26 October, 2006

CHENEY SPEECH Decoded -- 'Uncle Richards horror-fairy-tale'


> recognize the basic role of government
> in a free society.

yes! that of regulating the market,
and creating a level playing field

> Nobody can sit in an
> office in Washington, D.C. and simply
> decide to create prosperity.

Why not? The government can print money and
make everyone work. The trouble is that the
USA government creates all money for weapons,
to protect the few opulent against the masses
of the poor. Worldwide.

> What we
> can do, and must do, is create an
> environment that gives consumers the
> confidence to spend, savers the
> confidence to save, and entrepreneurs
> the confidence to invest, to expand
> their businesses and to hire new
> employees.

Confidence trickster?

> And one of the surest ways
> to create that climate is to leave as
> many resources as possible in the hands
> of the people themselves.

I think he means "people like him". He doesn't
mean the "man in the street who has no job
security or guaranteed pension because his
big private-owned money-'institute' can fold
up tomorrow, eh Enron?"

> reduce tax on dividence and capital gains
> Laughter and applause

Cheney and the investor-class, the OWNERS
are richer than ever. But the amount of
people living in poverty has stayed the same
since the 1960s, and in fact is increasing.

> over the last three years. And over
> three trillion dollars in new wealth
> has been added to the stock market.

3000 billion. Or

3 000 000 000 000 dollars. Divided by 300mio US citizens
/ 300 000 000
=10 000 dollars per person, grandma & pop, children & all.

And who are the OWNERS of this 'wealth' in the stockmarket?
Banks, Corporations and Gates, Buffett, Waltons.

THE REST OF THE SPEECH IS Confidence Trickster talk and
selective quoting of 'numbers'. Promising tax-reduction
to lure the gullible poor who have nothing to gain.

> By the year 2030, spending
> for Social Security, Medicare, and
> Medicaid alone will amount to almost 60
> percent of the entire federal budget.

A clever lie.

He means the so-called 'discretionary' federal budget.
If you count the ACTUAL BUDGET..the military and
the fascist institutions of control get nearly all

> .. September 11th 2001.

yep. This mass-murder must be mentioned to frighten us
into submission. The trouble is: It was an inside job.
Lets see how he wriggles himself out of this hole.

> Thinking about 9/11 still moves all of
> us -- because the attack was directed
> at all of us. We were meant to take it
> personally, and we still do take it
> personally.

Ve don't Sink!
Ve are in blind rage!!

Here Cheney launches into a the fantastic
'Uncle Richards horror-fairy-tale'..,
which, if you can stand the mind-fuck
is worth reading in full.

See how many (implied and actual) lies you can count.

> The enemy, also, took note of the
> anniversary. For the terrorists, it was
> a day for rejoicing -- for celebrating
> once again the suffering and death of
> 3,000 innocent men, women, and
> children.

Fact: our special-ops killed the 3000,

> This year Osama bin Laden's
> second-in-command used the anniversary
> to issue more words of hatred for this
> country, and more threats of murder.
> And once again, all of us were reminded
> of the kind of enemies we face, the
> beliefs they hold, and the ambitions
> they want to achieve.

Fact: The US corporations are powerful
and have big ambitions.

> Our country has never before had to
> confront adversaries like these. They
> have no standing armies or navies. They
> wear no uniform and recognize neither
> the conventions of war, nor any rules
> of morality. Their method of fighting,
> which they have practiced and
> proclaimed, is to organize in secret,
> to slip in among civilian populations,
> and to take as many innocent lives as
> possible. The terrorists are willing to
> die in that effort -- indeed, while
> civilized societies uphold justice,
> mercy, and the value of life, these
> terrorists hold to an ideology that
> feeds on the pain of others and
> glorifies in murder and suicide.

Fact: The US killed hundreds of thousands
with modern weaponry.

> Though they plot and plan and operate
> by stealth, the terrorists make no
> secret of the beliefs they hold. They
> seek to impose a dictatorship of fear,

Fact: The US *is* imposing a dictatoship of fear

> under which every man, woman, and child
> would live in total obedience to a
> narrow and hateful ideology. This
> ideology rejects tolerance, denies
> freedom of conscience, and demands that
> women be pushed to the margins of
> society. As was clear when the Taliban
> held power in Afghanistan, beliefs of
> this kind can be imposed only through
> force and intimidation, so those who
> refuse to bow to the tyrants will be
> brutalized or killed.

Fact: The USA killed more Afghanis and
Afghani women than all warlords.

> The terrorists also have a set of
> objectives. They want to seize control
> of a country in the Middle East, so
> they have a base from which to launch

Fact: The USA has over 600 foreign bases.

> attacks and to wage war against anyone
> who refuses to meet their demands.

Fact: The USA attacked Afghanistan and Iraq.

> They believe that by controlling one
> country, they will be able to target
> and overthrow other governments in the
> region, and eventually to establish a
> totalitarian empire that encompasses a
> region from Spain, across North Africa,
> through the Middle East and South Asia,
> all the way around to Indonesia.

Fact: These countries are not endangered

> They have declared, as well, their ultimate
> aims: to obtain chemical, biological
> and even nuclear weapons, to destroy
> Israel, to intimidate all Western
> countries, and to cause mass death in
> the United States.
> The terrorists regard the entire world
> as their battlefield. That is why al
> Qaeda has operatives in Iraq right now.
> They want to breed chaos, bring down a
> newly elected government, and gain a
> foothold for terror and the oil wealth
> to finance it. Americans are fighting
> there, and in Afghanistan, because our
> security depends on it. Having
> liberated those countries from tyranny,
> we will not now permit new
> dictatorships to seize power and give
> terrorists a base of operations.
> There is still hard work ahead, and we
> have no illusions about the cruelty of
> our enemies. As the President has said,
> the terrorists will continue to have
> the coward's power to plant roadside
> bombs and to recruit suicide bombers.

Fact: The USA can kill from space.

> And you will continue to see the grim
> results on the evening news. This
> proves that the war is difficult, but
> it does not mean that we are losing.
> There's been more violence in Baghdad
> recently, and much of this is because
> Coalition and Iraqi forces have been
> conducting more focused operations --
> going into the most violent areas to
> disrupt al Qaeda, capture enemy
> fighters, go after the bomb makers, and
> break up the death squads.
> Another reason for the increase in
> attacks is that the terrorists want to
> influence public opinion right here in
> the United States. It's odd to think of
> ideologues out of the dark ages having
> a modern media strategy, but the fact
> is they do. They take videos of their
> attacks and put them up on the Internet

Fact: Some videos are faked. (agent provocateur)

> or get them broadcast on television.
> They send messages and images by email,
> and tell their followers to spread the
> word. One recent propaganda message
> said the goal was to "carry out a media
> war that is parallel to the military
> war." This is reminiscent of a message
> Osama bin Laden sent after 9/11 --
> vowing to wage, and again I quote, "a
> media campaign, to create a wedge
> between the American people and their
> government."

Fact: The USA is governed by corporations.

> Bin Laden himself calls the fight in
> Iraq the "third world war." There, and
> elsewhere, the terrorists know they
> cannot hope to beat us in a stand-up
> fight. They never have. But they are
> absolutely convinced they can break the
> will of the American people. They base
> that view, in part, on the history of
> the 1980s and the 1990s, when they
> concluded that if they killed enough
> Americans, they could change American
> policy. In Beirut in 1983, terrorists
> killed 241 Marines with a suicide truck
> bomber. Thereafter, U.S. forces
> withdrew from Beirut. In Mogadishu in
> 1993, terrorists killed 19 American
> soldiers. Thereafter, U.S. forces
> withdrew from Somalia. The attacks
> continued: the bombing at the World
> Trade Center in 1993; the attack on the
> Saudi National Guard Training Center in
> Riyadh in 1995; the attack on Khobar
> Towers in 1996; the simultaneous attack
> on our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania
> in 1998; and the attack on the USS Cole

Fact: All these attacks have unclear circumstances.
For example an FBI agent provided the 1993 WTC
bombs, a former egypt military-intelligence agent.

> in 2000. So they kept at it because
> they believed they could strike America
> without paying a price, and eventually,
> of course, struck us here in the
> homeland on 9/11.

Fact: 9/11 was an inside job.

> And bin Laden
> continues to predict that the people of
> the United States simply do not have
> the stomach to stay in the fight
> against terror.
> For the sake of our own generation and
> the ones that follow, we have a clear
> responsibility to press on in this
> fight. Our goal in Iraq is victory --
> with a nation that can govern itself,
> sustain itself, and defend itself. In
> terms of how to carry out the mission,
> General Pace, the Chairman of the Joint
> Chiefs of Staff, put it best: From a
> military standpoint, he said, every day
> is reassessment day. We will be
> flexible. We'll do all we can to adapt
> to conditions on the ground. We'll make
> every change that is necessary to do
> the job, to finish the job, and to
> bring our troops home with the honor
> they've earned. When it comes to our
> own troop levels, President Bush will
> make that call, and he'll do it based
> on the commanders and what they believe
> is necessary for victory. He'll make
> the decision that best serves the
> national interest, without regard to
> poll numbers, armchair generals, or
> artificial time lines set by
> politicians in Washington, D.C.
> America is helping Iraq and Afghanistan
> on the journey of democracy because we
> are a nation that keeps its word.

Fact: The USA-admin never keeps its word.
Kyoto, Reactors for N-Korea,

> And we believe that the spread of democracy

Fact: Gore won. Bush's 500 votes were not allowed
to be recounted. Illegally the federal court
took the matter away from the Florifa court.
2 judges had personal interest...
Kerry won, too. Voting machine fraud.

> and hope are, in the long run, the best
> way to defeat the ideologies of
> violence, resentment, and terror. By
> standing with our friends, we are
> making a better day possible in the
> broader Middle East, and helping to
> build a safer, more peaceful world for
> our children and our grandchildren.

Fact: The USA has killed more Iraqi children
than Saddam and all wars combined.

> The United States of America is a good
> country. It's a generous country, a
> decent, idealistic, and compassionate
> country. We are doing honorable work in
> a messy and a dangerous world. We are
> defended by heroes. And the brave
> Americans on duty in this war can be
> proud of their service for the rest of
> their lives.

Fact: Veterans are not happy, and not really proud.

> If we have learned anything from modern
> experience, it is that we have to stay
> on the offensive until the danger to
> civilization is removed. This requires
> moving forward on many fronts at the
> same time -- from using financial
> tools, to diplomatic pressure, to a
> sustained, multilateral effort to fight
> the proliferation of sophisticated
> weapons.

Fact: USA-corps uses financial tools to
their advantage and and uses
sophisticated weapons to threaten.

> We also place the highest priority on
> intelligence, in order to figure out
> the intentions of an enemy that very
> likely has combatants right here inside
> the United States. We live in a free
> and open society, and the terrorists
> want to use those advantages against
> us. And so we have an urgent duty to
> learn who they are, what they are
> doing, and to stop them before they can
> strike again.
> The best source of information,
> obviously, is the terrorists
> themselves. When we pick up somebody on
> the battlefield, or track them down in
> a safe house, we want to find out what
> they know. So the President directed
> the CIA to set up a detainee program to
> question the terrorists.

Fact: The USA-admin tortures.

> This program has saved American lives.

Fact: Torture does not work.

> We'veobtained extremely valuable
> information, for example, from Khalid
> Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11.

Fact: KSM is an agent. He is not a mastermind.

> Earlier this year, the Supreme
> Court ruled the detainee program could
> not go forward without explicit
> legislation. Fortunately for the
> country, Congress passed that
> legislation, and the President signed
> it into law just last week.

Fact: It is unconstitutional.

> We've also gained critical information
> from the terrorist surveillance
> program, which the President authorized
> in the days immediate after 9/11. On
> occasion you will hear this called a
> domestic surveillance program or
> eavesdropping. That is more than a
> misnomer; it is a flat-out falsehood.

Fact: US internal phones are tapped all the time.

> We are talking about international
> communications, one end of which we
> have reason to believe is related to al
> Qaeda or to terrorist networks. And
> it's hard to think of any category of
> information that could be more
> important to the safety of the United
> States. And the activities that are
> conducted under this operation have
> helped to detect and to prevent
> terrorist attacks against the American
> people.

Fact: None of the 'prevented attacks' were
anything but fantasies.

> If you'll recall, the 9/11 Commission
> focused criticism on the nation's
> inability to uncover links between
> terrorists at home and terrorists
> overseas. The term that was used is
> "connecting the dots" -- and the fact
> is that one small piece of data might
> very well make it possible to save
> thousands of lives. If this program had
> been in place before 9/11, we might
> have been able to prevent it because we
> had two terrorists living in San Diego,

Fact: They were paid agents.

> contacting terrorist-related numbers
> overseas. The very important question
> today is whether, on five years'
> reflection, we have yet learned all the
> lessons of 9/11.
> In the decade prior to those attacks,
> our country spent more than two
> trillion dollars on national security.
> Yet we lost nearly 3,000 Americans that
> morning at the hands of 19 men with box
> cutters and airline tickets. These
> enemies have intelligence and
> counterintelligence operations of their
> own. They take their orders from
> overseas. They are using the most
> sophisticated communications technology
> they can get their hands on. Since 9/11
> they have successfully carried out
> attacks in Casablanca, Jakarta,
> Mombassa, Bali, Riyadh, Baghdad,
> Istanbul, Madrid, London, Sharm
> al-Sheikh, Bombay, and elsewhere. Here
> in the U.S., we have not had another
> 9/11. No one can guarantee that we
> won't be hit again. We know they're
> still trying.
> To have come this far without another
> attack is no accident. A lot of things
> can go wrong in a war. Yet candor also
> permits us to recognize that many
> things have gone right. We've been
> protected by sensible policy decisions
> by the President, by decisive action at
> home and abroad, and by round-the-clock
> efforts on the part of people in the
> armed forces, law enforcement,
> intelligence, and homeland security.
> And, ladies and gentlemen, I want you
> to know that we're not going to let
> down our guard. The President is
> serious about the threat and serious
> about his duty to protect the country.
> He will not relent in the effort to
> track the enemies of the United States
> with every legitimate tool at his
> command.
> As many of you know, I had the honor of
> serving as Secretary of Defense at the
> time the Cold War ended. I worked for
> and with a number of Cold War
> presidents, and I'm a great admirer of
> the man who lived in the White House
> when the struggle began -- Harry S.
> Truman. I was interested to learn from
> Truman's biography that the Cold War
> was an expression he never much cared
> for and seldom used. He called it "the
> war of nerves." And if you think about
> it that's a description of the kind of
> challenge America is now facing. The
> war on terror is a test of our
> strength, a test of our capabilities
> and, above all, a test of our
> character. And I have never had more
> confidence in the nerve and the will of
> the American people. We love our
> country, only more when she is
> threatened. We know that the hopes of
> the civilized world depend on us. Our
> cause is right; it is just; and this
> great nation will prevail.
> Thank you very much. (Applause.)

The HOPES depend on us?
You mean we tell them what to strive for and
then conquer their minds, WE prevail?


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