troops, who
are killing Iraqi's like flies. There are hundreds of
thousands that have been raped, tortured, defiled, and
have lost their lives, and millions of Iraqi's scattered
throughout the Middle East as refugees.

Likewise it is clear, through Africom that Obama is
planning to turn Africa into a war zone, by using
international state terrorism to crush any movement by the
people to take control of their resources in Africa , and
distribute them equitably to the African working masses.

This is the same type of terrorism that Obama and the
U.S. will bring to Ghana . By 2015, America plans on
getting 50% of its oil from Africa . The Bush
administration and Obama has continued his policy, which
defines African oil as a 'strategic national interest.
This policy has caused, among capitalists, Africa's status
to go up in U.S. national policy and military affairs.
That is, the U.S. is prepared to go to war over Africa 's
resources in the interest of their national security. The
inference is that taking Africa's oil in the interest of
U.S. national security is more important than Africa's
resources being used to provide food, clothing, housing,
education and health care for Africa 's own citizenry.

There are over 25 different U.S. military programs
organized throughout Africa which are now combined under
Africom. It is established under the Pentagon with direct
access to the Secretary of Defense (Robert Gates) and
Joint Chiefs of Staff (Mike Mullen), which centralizes the
entire operation, but causes the militarization of Africa
and as a result carries out terrorism on the continent.
The military programs that set Ghana up for Obama's
terroristic activities are:

1) Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance
Program (ACOTA) - This is a program designed to engage in
police operations against unarmed civilians and
conventional military operations against the military of
other countries.

2) International Military Education Training Program
(IMET) - It brings Ghanaian military officers to military
academies in the U.S. for training.

3) U.S.S. Fort McHenry's Port of Call - To train Ghanaian
forces in port and oil platform security.

4) Base Access Agreements for Cooperative Security
Locations and Forward Operating Sites - The U.S. has
gained access to Ghana's military bases and other
facilities as operating bases for combat, surveillance and
other military operations.

5) Africa Center for Strategic Studies - This
indoctrinates Ghanaian military officers - It is the
notorious "School of the America's" for Africa.

6) Foreign Military Sales Program - The U.S. government
provides loans to Ghana to purchase equipment through
Foreign Military Financing Program (FMF). If Ghana carries
out U.S. foreign policy in the country, the U.S. waives
the loan.

7) Gulf of Guinea Initiative U.S. Navy Partnership Program
Security - This program trains African militaries in port
and offshore oil platform security.

8) Exercise Reception Facility (ERF) - Established to
facilitate troop deployments throughout the region. This
facility is a direct result of the U.S./Ghana Fuel Hub
Initiative. The facility is managed by the U.S. military
and located at Accra Air Force Base.

The ultimate proof that Obama is bringing international
state terrorism to Ghana with Africom is recorded from a
Presidential Town Hall Meeting Questionnaire in October
2007. Obama said that Africom "should serve to coordinate
and synchronize our military activities with our other
strategic objectives in Africa." And "there will be
situations that require the United States to work with its
partners in Africa to fight terrorism with LETHAL FORCE."
Obama continued by saying, "having a unified command
operating in Africa will facilitate this action." Thus
Obama will not hesitate to kill, terrorize and bomb
Africans in Ghana if the people rise up to take control of
their resources, which will be a threat to U.S. national
security interest. The Trojan horse is in place with Ghana
harboring the largest U.S. embassy in Africa, and every
embassy in used as a CIA headquarters to provide
information to destabilize governments if they refuse to
carry our U.S. foreign policy.

Ghana is indebted to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
and the World Bank (WB), which imposes austerity measures
that require raising fuel cost periodically. U.S. bankers
who also own most oil companies have a 35% controlling
interest in these international financing agencies. The
companies Mobile, Exxon, and Shell, etc., distribute the
oil for fuel in Ghana. Whenever the banking industry is
losing money they can easily force the increase in petrol
to retain their profits. This is neo-colonialism and
international state economic terrorism which is
superimposed on Ghana, and explains why President Atta
Mills had to raise the price of petrol as soon as he
assumed the presidency. The U.S. is experiencing a banking
industry crisis and is on the brink of collapse.

The U.S. also has a vested interest in the oil that was
found off the coast of Ghana. Their companies Kosmos
Energy and Anadarko Petroleum, along with a British
company, Tullow, will be taking 90% of the profits in oil
revenue. This in conjunction with the 90% profits Anglo
American Gold expropriates from Ghana's gold mines to the
U.S. These are the main reasons Obama is coming to Ghana.
He is coming to oversee U.S. capitalist investments in
loans, military weapon sales, oil and gold. The
destruction of Ghanaian rice farmers and poultry
producers, with the help of the past New Patriotic Party
(NPP) regime ensures a market for American government
subsidized rice growers and chicken producers. This
sabotage of Ghana's agriculture is imperative for a
failing U.S. economy riddled with unemployment, a home
loan crisis that has millions of people homeless in the
U.S., and trillions of wasted taxpayer's dollars used to
bailout the U.S. collapsing private banks. Therefore,
Obama's impossible task of preventing the unavoidable
collapse of America's capitalist economic system becomes
the motive behind U.S. foreign policy. Therefore, as head
of the CIA and Africom his upcoming tour is to terrorize
Ghana out of its resources.

If the strangling and controlling of Ghana's economy is
not enough, forced IMF/World Bank loans, the manipulation
of and training of Ghana's Armed Forces against its own
people, U.S. Navy warships off its coast, the
establishment of makeshift military bases on Ghana's soil,
and the sale of military weaponry in not enough, then the
looming threat of the use of nuclear weapons and weapons
of mass destruction is the final component in the U.S.
diabolical designed system of international state
terrorism directed at intimidating Ghana out of its
resources. Obama is the Commander in Chief of the U.S.
world wide systematic way of terrorizing Ghana at a state

Ghana has never attacked another nation. There has never
been a terrorist attack inside Ghana, and a terrorist
attack has never been launched against another country
from Ghana's soil. So the essential question is why is the
Ghanaian military involved in so many military programs
with the U.S.? The answer is clear, Obama and the U.S.
military is using state terrorism by asserting Africom's
control over Ghana's Armed Forces against other African
countries and its own people to secure America's
investments and control over Ghana's resources.

The U.S. track record of foreign domination and
neo-colonialism in Ghana, along with the CIA overthrow of
our first President Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the
foremost advocate of the liberation and unification of
Africa, is a clear display of international state
terrorism. This was done to prevent President Nkrumah's
plan to form a continental government for Africa to
control Africa's resources and to free African people
worldwide from coming into fruition. Today Obama uses
international state terrorism to intimidate the current
African leader from fulfilling Nkrumah's vision of an
African Union Government. This means we should welcome
Obama in the same way paid agents of the CIA welcomed
President Nkrumah on February 24, 1966, when he was on a
peace mission to stop the U.S. war of aggression against
the Vietnamese people.

There is no way Obama's visit can deceive those of us who
have eyes and are conscious of his actual motives. Obama
is a 21st century house slave* doing the bidding for the
European White Supremacist Capitalist class of an illegal
settler colonial state seeking to maintain Ghana under
foreign domination. Obama is no political messiah or
saint, friend of Ghana or a friend of peace. He is a
warmonger and a terrorist par excellence of the highest

*Obama is defined as a 21st century house slave because he
is the only head of state in the annals of history who is
defending a constitution that defines his wife and
children as 3/5 of a human being. With a U.S. Supreme
Court pen stroke his wife and her people can be turned
into second class citizens.

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