31 July, 2010

8.7 billion gone - Corruption Galore

Who is more corrupt?  Karsai?  Tin-Pot dicators?

BBC NEWS: US 'fails to account' for Iraq reconstruction billions

A US military helicopter flies over Baghdad (October 2007)

Billions have gone to rebuild Iraq but much of the money is impossible to trace, says a US audit

A US federal watchdog has criticised the US military for failing to account properly for billions of dollars it received to help rebuild Iraq.

The Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction says the US Department of Defence is unable to account properly for 96% of the money.

Out of just over $9bn (£5.8bn), $8.7bn is unaccounted for, the inspector says.

The US military said the funds were not necessarily missing, but that spending records might have been archived.

In a response attached to the report, it said attempting to account for the money might require "significant archival retrieval efforts".


Reconstruction money

"The funds are separate from the $53bn allocated by the US Congress for rebuilding Iraq.

Much of the money came from the sale of Iraqi oil and gas, and some frozen Saddam Hussein-era assets were also sold off.

"The breakdown in controls left the funds vulnerable to inappropriate uses and undetected loss"

End Quote Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction

The money was in a special fund administered by the US Department of Defense, the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI), and was earmarked for reconstruction projects.

But the report says that a lack of proper accounting and poor oversight makes it impossible to say exactly what happened to most of it.


According to the report, the Pentagon is unable to fully account for $8.7bn of funds it withdrew between 2004 and 2007, and of that amount it "could not provide documentation to substantiate how it spent $2.6bn".

Past mismanagement

The audit blamed the inability to account for the money on a number of factors.

Notably, it said that most defence department organisations which received DFI funds failed to set up US Treasury Department accounts for the money as required.

It also said that there was no central organisation within the defence department which was charged with overseeing how the funds were accounted for or spent.

"The breakdown in controls left the funds vulnerable to inappropriate uses and undetected loss," the report said.

This is not the first time that allegations of missing billions have surfaced in relation to the US-led invasion of Iraq and its aftermath.

In 2005, the inspector general criticised the Coalition Provisional Authority, the US-led occupation administration, for its management of an $8.8bn fund that belonged to the Iraqi government.

A criminal investigation conducted led to the conviction of eight US officials on bribery, fraud and money-laundering charges.

The latest audit does not include allegations of criminal conduct.

Sarbanes–Oxley Act

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Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D–MD) and Rep. Michael G. Oxley (R–OH-4), the co-sponsors of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act.

The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 (Pub.L. 107-204, 116 Stat. 745, enacted July 30, 2002), also known as the 'Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act' (in the Senate) and 'Corporate and Auditing Accountability and Responsibility Act' (in the House) and commonly called Sarbanes–Oxley, Sarbox or SOX, is a United States federal law enacted on July 30, 2002, which set new or enhanced standards for all U.S. public company boards, management and public accounting firms. It is named after sponsors U.S. Senator Paul Sarbanes (D-MD) and U.S. Representative Michael G. Oxley (R-OH).


The bill was enacted as a reaction to a number of major corporate and accounting scandals including those affecting Enron, Tyco International, Adelphia, Peregrine Systems and WorldCom. These scandals, which cost investors billions of dollars when the share prices of affected companies collapsed, shook public confidence in the nation's securities markets.

It does not apply to privately held companies.

How much they hate Iraq and why?

Firebombing Falluja: The United States is using napalm in Falluja
US Troops Fire on Ambulance
Letter from a GI in Falluja: "This wasn't a war, it was a massacre"
'Improved' Napalm For Falluja With 'Improved' Effect By Mike Whitney
Report: Raytheon 'Heat Beam' Weapon Ready for Iraq
Iraq's Health Disaster Under the Occupation
James Petras: US war crimes in Iraq
Irregular Weapons Used Against Iraq
'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah
200 Children Die Every Day Iraq's Health Care Under the Occupation
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Secret Report Gave Early Warning of Abu Ghraib
Gitmo Torture and Rumsfeld's and Tenet's War Crimes
U.S. Accused of Using Poison Gases in Fallujah
US army blocks aid convoy for Falluja
Statement from Falluja: 5000 were killed by USA chemical weapons in Falluja- 22/11/2004
Doctors In Baghdad: US did use chemical weapon in Al Falluja  Voice
'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah
Iraqi Official: More Than 2,000 People Killed in Fallujah
Puppet "Iraqi ministry of health" orders Baghdad hospitals not to admit wounded patients from al-Fallujah.
Witnesses Say GIs Killed Unarmed Civilians
Independent aid convoy enters Fallujah, forced to turn back
Fallujah in Pictures
Statement from Falluja: 5000 were killed by USA chemical weapons in Falluja- 22/11/2004
US Mercantilist Law Prevents Iraqi Farmers From Saving Own Seeds
Iraqi Physican Confirms US Chem Weapons Use In Fallujah
Video :Eyewitness from Falluja said  the American used chemical and phosphoric weapons. ( download file and open with Media player)
Assault on Falluja - Week Three Pictures
American Crimes against the  civilians in Al Ramadi in Pictures
Marines Gun Down Iraqi Civilians at Ramadi Checkpoint
Resistance Targets Rear US Fallujah Positions; Chemcial Weapons Use In South Expected
Falluja women, children in mass grave
Troops Raid Mosul Hospital
US soldier accused of killing civilian
Witnesses Say GIs Killed Unarmed Civilians
In Fallujah, Marine 'Diplomacy': Hold Civilians Hostage for Insurgent Attacks
Independent aid convoy enters Fallujah, forced to turn back
Fallujah in Pictures
Statement from Falluja: 5000 were killed by USA chemical weapons in Falluja- 22/11/2004
US Mercantilist Law Prevents Iraqi Farmers From Saving Own Seeds
Iraqi Physican Confirms US Chem Weapons Use In Fallujah
Video :Eyewitness from Falluja said  the American used chemical and phosphoric weapons. ( download file and open with Media player)
Assault on Falluja - Week Three Pictures
Marines Gun Down Iraqi Civilians at Ramadi Checkpoint
Falluja women, children in mass grave
Troops Raid Mosul Hospital
Fallujah in Pictures Thursday, November 18,2004
Pictures: American terrorists killing injured civilians in Falluja mousque
Video: American terrorists in Al Falluja mosque
VIDEO: Watch Marines entering a Fallujah mosque where one rebel was reportedly shot and killed.
NBC Says Marine Killed Unarmed Wounded Iraqi
Look and hear what the American terrorists doing in the Iraqi cities. Falluja 15/11/04The resistance in Baghdad The resistance in BuhruzBeji,    Eyewitnesses Voice,   Eyewitnesses Voice2
Falluja and the American terrorists ,     Pictures
Marines shoot wounded Iraqi in Falluja mosque (Video)
The American TERROR on Al Falluja  Video
US troops 'preventing aid' to Falluja
Falluja in pictures
Al Falluja 14/11/2004 The American crimes Pictures,        The situation in Falluj ( Voice)
Private Jet Takes US Prisoners to Torture Hosts
US Shot Civilians Escaping From Fallujah
Rights Experts: US Might Have Committed a War Crime in Sending Civilians Back to Fallujah
US Troops in Fallujah Shoot Into Homes, Then Search
I have just witnessed a murder on my TV screen
Battle for Falluja Pictures
Fallujah Rebels Say US Using Gas Weapons
Half Mosques Downed, Human Crisis Unfolds in Fallujah
The American Terror on Iraq Flash (4 MB)
US Troops Reportedly Gassing Fallujah
The American Terror on Al Falluja Video
US air raid on Fallujah clinic kills dozens: witnesses
'Body Parts Everywhere' in Fallujah
Fallujah: US Declares War on Hospitals, Ambulances
Residents Say Over 20 Medics, Dozens of Others Killed in Air Raid on Clinic
The American's Terror on Iraq Flash (4 MB)
US air raid on Fallujah clinic kills dozens: witnesses
Pictures,   Badir Militia attacking the hospital of Al Falluja,    Victims of the US air strike on Al Falluja,   The resistance in Hayfa street of Baghdad
Video: US Pilots Kill Civilians
Children used as human shields by US MILITARY in Iraq
US bombs Falluja in Pictures
In Pictures: U.S. Bombs Falluja
Daughter of Soldier Contaminated with Depleted Uranium in Iraq Born with Deformities:
Civilians killed in US 'precision strike' on Falluja Pictures
Hepatitis spreads in 2 Iraqi districts Collapse of water and sewage systems is believed to be at root of the illness
Five UK Soldiers May Face Trial Over Killing of Sargeant
Woman's Lawyer Expects Iraq Abuse Trial
Poisonous Legacy: Flash presentation. About the D-Uranium ( The photos are of Iraqi children)  (Special Thank for the Flash designer)
USA Crimes in Tall Afar NOrthern Iraq Pictures
In pictures Carnage in Falluja
Flash Animation on Depleted Uranium
Civilians killed in US 'precision strike' on Falluja Pictures
US bombs Falluja in Pictures  
Map of America prisons in Iraq  ( the red is secret prisons ) Children and women are spread on those persons
After Abu Ghraib Huda Alazawi was one of the few women held in solitary in the notorious Iraqi prison. Following her release, she talks for the first time to Luke Harding about her ordeal  Arabic translation
Are the infidel American forces hiding their losses ...... where is the proof 
Where have all the young men gone? With the illusion of honor and the glory of a mass grave in a foreign land.           More information
The Detection of Sixteen Dead Bodies in A mass Grave in Falluja .Probably belong to American soldiers who were buried in a ditch in the North West sector of the city.
In Pictures  Grief in Baghdad

AP video of Americans killing unarmed Ramadi civilian demonstrators    video

Iraq: Uranium Contamination

Effects Of War And The Use Of Depleted Uranium On Iraq

Iraqi's the victims of  Depleted Uranium picturs

WHO 'suppressed' scientific study into depleted uranium cancer fears in Iraq  

The Evidence File: Court case against General Franks in Brussels 



Texte complet de la plainte contre Franks  (pdf),  Complete text in English: MS Word document



Pictures #1 : Ambulance Under American Fire,

Pictures #2 : The Plaintiff's, Pictures # 3 : destruction of civilian infrastructure

Pictures # 4 : Protection and organisation of Looting, Pictures # 5 : the use of cluster bombs


The use of cluster bombs, Destruction to infrastructure that's vital for public health, Protection and organization of Looting, Civilian casualties .


video of the testimonies by Geert Van Moorter, Fred & fico 

The reality of iraqi children by Geert van Moorter & fico May 03, 2003

An Iraqi ambulance under fire by Geert Van Moorter & fico 2003-05-03 

American soldiers shoot at a civilian bus in Iraq by Geert Van Moorter & fico 2003-05-03

Plundering a hospital filmed by Geert Van Moorter, edited by Chloé & fico April 24 

American soldiers shoot at a civilian bus in Iraq by Geert Van Moorter & fico 2003-05-03

Plundering a hospital filmed by Geert Van Moorter, edited by Chloé & fico April 24 

American's are like a baby by Geert Van Moorter, chloé & fico 2003-04-29

The feeling of an Iraqi doctor by Geert Van Moorter & fico 2003-05-03

We will build it again...and again...and again filmed by Geert Van Moorter, edited by fico & Chloé April 24

La voix des enfants de Charleroi à Bagdad by Huito & Fico 2003-04-30

These Pages Depict The Horror And Reality Of "OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM"

 Crimes by days
March 22 | March 23 | March 24 | March 25 | March 26 | March 27 | March 28 | March 29 | March 30 |

March 31 | April 1 | April 2 | April 3 | April 4 | April 5 | April 6 | April 8 | April 9 | April 10 | April 12 |

April 15 | April 16 | April 17 | April 18 | April 19 | April 20 | April 21 | April 22 | April 23 | April 25 |

April 27 | April 28 | April 29 | May 1 | May 4 | May 5 | May 6 | May 7 | May 8 | May 9 | May 10 |May 12 |

 May 14 | May 15 | May 16 | May 17 | May 18 | May 19 | May 20 | May 21 | May 22 | May 23 | May 25 |

 May 26 | May 28

 who have been terrorised

Pictures of Destruction and Civilian Victims of the Anglo-American Aggression in Iraq

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

 Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

Page 11

Page 12


Page 14

Page 15

Page 16

Page 17

Page 18

Page 19

Page 20

The Weapons of American Terrorism: Cluster Bombs

Click Here to know more about the devastating effects of these weapons

Depleted uranium they contain.

Iraq: War Against the People,   video

Death & Destruction of 'Operation Iraqi Freedom"

Page 1  Page 2  Page 3  Page 4  Page 5  Page 6  Page 7  Page 8

Pictures That bush Does Not Want You To See 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11

The Results of the Use of Depleted Uranium

Miscellaneous Pictures of the War 1 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31  32  33  

34  35  36  37  38  39  40  41  42  43  44  45  46  47  48  49  50  51  52  53  54  55  56  57  58  

Human rights watch

Iraq: Civilian Deaths Need U.S. Investigation Press Release, October 21, 2003

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29 July, 2010


Bizarre Coincidence - Neo's Passport Expiry Date was 11th September 2001




[Congressional Record Volume 147, Number 7 (Monday, January 22, 2001)]
[Page S421-S423]
From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Printing Office [www.gpo.gov]

     Inauguration Ceremony, Saturday, January 20, 2001, 11:47 a.m.


       Mr. Chief Justice REHNQUIST. Governor Bush, are you ready
     to take the oath?
       President-elect BUSH. Yes, sir.
       Mr. Chief Justice REHNQUIST. Please raise your right hand
     and repeat after me.
       The Chief Justice of the United States, William Hobbs
     Rehnquist, administered to the President-elect the oath of
     office prescribed by the Constitution, which he repeated, as
       ``I, George Walker Bush, do solemnly swear that I will
     faithfully execute the office of President of the United
     States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve,
     protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. So
     help me God.''
       Mr. Chief Justice REHNQUIST. Congratulations.
       Mr. McCONNELL. Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the
     United States, George W. Bush.
       (Herald Trumpets play ``Ruffles and Flourishes'' and ``Hail
     to the Chief,'' and 21-gun salute.)
       President BUSH. Thank you all.
       Chief Justice Rehnquist, President Carter, President Bush--


       (Laughter, applause.)
       President Clinton, distinguished guests, and my fellow
       This peaceful transfer of authority is rare in history, yet
     common in our country. With a simple oath, we affirm old
     traditions and make new beginnings.
       As I begin, I thank President Clinton for his service to
     our Nation. -
       And I thank Vice President Gore for a contest conducted
     with spirit and ended with grace.
       I am honored and humbled to stand here, where so many of
     America's leaders have come before me and so many will
       We have a place, all of us, in a long story; a story we
     continue, but whose end we will not see. It is the story of a
     new world that became a friend and liberator of the old,
     the story of a slave-holding society that became a servant
     of freedom, the story of a power that went into the world
     to protect but not possess, to defend but not to conquer.
     It is the American story; a story of flawed and fallible
     people, united across the generations by grand and
     enduring ideals.
       The grandest of these ideals is an unfolding American
     promise: that everyone belongs, that everyone deserves a
     chance, that no insignificant person was ever born.
       Americans are called to enact this promise in our lives and
     in our laws. And though our Nation has sometimes halted, and
     sometimes delayed, we must follow no other course.
       Through much of the last century, America's faith in
     freedom and democracy was a rock in a raging sea. Now it is a
     seed upon the wind, taking root in many nations.
       Our democratic faith is more than the creed of our country,
     it is the inborn hope of our humanity; an ideal we carry but
     do not own, a trust we bear and pass along. And even after
     nearly 225 years, we have a long way yet to travel.
       While many of our citizens prosper, others doubt the
     promise--even the justice--of our own country. The ambitions
     of some Americans are limited by failing schools, and hidden
     prejudice, and the circumstances of their birth. And
     sometimes our differences run so deep, it seems we share a
     continent, but not a country.


       We do not accept this, and we will not allow it. Our unity,
     our union, is the serious work of leaders and citizens in
     every generation. And this is my solemn pledge: I will work
     to build a single nation of justice and opportunity.
       I know this is within our reach, because we are guided by a
     power larger than ourselves who creates us equal in His
       And we are confident in principles that unite and lead us
       America has never been united by blood or birth or soil. We
     are bound by ideals that move us beyond our backgrounds, lift
     us above our interests, and teach us what it means to be
     citizens. Every child must be taught these principles. Every
     citizen must uphold them. And every immigrant, by embracing
     these ideals, makes our country more, not less, American.
       Today we affirm a new commitment to live out our Nation's
     promise through civility, courage, compassion, and character.
       America, at its best, matches a commitment to principle
     with a concern for civility.
       A civil society demands from each of us good will and
     respect, fair dealing and forgiveness.
       Some seem to believe that our politics can afford to be
     petty because, in a time of peace, the stakes of our debates
     appear small. But the stakes, for America, are never small.
     If our country does not lead the cause of freedom, it will
     not be led. If we do not turn the hearts of children toward
     knowledge and character, we will lose their gifts and
     undermine their idealism. If we permit our economy to drift
     and decline, the vulnerable will suffer most.
       We must live up to the calling we share. Civility is not a
     tactic or a sentiment. It is the determined choice of trust
     over cynicism, of community over chaos. And this commitment,
     if we keep it, is a way to shared accomplishment.
       America, at its best, is also courageous.
       Our national courage has been clear in times of depression
     and war, when defeating common dangers defined our common
     good. Now we must choose if the example of our fathers and
     mothers will inspire us or condemn us. We must show courage
     in a time of blessing by confronting problems instead of
     passing them onto future generations.


       Together we will reclaim America's schools, before
     ignorance and apathy claim more young lives. We will reform
     Social Security and Medicare, sparing our children from
     struggles we have the power to prevent. And we will reduce
     taxes, to recover the momentum of our economy and reward the
     efforts and enterprise of working Americans.
       We will build our defenses beyond challenge, lest weakness
     invite challenge.
       We will confront weapons of mass destruction, so that a new
     century is spared new horrors.
       The enemies of liberty and our country should make no
     mistake, America remains engaged in the world, by history and
     by choice, shaping a balance of power that favors freedom. We
     will defend our allies and our interests. We will show
     purpose without arrogance. We will meet aggression and bad
     faith with resolve and strength. And to all nations, we will
     speak for the values that gave our Nation birth.
       America, at its best, is compassionate.
       In the quiet of American conscience, we know that deep,
     persistent poverty is unworthy of our Nation's promise. And
     whatever our views of its cause, we can agree that children
     at risk are not at fault. Abandonment and abuse are not acts
     of God; they are failures of love.


[[Page S423]]

       And the proliferation of prisons, however necessary, is no
     substitute for hope and order in our souls.
       Where there is suffering, there is duty. Americans in need
     are not strangers, they are citizens; not problems, but
     priorities. And all of us are diminished when any are
       Government has great responsibilities, for public safety
     and public health, for civil rights and common schools. Yet
     compassion is the work of a nation, not just a government.
     And some needs and hurts are so deep, they will only respond
     to a mentor's touch or a pastor's prayer. Church and charity,
     synagogue and mosque lend our communities their humanity, and
     they will have an honored place in our plans and in our laws.
       Many in our country do not know the pain of poverty. But we
     can listen to those who do. And I can pledge our Nation to a
     goal. When we see that wounded traveler on the road to
     Jericho, we will not pass to the other side.


       America, at its best, is a place where personal
     responsibility is valued and expected.
       Encouraging responsibility is not a search for scapegoats;
     it is a call to conscience. And though it requires sacrifice,
     it brings a deeper fulfillment. We find the fullness of life,
     not only in options, but in commitments. And we find that
     children and community are the commitments that set us free.
       Our public interest depends on private character; on civic
     duty and family bonds and basic fairness; on uncounted,
     unhonored acts of decency which give direction to our
     freedom. Sometimes in life we are called to do great things.
     But as a saint of our times has said, every day we are called
     to do small things with great love. The most important tasks
     of a democracy are done by everyone.
       I will live and lead by these principles: to advance my
     convictions with civility; to pursue the public interest with
     courage; to speak for greater justice and compassion; to call
     for responsibility, and try to live it as well. In all these
     ways, I will bring the values of our history to the care of
     our times.
       What you do is as important as anything government does. I
     ask you to seek a common good beyond your comfort; to defend
     needed reforms against easy attacks; to serve your Nation,
     beginning with your neighbor. I ask you to be citizens--
     citizens, not spectators; citizens, not subjects; responsible
     citizens building communities of service and a nation of


       Americans are generous and strong and decent, not because
     we believe in ourselves, but because we hold beliefs beyond
     ourselves. When this spirit of citizenship is missing, no
     government program can replace it. When this spirit is
     present, no wrong can stand against it.
       After the Declaration of Independence was signed, Virginia
     statesman John Page wrote to Thomas Jefferson:
       We know the race is not to the swift nor the Battle to the
     Strong. Do you not think an Angel rides in the Whirlwind and
     directs this Storm?

===== BUSH MENTIONS IT ONCE ==========

       Much time has passed since Jefferson arrived for his
     inauguration. The years and changes accumulate, but the
     themes of this day he would know: our Nation's grand story of
     courage and its simple dream of dignity. We are not the
     story's author, who fills time and eternity with His purpose.
     Yet His purpose is achieved in our duty; and our duty is
     fulfilled in service to one another.
       Never tiring, never yielding, never finishing, we renew
     that purpose today: to make our country more just and
     generous; to affirm the dignity of our lives and every life.
       This work continues. This story goes on. And an angel still
     rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm.

===== BUSH MENTIONS IT TWICE ==========

       God bless you all, and God bless America.


Now, nation, arise and storm break loose!

Josef Goebells: Total War Speech


The Storm has a name: 


and guess who "directs this storm"???





Erin provided the power for the destruction of WTC
by way of field effects.

Since they control the weather, they were able to plan
it years in advance.  The film MATRIX (1999) contains
and "easter egg" message:




There is a 911 coincidence... unbelievable stuff! The date is not in the original script, but the CIA has a hand in the making of every movie in the USA. Could it be that the date was planned that long in advance?? The weather manipulation evidence (Wood) is just too much of a coincidence again!! amazing!!!


The planes were noplanes they were holograms!

I take it you already know that NO 767 jet ever hit the WTC. This is proven by the LIVE TV footage, just listen to Ace Baker or watch September Clues ON THAT POINT. (my blog has the links, see below)

If you believe that a Boeing 767 hit the tower, look again :


If you still believe hollow aluminium planes butter into buildings THEN DO NOT READ ON.

OK, so you are a noplaner.

Do you really think that the Joint Chiefs of Staff would have authorized the massaker in the USA with the threat that some idiot camera would show an explosion WITHOUT PLANE (or a missile)???

Nah, that's crazy. They could not hope to control all footage.


it is 100% logical!

Are Holograms possile?

Sure! Someone left us THE PERFECT HINT on Wikipedia!

Please read this again. Someone left us a hint:

There exist also holographic materials which don't need the developing process...

The "plane" looses wings and is distorted:

Hey, I don't blame you for your scepticism... it *IS* difficult to swallow. Hey, but that was the idea!!

Lets ask another one:

1- Do you believe ALL FOOTAGE that shows an airplane hitting tower WAS FAKED??

2- What do you think is the likelihood of uncensored footage to have made it into the public -- given that the second hit was under the eyes of potentially thousands of video-camera owners?

3- Given the likelihood is LOW BUT NOT ZERO, and given you insist that NO 767 hit the tower what do you think the risk was to the perps of the # hitting the fan

You see what I am driving at, huh?

You know what I think. I think it is IMPOSSIBLE that the perps would have risked it.

HENCE... the logical conclusion (people, get this into your heads!) is:


Why? because THERE WERE films, photos and eyewitnesses and they were NOT ALL FAKED

in fact there were some that were faked by the perps, wanting us to believe there were 767s.

Can you not see that Noplaners are dangerous... they contain the seed for holograms... or to put it as I do:

If you are a noplaners, you MUST be a hologrammer

If you do not agree, come forward, it shall be possible to make you understand.

Here, I quote in full:

Dynamic holography

There exist also holographic materials which don't need the developing process and can record a hologram in a very short time. This allows to use holography to perform some simple operations in an all-optical way. Examples of applications of such real-time holograms include phase-conjugate mirrors ("time-reversal" of light), optical cache memories, image processing (pattern recognition of time-varying images), and optical computing.

The amount of processed information can be very high (terabit/s), since the operation is performed in parallel on a whole image. This compensates the fact that the recording time, which is in the order of a µs, is still very long compared to the processing time of an electronic computer. The optical processing performed by a dynamic hologram is also much less flexible than electronic processing. On one side one has to perform the operation always on the whole image, and on the other side the operation a hologram can perform is basically either a multiplication or a phase conjugation. But remember that in optics, addition and Fourier transform are already easily performed in linear materials, the second simply by a lens. This enables some applications like a device that compares images in an optical way.[7]

The search for novel nonlinear optical materials for dynamic holography is an active area of research. The most common materials are photorefractive crystals, but also in semiconductors or semiconductor heterostructures (such as quantum wells), atomic vapors and gases, plasmas and even liquids it was possible to generate holograms.

So the technology is NOT IMPOSSIBLE. The military value (fool the enemy!) is enourmous. It is a technology MADE FOR UNDERCOVER and PSYOP bloodbaths.

please DEAL WITH IT!! don't let it simmer... cook it up!

Ho--lo--gram are as worthy of investigation as CGI-inserts are!

Why it necessarily was holograms that hit the WTC

. google u2r2h hologram and take note of the actual ONLY VIABLE technical explanation of the technology involved

keywords: u2r2h hologrammes spray phase-conjugate mirrors ("time-reversal" of light), optical cache memories, image processing

more research


also see here and
here and
here and
here and
here and
here and

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