13 January, 2011

War letters... and Merry Christmas

A book about War letters...  may need to be re-written,
and the unsaid, the unmentionable, the censored brought out
into the daylight.

I can imagine the shell-shocked war-slaves wish that someone would publish
the heroic deeds of non-killer-murderers instead. 
War *is* murder. And the returning soldiers are best off, if they can forget and
about the "good" and "bad" phantasies of the not-shell-shocked.
Most soldiers, however, became wrecks who lost all beliefs.

But, yes, the children naturally idolize. They have not seen the unimaginable
terror and injustice (reality vs fiction).

Another child with memories of a US airstrike perhaps?

And....  the "good fight".  As if the USA/UK were the "good guys"
who "rescued us" and as if the fire-bombing of cities was ..  well,
what shall we call it to not offend the white man's sensibilities?

Necessary business, cold hearted, calculated? R&D for corporates?

There are massacres ("wars") going on right now. But where is the protest?

Guess what? It is about territory.

Like ww2!  Don't kid yourself.  If Germany would have murdered jews,
communists, gays, disabled and gypsies in their own territory,
the US and UK would have taken it as in incentive to start the
planning on how to do it!  (Do you know how many disabled people
were castrated?)

Iraq? War crimes? -- The US Dollar speaks!

Hello!  Afghanistan?
'We fight here because the enemy is here. The enemy fights here because we are here.'

Dare to listen to these talks in your cold winter nights:
There is MUCH reality (very condensed) that need to be in every book.

I listened to the pinkerton talk this morning. The opium war was a revelation
about the feeling of china towards the west.

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09 January, 2011

GLADIO ERGENEKON Turkey deep state clean-up

Maras massacre
Horrible events broke out in Turkey's southern province of
Kahramanmaras, formerly Maras, 30 years ago. The violent
incidents started on Dec. 19, 1978 and could only be stopped by
Dec. 26.

In these incidents, which came to be referred to as the Maras
massacre -- forming a major milestone in the run-up to the
military coup of Sept. 12, 1980, 111 Alevis died and thousands
were wounded, according to official figures. Given the extent of
the incidents, one can suggest that the real figures must be much

The Maras massacre has a very special place in Turkish history,
which is rife with provocations. In fact, the Maras massacre
shares similar characteristics with many previous provocations.
The incidents were sparked by the bombing of a movie theater
frequented by nationalists. As was the case with the Sept. 6-7,
1955 incidents, it was later found that the bomber was actually a
nationalist who had ties to the deep state. Again, as seen in the
incidents of Sept. 6-7, the houses of Alevis were marked ahead of
the massacre. Two Alevi teachers were killed. The incidents
started during the funeral ceremony of these teachers. The
funeral was attacked by a large crowd of nationalists who were
provoked by rumors that Alevis had burned down mosques and killed
Sunnis. The ensuing massacre that occurred in Alevi neighborhoods
was so horrible that it can leave humans at a loss for words.

Just as it has not confronted or challenged any other massacre,
Turkey did not confront or challenge the Maras massacre. It was
not even possible to commemorate the Maras massacre until the
recent commemoration ceremony held a few days ago in Maras during
which very thought-provoking incidents happened. I will discuss
this ceremony in my article on Friday.

There is not the slightest of doubt about the involvement of the
Turkish deep state, or the Turkish Gladio, which was the
precursor to today's Ergenekon, in the Maras incidents of 1978.
But if we tend to treat such incidents only with respect to their
political repercussions and put all the blame on the deep state,
without trying to understand the psychological moods of the
people who played a role in such massacres, does this take us
anywhere? Why are people in Turkey so easily manipulated in such
provocations? Why do we so readily forget these incidents? As I
will try to explain in the sequel to this article, nothing is
forgotten, but our failure to confront and discuss such massacres
only allows the pro-massacre spirit to continue to live in

The details of the massacre in Maras cannot be squeezed into this
article. It would certainly be better if several documentaries be
shot or novels or textbooks be written about this tragic incident
so that we never forget about them and that history never repeats
itself. Novelist Inci Aral has treated the Maras incidents in her
storybook "Kiran Resimleri" (Pictures of Destruction). Her
descriptions of how she was able to write those stories amply
indicate the horrifying effect of the incidents themselves. Let
us read how Aral decided to write her storybook on the Maras
massacre (see Orhan Tu:leylioglu, "Maras Katliami"):
"For three days, the city was truly a battlefield and was on
fire. ... According to official figures, 111 people were killed
by shooting, cutting or burning. Shops, houses and people's
residential sanctuaries were attacked; women were raped; abdomens
of pregnant women were cut and fetuses were nailed to trees. The
breasts of young girls were mutilated and placed on sticks and
put on display. ... Images published by papers and broadcast on
TV were unbearable for anyone with a human conscience. ... For
months I could not get rid of those memories and the horror of
the incidents. ... I had considered going to Kahramanmaras and
making on-the-spot observations about the incidents, and the
following words of a friend of mine from Maras reaffirmed my
intention: `Maras is still a bleeding wound. ... Why don't you
consider writing about those incidents?'

"One night, I got on the bus and went to Maras. ... Those who
survived the incidents had returned to their villages after the
incidents. The next day, they started to take me from one village
to another, sometimes with a motorcycle and sometimes on a horse
carriage -- and sometimes on extremely packed minibuses, for 10
days. They treated me as their guest in their poor houses. ...
They incessantly talked about the massacre and violence that
befell them. Never before had I seen such entrenched poverty,
helplessness and sincerity. Finding myself in a different world
and among the people whom I only knew to exist by hearsay was
touching. There I learned the beauty of the human heart and
warmth of my people.

"When I returned to Ankara, I could not speak for a month. I then
obtained the minutes of hearings [Author's note: She is referring
to a lawsuit brought in connection with the massacre and which
proved unproductive] from the joint attorneys and read the
witness testimonies, which were stuffed into 40 dossiers. As I
read through the minutes in tears, I came to believe what the
villagers had told me about the massacre. On that day my migraine

"For one year I thought about how to narrate this violence. ... I
was not a journalist but a writer. I might tell an intense or
harsh story, but it must fall within the limits of literature and
be permanent. In the early 1980s I started to work on `Kiran
Resimleri' with the first story, `Elif.' I was only able to write
one story per month because I could not get over it any quicker.
... I completed the book a year later. ...
"`Kiran Resimleri' is a bold initiative for me and a watershed of
my 35 years of authorship. This small book speaks from the
perspective of a writer how people who had been living together
for centuries and who had been neighbors and who had intermarried
could in only a couple of days be turned into enemies who would
kill each other."

Now read what Aral wrote, and in particular her last paragraph,
from the perspective of the 1915 Armenian massacre, the 1934
Jewish pogroms, the Sept. 6-7, 1955 incidents and many other
bloody events in Turkey's past. You will see that Turkish history
repeats itself. And this will continue if we don't confront the

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08 January, 2011

Indian Activist ... do we care?

The life sentence handed to Indian activist, Binayak Sen, for committing treason has been condemned by the Indian public as well as intellectuals like Noam Chomsky and Amartya Sen. The judgment of the Indian court is being described as brazen injustice.

"The process is the punishment. His life has already been destroyed," said Arundhati Roy, a prominent Indian author who won the 1997 Booker Prize and could face sedition charges herself for saying that "Kashmir has never been an integral part of India."

"The judgment is meant to be a signal... a warning to people who go against the grain," she added.

Sen was sentenced to life imprisonment in December for allegedly conspiring with the Maoist Communist rebels to fight against the country. Since then, support for him has been growing among activists, students, academics and the media.

India's economic rise has been accompanied by an intensification of the insurgency by the Maoists. The rebels -- called Naxalites -- attack government institutions and kill police personnel to overthrow the state.

Sen is accused of couriering letters between Naxal leaders.

Many people, however, have a hard time believing that Sen -- a 61-year-old paediatrician who has spent his life working to help improve the health of the "poorest of the poor" in Naxal areas -- was colluding against the state.

The decision, handed down by a trial court in state of Chhattisgarh, has also been slammed for being based on dodgy evidence.

Even India's former attorney-general, Soli Sorabjee, described the judgment as "shocking" and based on "flimsy evidence." "The judge has misapplied the section. And in any case the sentence is atrocious, savage," he said.

The life-sentence will be appealed in higher courts, which could be a long-drawn out episode. But Sen's supporters expressed their determination to get him released.

"There will be a coordinated movement that will snowball into something big. We will not rest until this judgment has been overturned," said Manisha Sethi from the Jamia Teachers Solidarity Association.

After enduring a year infested with multi-billion dollar corruption scandals involving politicians and powerful corporations, the public is even more critical of the decision against Sen.

"All the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians are roaming free. It is a disgusting situation in the country," said Inder Salim, a freelance artist in Delhi, who was attending a rally calling for the judgment to be reversed.

People have said that it is corrupt Indian politicians and bureaucrats who should be charged for treason.

Swami Agnivesh, a prominent scholar, pointed out that the country's leaders had allowed Warren Anderson, the CEO of the Union Carbide, to leave the country even though his company was responsible for the death of thousands of people of Bhopal city in the 1984 chemical disaster.

Anderson, who now lives in the U.S., was reportedly flown out the Bhopal in a state plane and he was never extradited to India to face trial.

Noting that all those responsible for Anderson's escape including the then prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi, were responsible for treason against Indians, Agnivesh said, "People who sell the country are ruling and human right defenders are put in jail."

Sen's conviction, in the backdrop of the lack of accountability for corruption scandals, has also given rise to broader grievances against that the current leadership of the Congress party--especially Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's plan to secure a place for India on the economic world stage.

Describing Sen as the, "thorn in the flesh of the corporatized state," one of India's leading activist, Vandana Shiva said, "Sadly the prime minister has said that growth is more important than the civil liberties of the people."

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27 November, 2010

SWEDEN is - again - worst best top last


The world is deeply divided on the question of whether religion is a force for good, a survey by Ipsos Reid suggests.

The pollster found that 48 per cent of the more than 18,000 people it reached online in 23 countries agreed that "religion provides the common values and ethical foundations that diverse societies need to thrive in the 21st century."

A bare majority — 52 per cent — thought otherwise. They agreed with the sentiment that "religious beliefs promote intolerance, exacerbate ethnic divisions and impede social progress."

There was wide regional variation in the results. Respondents in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, where there are large Muslim populations, overwhelmingly said they believed religion was a force for good, while respondents in European countries tended to disagree with that.

About two-thirds of Americans polled thought religion was a force for good, but only 36 per cent of Canadians thought the same.

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Listen to Fidel

Reflections of Fidel
Hugo Chávez' speech

(Taken from CubaDebate)

AN unprecedented meeting had taken place in the United States Capitol building between a group of legislators from the fascist right of that country and leaders of the Latin American right and pro-coup oligarchy. In that meeting there was talk of the defeat of the governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

The event took place a few days prior to the meeting of the hemisphere's defense ministers in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where President Evo Morales made his energetic condemnation on November 22.

But that meeting was not about a slanderous media campaign – a regular feature in imperialist politics – but conspiratorial activity that, without any doubt, would lead to inevitable bloodshed in Venezuela.

Given my experience over many years, I do not harbor the slightest doubt as to what would happen in Venezuela if Chávez were to be assassinated. It would not have to be part of a prior plot against the president; a mentally deranged person, a drug addict, or the violence unleashed by drug trafficking in the countries of Latin America would suffice to generate an extremely grave problem in Venezuela. Analyzing such an act from the political point of view, the activities and habits of the reactionary oligarchy that owns powerful media corporations and is encouraged and financed by the United States, it would inevitably lead to bloody clashes in the streets of Venezuela, which are the clear intentions of the Venezuelan opposition, infused with hatred and acts of violence in full view.

Guillermo Zuloaga – the owner of a television channel opposed to the Bolivarian Revolution and a fugitive from Venezuelan justice – is one of the conspirators who took part in the meeting of Congress members called by Connie Mack and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen – the latter of Cuban origin and a Batista affiliate – known to our people as the loba feroz (the big bad wolf) due to her repugnant conduct during the kidnapping of [Cuban] Elián González and her refusal to hand the child over to his father. The Republican Congresswoman is a symbol of hatred of and resentment against Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and the other member countries of ALBA; it is virtually certain that the U.S. Congress will appoint her chair of the House Foreign Relations Committee; she was a defender of the Honduran coup government, repudiated by the majority of the countries of America.

The Bolivarian government of Venezuela was faced with a grave and provocative challenge. It was a really delicate issue. I asked myself what Chávez' reaction would be. The first energetic response came from Evo Morales in his brilliant and sincere speech made available to our people today. Two days ago, Tuesday the 13th, it was announced that Chávez would address the issue in the National Assembly.

The meeting was called for 5:00pm and it began almost exactly on time. The speeches made there were energetic and to the point. All of the activities lasted barely two hours and a few minutes. The Venezuelans had taken the problem very seriously.

Chávez began by mentioning the names of the many people present and, after joking with the new Kata world champion and about the game between two professional baseball teams, began to develop his subject:

"…I am really, really, really going to be brief. It has been said, tell me, that document read by Deputy Roy, thank you Roy, Roy Daza, for that reading, that document, not only in defense of Venezuela, as has already been said here –Eva [Golinger] said it. No, we are coming out in defense of the human homeland; one could even say, in defense of human possibility.

"I brought some books [...] This was the same copy, it's already a bit worn, that I lifted up there in the United Nations: Chomsky: Hegemony or Survival: the Imperialist Strategy of the United States – I am still recommending this book, Noam Chomsky. Eva mentioned it and reminded us of this great man of political thought, of creative thought, of philosophy, of the struggle for humanity.

"I have here the continuation of it, Failed States: the Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy. Here, right here, Chomsky poses the thesis that the first failed state in this world is the U.S. state, a failed state, a real threat to the entire planet, to the entire world, to the human species."

"Here, there is one part of the interview, of the conversations, where Chomsky is reflecting on Latin America and on Venezuela, in a very valiant, very objective and generous manner, defending our revolutionary process, defending our people, defending the right that we have and are exercising to make our own way, as all the peoples of the world have, and the yankee empire has not recognized that right and is attempting to disregard it.

"In the very same Federal Capitol – I believe that's what it's called – in the very same Washington, a summit of terrorists met, installed itself; a summit, a mob – as the Argentines would say, and we Venezuelans also talk of mobs – a real mob of criminals, swindlers, terrorists, thieves, scroungers, met there and, moreover, they were backed by 'prestigious' establishment figures, from the establishment, not only the Republican extreme right currents, but also from the Democratic Party and – as has been said here, Eva said it, Roy said it in the marvelous document he read, a state document, a national document – they openly launched a threat against Venezuela, against the countries and the peoples of the Bolivarian Alliance.

"Our greetings from here to Evo Morales, a valiant compañero, comrade, and to the people of Bolivia.

"Our greetings from here to Rafael Correa, a valiant compañero, comrade, and to the Ecuadorian people.

"Our greetings from here to Daniel Ortega, that comandante president, valiant compañero, comrade, and to the people of Nicaragua.

"Our greetings from here to Fidel Castro, to Raúl Castro and to that valiant Cuban people.

"Our greetings from here to all the peoples of the Caribbean, to Roosevelt Skerrit and to the people of Dominica, valiant leaders; Saint Vincent & the Grenadines; Ralph Goncalves, Spencer, to the peoples of the ALBA, of the Bolivarian Alliance, to their governments, to our governments and, of course, from here, to the indomitable people of Venezuela, our commitment and our call to unity and to continue battling for the future of the homeland, for independence, whose original constitution – as our president, Cilia said – here it is, the original constitution of 200 years ago.

"We are already entering 2011, let us prepare ourselves from all points of view: the spiritual, political, moral, to commemorate the 200 years of that first Congress, of that first constitution, the first in Latin America, of that birth of the First Republic, the birth of the Venezuelan homeland; much more than just July 5, it is going to be all of 2011 and the beginning of the revolutionary war of independence first commanded by Miranda, then Bolívar and the great men and women who gave us the homeland.

"The document read by Roy Daza begins by quoting a phrase of Bolívar's in a letter to the agent Irving, a U.S. agent who came here to reclaim those ships that Bolívar and his troops seized on the Orinoco because the United States was sending in weapons and supplies.

"It's nothing new, Eva, everything that you are exposing here about sending millions of dollars, logistical support, it's nothing new. No. Already back then the U.S. government was sending weapons and military supplies to the Spanish imperialist troops. And that is famous. That fact has been compiled, in part, by that fine Cuban writer Francisco Pividal, in another book that I constantly recommend: Bolívar, pensamiento precursor del antimperialismo. It can be read in one go. And there is a combination of extraordinary quotes here. You already pointed to one.

"But in parts of these letters from Bolívar to Irving – I think it was the last one that he sent to him – when Irving was already beginning to threaten him with the use of force, Bolívar says: I am not going to fall into provocation, not even in language. I merely wish to say to you, Mr. Irving' – it's written here, I'm going to paraphrase it, because it is the idea, it is the dignity of our father, Bolívar, that is being imposed, what is of importance in this hall full of magic, full of symbols, full of homeland, full of dreams, full of hope, full of dignity – Bolívar says to him: 'You should know, Mr. Irving, that more than half or half' – it was 1819, almost one decade of war to the death had passed – 'or almost half of Venezuelan men and Venezuelan women have died in the struggle against the Spanish empire, and the other half of us left here are anxious to follow that same road even if Venezuela should have to confront the entire world for its independence, for its dignity.'

"That was, that is Bolívar, and here we are, his sons, his daughters, María, disposed to the very same thing. The world should know that, we are disposed to the very same thing. If the yankee empire, with all its power, which we're not taking lightly, no, we have to take it seriously – as Eva well recommended to us – decides to attack, continue attacking and openly attacking Venezuela in order to try and halt this revolution, here we are prepared, understand that, mister empire and its personifications, that here we are disposed to the very same thing: for everyone to die for this homeland and its dignity!

"It should be asked, that summit of terrorists which met in Washington, some Venezuelans, Bolivians, genocidal people – as one good journalists asked in an interview yesterday – it would be good to know what passport these criminals are using, where they entered, if some of then are on INTERPOL's code red. They arrived sweet and easy and they arrived and were walking about the streets of Washington, being wined and dined. For that reason, Noam Chomsky is right. I repeat with Noam Chomsky: the U.S. state is a failed state that is acting beyond international laws, that respects absolutely nothing and, moreover, feels that it has the right to do so, that it doesn't have to respond to anybody. It is a threat not only to Venezuela and to the peoples of the world, but to its own people, a people that are under constant attack from that anti-democratic state.

"Look, here is just a summary. Wikileaks, you know it, right?

"What is this lady representative, fascist, going to say, the one who calls us, Evo, Correa and me, bandits? She's the bandit, she is a bandit and a Venezuelan court could well apply for the extradition of that bandit for committing crimes and conspiring, and many other charges, against the sovereignty of our country. She is a bandit. All that remains is to point the finger at her before the world, and the other bandits.

"What would those bandits say about this, for example?

"I read:

"'What will the U.S. Parliament have to say about these reports, about these documents that were secret and which have now been published on this Wikileaks page? What does Wikileaks mean? like Chávez Candanga.

"'On March 15, 2010, Wiki Candanga made public a Department of Defense report dealing with various leaks made by this website in relation to U.S. interests and proposed a number of ways to minimize it: a video of the murder of journalists.' I have here some of the documents, they are public. It remains to be seen if some authority in the United States takes an initiative in the face of these crimes, or these alleged crimes, right? I'm no judge to determine that, alleged serious crimes committed by citizens of its country, civilian, military, by its government.

"I read: 'On April 5, 2010, Wikileaks published a video in which U.S. soldiers can be seen murdering the Reuters reporter, Namir Noor-Eldeen, his assistant and nine other people. It can clearly be seen that none of those present were showing any signs of attacking the Apache helicopter from which they were being fired on. Although the Reuters agency has asked for the video on numerous occasions, that was denied to them until Wikileaks obtained this unpublished video which put the military apparatus of the United States in checkmate.'

"Well, put in checkmate is a saying, right? At least morally.

"Once again, what would the United Nations say? What would happen if that should take place in some of the ALBA countries? What would happen? What would the OAS say, what would the United Nations Security Council, the Human Rights Council? What would the infamous International Court of Human Rights say? So that we can see the double standard by which human rights are measured here, respect for life, terrorism and all those phenomena.

"Daily logs of the war in Afghanistan, July 25, 2010, were also published. Documentation of the war in Iraq. Listen to this sentence: On October 22, 2010 – just a few days ago – Wikileaks published on its web page a compendium entitled Iraq War Logs, containing 391,831 documents leaked from the Pentagon, about the war in Iraq and its occupation from January of 2004 to December 31, 2009, which reveals, among other issues, the systematic use of torture; the figure of 109,032 dead in Iraq, 61,081 of which were civilian, 63%; 23,984 'enemy' labeled as insurgents, 15,196 'host country' Iraqi government forces. What a way to visit a country! And 3,771 'friends' dead, coalition forces. The documents reveal that, over the course of six years, on average, 31 civilians died everyday.

"Who is investigating this? Who is accountable for this? No, it's the empire, the failed U.S. state. I read this phrase: 'These documents which are organized chronologically and by categories describe lethal military actions involving the United States military. They include the number of persons internally stated to be killed, wounded, or detained during each action, together with the precise geographical location of each event, and the military units involved and major weapon systems used.' Enough details for an investigation.

"What will the U.S. Congress say about this? There's our ambassador to Washington. Are you still the ambassador there? Yes, you are the ambassador. As far as we know, they've said nothing, right?

"It says here, 'most entries have been written by soldiers and intelligence officers listening to reports radioed in from front line deployments.

"'Civilian victims of the coalition forces. At the same time – it says here – 'large numbers of attacks and deaths have come to light caused by troops firing on unarmed drivers, based on the fear that they might be suicide bombers.

"'A detailed report of how a child was murdered and another wounded when troops fired on the car in which they were traveling. As compensation for the attack, the family was paid 100,000 afganis, for a dead child, 1,600 euros.' Capitalism pays, 20,000 afganis, 335 euros for the wounded child, 10,000 afganis, 167 euros for the vehicle. And, in the reports, all of these are called 'small tragedies,' 'small tragedies.' This is the great threat, the greatest threat facing the planet today.

"The yankee empire, no doubt, has entered a period of political and economic decline, and above all ethical decline, but who can deny its great military power, which, combined with other factors, turns this, the most powerful empire in the world's history into a much greater threat to our peoples. What can we do? It has been said as well: unity, unity and more unity.

"As of January, is the U.S. Congress going to be extremely right wing? Well, the Venezuelan Parliament, as of January 5, will have to be extremely left wing.

"And I call upon the deputies elected by the people, by the popular movements, the social movements, the revolutionary parties; you have a big commitment, as of January 5.

"It is truly unheard of, and Eva will remind us. How is it that we continue to allow this? Having this Constitution, which cost so much, how many years of struggle, how much sweat, how much blood, how much effort, here it is clearly established - it was there in the first Constitution as well – we are a sovereign nation – at the risk of them once again calling us the foolish nation or the foolish revolution – or if we want to use more popular language, la revolución pendeja? How are going to allow political parties, NGO's, counterrevolutionary individuals to go on being financed with millions and millions of dollars by the yankee empire? And they're walking around over there, completely free to abuse and violate our Constitution and attempt to destabilize the country. I am imploring you to create a very severe law to prevent this. That has to be the way in which we must respond to the empire's aggression, the empire's threats, radicalizing our positions, not weakening absolutely anything, adjusting positions, establishing our point of view, consolidating revolutionary unity. Not just a parliament, much more to the left, much more radically to the left, we need a much more radically left government, an armed force – General Rangel, Chief General, we are promoting him on Saturday, November 27, Air Force Day – much more radically revolutionary, with the people.

"There is no place in our civilian ranks, in our military ranks, for vacillation. No, one line, radicalize the revolution! And this crude, treacherous bourgeoisie needs to feel it. This Venezuelan bourgeoisie, with no shame, no homeland, needs to feel it, needs to know that it is not acceptable for one of their most well-known representatives to go to the very Congress of the empire to attack Venezuela and continue to operate a television station here. Imagine something like that, something like that! The Venezuelan bourgeoisie needs to know that this aggression against the people is going to cost it dearly and not be parading around up there.

"I remember – José Vicente Rangel, and Maduro, and compañero are here, thank you for joining us – when, during the Betancourt government, deputies of left parties were arrested, without trial, no charges filed, with no proof whatsoever, they were taken to prison, denied parliamentary immunity.

"Within a few weeks, a group of deputies from the extreme right will enter this hall. Well, they will only need to be reminded that there is a Constitution. Just as the Communist Party, and many others, were banned here, in his time and they disregarded the parliamentary immunity of many deputies, with no proof, others left for the mountains, like the great Fabricio Ojeda, who renounced his seat and went to the mountains to shed his blood for the revolution and for the people. I cannot imagine that this dignified Parliament would allow, with the popular forces having the majority representation, the extreme right wing to come in here and try to subvert constitutional order. I assume, I am sure, that the state will activate all necessary mechanisms in defense of the Constitution and of the law, in the face of the acts of aggression which are to be expected.

"Finally, the threat… What did they call it in the terrorist' event? 'Threat in the Andes?' Right, Nicolas? Danger in the Andes, sounds like the title of a movie. Danger in the Andes; there should be a warning of danger in the world, an alert rather, the danger is worldwide.

"Right now, there is a situation, at this very moment, there on the Korean peninsula. When I left to come here, the news was still confusing, how confusing, the sinking of that South Korean ship, the Cheonan; but later evidence emerged that the ship was sunk by the United States. Now, on that small island, on that peninsula divided by the yankee empire, invaded, ravaged for years, there is a tense situation, some bombs, some dead, some wounded.

"Fidel Castro has been warning for some months of the grave dangers of a nuclear war. Just a while back, I was there, once again, and he explained to me, developing his thoughts – we know it very well already, of course – there's nothing better than dialogue – and he said to me: 'Chávez, any stray shot there in that region, full of weapons of mass destruction, atomic weapons, could escalate into a war, which would be at first, conventional…;' but he's convinced that it would escalate straight away into a nuclear war, which could mean the end of the human species. So, it's not the danger in the Andes, Washington's lackeys, the danger is worldwide.

"Here in Venezuela, as Eva said, a light was lit, and in Latin America, another was lit and one more and others were lit. We can say today – not Venezuela, no – Latin America is the continent of hope and the yankee empire cannot shut the doors of hope.

"To us, Venezuelan men and women, it has always fallen to us, for some reason, or reasons of different kinds, to be the vanguard in these struggles, over centuries.

"I see over there Miranda's portrait, Bolivar's and over there Martín Tovar y Tovar, Carabobo, and Roy has read all of that and stated passionately: 'It runs here, in our genes, in our blood.' He was paraphrasing Mao, the great helmsman.

"That empire, that failed state which is the United States, despite its immense power, despite its threats, is going to end up a giant paper tiger and we are obliged to become real steel tigers, little steel tigers, invincible, indomitable.

"Madam President, I promised to be brief and I said it at the beginning and I repeat: I believe that everything that needed to be said here was said by Eva Golinger, brave woman and this brave gentleman deputy Roy Daza, and compiled in this document which I understand is to be circulated throughout the four corners of Venezuela and beyond, throughout Latin America.

"I thank you for your invitation to this event, I appreciate the gesture and, just as one more, I join this gigantic battalion, to put it that way, in the defense of Venezuela, in defense of our Venezuela homeland.

"Looking at the picture, the monumental work by Tovar y Tovar is more than a picture; one sees the infantry there, the cavalry there. Let us be inspired: Infantry, ready the bayonets, at the double! Calvary, charge! in defense of the Bolivarian homeland, of the Bolivarian Alliance of our Peoples!

"Down with the yankee empire!" he exclaimed finally, with vivas for ALBA, the homeland and the Revolution.

There is not the slightest doubt that Chávez, a military professional but much more inclined to persuasion than force, will not vacillate in preventing the pro-imperialist and anti-patriotic right from provoking deceived Venezuelans against the public forces in order to make blood flow in the streets of Venezuela.

In Bolivia and in Venezuela, the imperialist mafia has received a clear and energetic response, one that possibly, it was not expecting.

Fidel Castro Ruz

November 25, 2010

6:34 p.m.

Translated by Granma International

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23 November, 2010

REMOTE robot murder - shameless blood profits


Hey! Who's Flying This Thing?

By Rich Smith |  motley fool blog
November 22, 2010

"There are those that see JSF as the last manned fighter. I'm one that's
inclined to believe that."
-- Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff

The last manned fighter, huh? So that's it -- Lockheed Martin wins,  
everybody else loses, end of story? Well, not quite. It's been several
months since we last checked in on the UAV world, and as it turns out, quite
a lot has been happening in the field. Seems to me, it's high time for an
update on the fascinating story of flying robots ... that kill.

Where is the world is Osama bin Laden?
We begin today's column above the mountains of Northwestern Pakistan, where
just a few short weeks ago, America's flying robot army helped prevent a
massive "Mumbai-style" commando assault upon Europe's capital cities.

In September, CIA information on an impending al-Qaeda attack in Europe sent
more than a score of unmanned aerial vehicles winging their way to Pakistan,
where the ringleaders of the plot were hatching their nefarious plans. Not
everyone's pleased with the result, of course. Howls of protest over
violations of sovereignty abound. Yet if news reports are to believed, the 
UAV strikes prevented a reprise of the 2008 assault on Mumbai, India, which
claimed the lives of 166 innocents in that city -- and this summer's planned
attacks would have been carried out against multiple targets in London,
Paris, and possibly Berlin.

France says: "Oui" want Predators, too

So ... whose UAVs were these, exactly, making the world "safe for
Democracy?" Odds are they were Predator drones manufactured by General
Dynamics (NYSE: GD) spinoff General Atomics -- and they're the most popular
Christmas gift item since sliced croissants. Speaking of which, we recently
learned that France wants to buy a few UAVs for its own use.

Spurred by the need for defense budget cuts, France and the U.K. said to be
collaborating to develop a new UAV jointly -- but it won't be ready before
2030 at the earliest. The U.K. is building another UAV (the BAE "Mantis")
in-house, but even that won't be ready for seven more years. Likewise, the
EADS Talarion isn't expected to arrive before 2013 at the earliest. So to
fill the gap, France wants to buy something "off the shelf" right now.

NATO recently opted to purchase eight Global Hawk UAVs from America's
Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC). And the ongoing dispute between EADS and
Boeing (NYSE: BA) over the KC-X Tanker project notwithstanding, France seems
to be leaning toward GA's Predator for its own air force. (Winners if this
deal goes through would include publicly traded United Technologies (NYSE:
UTX) and Honeywell (NYSE: HON), both of which manufacture engines for the

Unarmed UAVs? How quaint.

Why would the notoriously prickly over-defense-contracts French favor an
American arms manufacturer with their largesse? One word: Necessity.
Alternative systems are largely unproven, undeveloped, or out of its price 
range. In contrast, the Predator is a proven weapons platform (saving the  
Eiffel Tower from a possible terrorist attack this summer couldn't've hurt.)
It's also cheaper than the EADS Talarion or Israeli Heron. Best of all --
it's got guns. Most unmanned aerial vehicles, don't you know. They're
robotic spyplanes for the most part, only capable of shooting snapshots --
and yes, you know where I'm going with this.

Let's be honest here, Fools: One of the primary reasons we invest in defense
stocks is because they're fun. They go "bang!" Blow stuff up. As P.J.
O'Rourke once put it, describing the launch of a Tomahawk missile
aboard-ship in the Persian Gulf: "The flip lid whips open, and for a moment
you see ... something emerging in light and smoke ... a tower of blast and
dazzle blanketing one bright, rising, white, fiery column ... This is the
way to waste government money."

So un-armed spy planes? They're cool and all, I guess, but where's the
"bang" for our investing bucks? Where's the "blast and dazzle?"

Guns 'r' U.S.               
Hint: Ask Raytheon (NYSE: RTN). Recognizing that the biggest factor in
keeping UAVs pacifistic is their small size, Raytheon's working up a series
of small-ordnance solutions to the problem of arming tiny UAVs. Its new
Griffin "precision-guided projectile," for example, masses just one-third
the weight of the better known Hellfire missile that Predators commonly
carry, but is still capable of getting the job done. Importantly, the
Griffin rocket will be small enough to load onto a Textron (NYSE: TXT)
Shadow UAV or Boeing ScanEagle.

With Griffin and its small-ordnance peers, Raytheon's in position to arm   
small UAV fleets the world over and widen the arms race in the UAV space.
Today, only a very few nations boast UAVs capable of taking offensive action
on their own. But already, ScanEagles and Shadows span the globe, landing
sales competitions in Australia and Italy, Poland and Sweden, and even     
Pakistan itself.                                                           
Like it or not, this business is only going to get bigger. Because unlike  
the manned fighter jet, UAVs are here to stay.

You fools actually believe that murdering people in Pakistan by remote control prevented terror in Germany or France?


u2r2h cressida basra

and look up GLADIO

The terror is synthetic, the weapons for hegemony, the paymasters are the 40 million US americans on food-stamps.

Europe:  6 weeks paid vacation BY LAW,
3 years paid parental leave, bullet trains, quiet cars, cheap bio-food, best beer 24/7.  FREEDOM.

everything you hear about THE EURO...  is perception management.  Europeans are happy if yous think that the europeans have bad times...  why make you envious? 

Europe is booming, public owned infrastructure is lovely and humane, leasure times are long and fear is zilch, unlike in your police-state, homeless, christian-fear psychotic purgatory of Anglo America...  deeeeeep in debt and can't even trade your way back to health and properity.

Only the vulgar-capitalist bastards that even the president is powerless to reign in, they are laughing all the way to their swiss bank account.



for more insights that you are not afforded by your military 911-killer rulers.  (can't be, huh?)

and congratulations, fools, for the awesome weapons.  Spent all you energies on the best in killing machines, you will live by fear.

PS. shameless are those speculating in weapons' profits

privateer military .. war to make profit...

welcome to the 19th century.



instead work and party fearless, join hands and celebrate in peace and great consciousness.

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