01 October, 2010

Turgut Özal - Gladio news

Ozal did the things that the vulgar-capitalist west (usa/cia) wanted... PRIVATIZATION
But was he not pro-USA enough and was killed by the CIA like rohwedder palme lumumba
herrhausen ....?

from voltairenet

Did NATO attempt to assassinate Turkish President Turgut Özal?

Ahmet Özal, son of former Turkish president Turgut Özal (1927-1993), registered a complaint against General Sabri Yirmibeşoğlu, former secretary-general of the National Security Council and Commander of the Special War Department.

M. Özal has accused General Yirmibeşoğlu of having conducted an assassination attempt, on 18 June 1988, on the life of his father who was Prime Minister at the time.

For many years, the rumor has circulated that President Özal did not die of a heart attack on 17 April 1993, but was assassinated by Gladio; that is to say, Turkish agents operating under NATO's orders.

General Yirmibeşoğlu denied the accusation. However, in responding to the press, he acknowledged that his services had taken part in covert operations, including some grievous manipulations. He inadvertently confessed to having ordered the burning of a mosque in Cyprus, in 1974, to manipulate the Turkish Cypriots (mainly Muslim) and pit them against their Greek orthodox compatriots.

The retired general had already admitted that his services were implicated in the 6-7 September 1955 riots in Istanbul. His agents, acting under the authority of Gladio, perpetrated an attack against the museum dedicated to Mustafa Kemal in Thessalonica, Greece. The attack, perceived as a sacrilege, inflamed Turkish extremists who took it out on the Greek communities in Istanbul and Izmir. The progroms claimed 16 lives and left 32 people seriously injured; some 200 women were sexually assaulted.

President Turgut Özal advocated a eurasist foreign policy that foreshadowed the neo-ottoman policy currently in place. For fifty years the United Kingdom and the United States have used Gladio to systematically orchestrate false-flag attacks to set up their Greek and Turkish allies against each other in order to weaken them.

Halil Turgut Özal  October 13, 1927 + April 17, 1993
was a Turkish electrical engineer, a high level civil servant and politician,
who was Prime Minister of Turkey from 1983 to 1989 and President of Turkey 
from 1989 to 1993. As Prime Minister, he transformed the economy of Turkey by paving the way for the privatization of many state enterprises. This improved relations with the western world, especially the United States. Özal described his dream as transforming Turkey into a "little America"

On June 18, 1988 he survived an assassination attempt during the party congress. One bullet wounded his finger while another bullet missed his head. The assassin, Kartal Demirag(, was captured and sentenced to life in prison but pardoned by Özal in 1992.

Demirag was allegedly a Counter-Guerrilla, contracted by its hawkish leader, General Sabri Yirmibesoglu.
Two months later, Yirmibesoglu became the secretary general of the National Security Council.
During Yirmibesoglu's tenure as secretary general,
Özal heard about the allegations of Yirmibesoglu's role in the affair and forced him into retirement.

In late 2008, Demirag was retried by the Ankara 11th Heavy Penal Court and sentenced to twenty years in prison.

On 17 April 1993, Özal died of a suspicious heart attack in office, leading some to suspect an assassination.  His wife Semra Ozal claimed he was poisoned by lemonade and she questioned the lack of an autopsy; allegedly a requirement in such circumstances. The blood samples taken to determine his cause of death were lost or disposed of.  Özal sought to create a Turkic union, and had obtained the commitment of several presidents. His wife Semra alleged that the perpetrator might have wanted to foil the plan.

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