23 August, 2008

Nose Out - holography projection screen revealed

My buddy, an Air Force vet, woke up his dad to watch Tower 1 smoking. His dad, Wallace, was drafted 4 times in WW2 to continue developing aircraft radar equipment. They watched Detroit Fox channel 2 and saw the "nose out." Wally commented "man, I didn't know the plastic radome was that tough!" His dad, who developed them, said, "me neither!" They picked up immediately on the "nose out."

NEW 14 August 2008! Download high-quality version of September Clues:



NEW 14 August 2008! Download high-quality version of September Clues:

I took time to review 911 taboo


at 17 min 20 sec watch the NOSE OUT..

Aluminium aeroplane CAN NOT exit a steel building with the shape of the nose-cone intact.

Watch closely and you can see the VERTICAL SCREEN!
A gas or liquid that is expelled vertically from a missile and is illuminated by a powerful laser (from miles away!), coded with 3-d information.
Result: a life-size, real-time image of a 767 boeing in the sky!

The projection and real-time calculation wasn't perfect. This is obvious when watching the Luc Courchesne video, and the "amputee wings", but hey, it did the job.

The VERTICAL "spray" SHAPE of the "hologram projection screen" is also clearly visible here (5th picture down, "fiery exit").

Many thanks to killtown, genghis, marcus icke, nico and social service. Even though none of you guys are capable to comprehend the simple logic of:

People/cameras saw big jet + No plane debris = hologramme.

Sure, TV-fakery was used, too, but CGI alone is not possible because the perps needed to camouflage the missile and keep up the illusion. They were able to mop up loose ends and keep the media in line with the official version (to this day, amazingly!) but they would not have been able to counter a few movies showing NOTHING )or a missile) impacting the WTC. However they ARE able to confiscate videos "for further study" that show weird things. Not a problem.

NEW 14 August 2008! Download high-quality version of September Clues:


http://www.septclues.com/ (dead now, overloaded)
14 August 2008 - 470mB download avi
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posted by u2r2h at Saturday, August 23, 2008


Blogger u2r2h said...

comment posted in killtown.blogspot.com

As you know, my working hypothesis is that the Hezarkhani video (unlike the audio) is essentially NOT faked. IMHO the reason why it seems so weird is that is shows a hologramme from the best viewing angle.

It is only reasonable to assume that the real-time calculations had to be optimized for those angles where incidental cameras would get a reasonably clear close-up view (Battery Park), for other angles silhouettes were sufficient (against the sun).

The Hezarkani vid still seems artificial (and hence faked), but this is due to the imperfect reflections and colours. The "pod" is probably a concession to the technology that had to be carried by a uav. The original footage is not available for purchase or rebroadcast I imagine.

The Nose-out it the biggest holographical f**k-up, IMHO remnants of the plasma-carrying missile unexpectedly exited on the other side, and the hologram-projector was not switched off in time (causing the "venus flytrap") as the holographic "projection screen" disintegrates)

HERE are more details.

I also think the "laser projector" was caught on film in the THOM pictures
and who knows, the strange bright light in the Siegel film may also be connected to hologramme tech.

As you know, I surmise that I found the actual camera position HERE and HERE
and I am satisfied with the precision of the viewing angle calculations, based on the method of using the new york buildings (and their known height/width) as iron sights.

Sun Jan 09, 03:41:00 am UTC  

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