08 June, 2010

ladies in their vaginas

Jon Stewart had a few words and a history
lesson for Helen Thomas, the longtime White
House scribe who is retiring after remarking
that Jews should "get the hell out of
Palestine" and go back to Germany and Poland.

"Why did the Jews ever leave Germany and
Poland?" Stewart sarcastically asked before
pointing out Thomas's age:

"If anyone knows why the Jews left it,
it's 'Mother Time.' Seriously, Helen, what
the f--k? You were like 20 when it happened."

The whole ordeal left Stewart feeling down,
flabbergasted that an adorable elderly woman
could have such a "gap between cuteness of
face and content of rhetoric." Not to worry.
It's nothing South Carolina can't fix, as
Stewart cheered himself up by ripping into
his favorite state.

He took the mikey out of a homosexual
official who claimed to have slept with
a woman state governour.


"We stayed out past midnight, and anyone who
stays out past midnight knows that's when sex
happens -- sex with ladies in their vaginas"

my opinion? Helen was speaking for many.
Illegal and criminal since 1948, never mind that.
But a fundaMENTAList state that violates UN rules
habitually needs to get at least a milder version
of the treatment that zimbabwe or north korea
are getting. Instead, it is bailed out, like the
banks. As if Israelis weren't able to co-exist
if they'd put there minds to it.

As if weapons, killing and oppression were the
only means available to thinking human beings.

If you want to see what turn-around governments
can make, look to Nicaragua. The only requirement:

The USA needs to get out.

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posted by u2r2h at Tuesday, June 08, 2010


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