08 November, 2006

Election Results -- 2006 US midterm elections for Representatives to Congress and members of the Senate

House Takeover, AND Senate!!

Half of the American people never read a newspaper,
and half never voted for President.
One hopes it is the same half.
      Gore Vidal


Your elected representatives represent money,
and their votes have already been counted.
      Andrew Grygus

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Official results!! (google search)

More generally, people have little specific knowledge of what
is happening around them. An academic study that appeared right
before the presidential election reports that less than 30% of
the population was aware of the positions of the candidates on
major issues, though 86% knew the name of George Bush's dog.
The general thrust of propaganda gets through, however. When
asked to identify the largest element of the federal budget,
less than 1/4 give the correct answer: military spending.
Almost half select foreign aid, which barely exists; the second
choice is welfare, chosen by 1/3 of the population, who also
far overestimate the proportion that goes to Blacks and to
child support. And though the question was not asked, virtually
none are likely to be aware that `defense spending' is in large
measure welfare for the rich. Another result of the study is
that more educated sectors are more ignorant--not surprising,
since they are the main targets of indoctrination. Bush
supporters, who are the best educated, scored lowest overall.
     Noam Chomsky

"Our democracy is but a name. We vote? What does that mean?
It means that we choose between two bodies of real, though not
avowed, autocrats, We choose between Tweedledum and
Tweedledee. "You ask for votes for women. What good can votes
do when ten-elevenths of the land of Great Britain belongs to
200,000 and only one-eleventh to the rest of the 40,000,000?
Have your men with their millions of votes freed themselves
from this injustice?"
     Helen Keller ... 1911 letter to British suffragist
From the fact of general well-being
came the new position of the poor.
They were now in most communities a minority.
The voice of the people
was now the voice of relative affluence.
Politicians in pursuit of votes could be expected
to have a diminishing concern for the very poor.
Compassion would have to serve instead
-- an uncertain substitute.
         John Kenneth Galbraith

Democracy is based on the principle of one person, one vote.
The market functions on the principle of one dollar, one vote.
Consequently, under conditions of unequal economic power,
a society ruled by the market
is a society ruled by those who have the most money
-- the antithesis of democracy.
         David Korten, economist

Predictions for mid term elections - results of exit polls - Republicans retain the house? Not very likely! G.O.P. looses nerve with voting machines? Democrats cannot outspend and outspin the GOP? Outcome will stay uncertain? Precinct result slow despite electronic voting? Stealing an election takes a little time!!

District Incumbent Opponent
Arizona-5 J.D. Hayworth (R) Harry Mitchell
Arizona-8 OPEN Randy Graf (R) Gabrielle Giffords
California-11 Richard Pombo (R) Jerry McNerney
Colorado-7 OPEN (Rick O'Donnell (R) Ed Perlmutter
Connecticut-2 Rob Simmons (R) Joe Courtney
Connecticut-4 Chris Shays (R) Diane Farrell
Connecticut-5 Nancy Johnson (R) Chris Murphy
Florida-13 OPEN Vern Buchanan (R) Christine Jennings
Florida-16 OPEN Joe Negron (R) Tim Mahoney
Florida-22 Clay Shaw (R) Ron Klein
Georgia-8 Jim Marshall (D) Mac Collins
Georgia-12 John Barrow (D) Max Burns
Illinois-6 OPEN Peter Roskam (R) Tammy Duckworth
Indiana-2 Chris Chocola (R) Joe Donnelly
Indiana-8 John Hostettler (R) Brad Ellsworth
Indiana-9 Mike Sodrel (R) Baron Hill
Iowa-1 OPEN Mike Whalen (R) Bruce Braley
Kentucky-3 Anne Northup (R) John Yarmuth
Minnesota-1 Gil Gutknecht (R) Tim Walz
Minnesota-6 OPEN Michele Bachmann (R) Patty Wetterling
New Hampshire-2 Charles Bass (R) Paul Hodes
New Mexico-1 Heather Wilson (R) Patricia Madrid
New York-20 John Sweeney (R) Kirsten Gillibrand
New York-24 OPEN Ray Meier (R) Michael Arcuri
New York-26 Tom Reynolds (R) Jack Davis
N. Carolina-11 Charles Taylor (R) Heath Shuler
Ohio-1 Steve Chabot (R) John Cranley
Ohio-15 Deborah Pryce (R) Mary Jo Kilroy
Ohio-18 OPEN Joy Padgett (R) Zack Space
Pennsylvania-6 Jim Gerlach (R) Lois Murphy
Pennsylvania-7 Curt Weldon (R) Joseph Sestak
Pennsylvania-8 Mike Fitzpatrick (R) Patrick Murphy
Pennsylvania-10 Donald Sherwood (R) Christopher Carney
Texas-22 OPEN Shelley Sekula-Gibbs(R) Nick Lampson
Wisconsin-8 OPEN John Gard (R) Steven Kagen

District Incumbent Opponent
Arizona-1 Rick Renzi (R) Ellen Simon
California-4 John Doolittle (R) Charles Brown
California-50 Brian Bilbray (R) Francine Busby
Colorado-4 Marilyn Musgrave (R) Angie Paccione
Colorado-5 OPEN Doug Lamborn (R) Jay Fawcett
Idaho-1 OPEN Bill Sali (R) Larry Grant
Illinois-8 Melissa Bean (D) Dave McSweeney
Illinois-10 Mark Steven Kirk (R) Daniel Seals
Iowa-3 Leonard Boswell (D) Jeff Lamberti
Kansas-2 Jim Ryun (R) Nancy Boyda
Kentucky-4 Geoff Davis (R) Ken Lucas
Michigan-7 OPEN Tim Walberg (R) Sharon Marie
Nebraska-3 OPEN Adrian Smith (R) Scott Kleeb
Nevada-2 OPEN Dean Heller (R) Jill Derby
Nevada-3 Jon Porter (R) Tessa Hafen
New Hampshire-1 Jeb Bradley (R) Carol Shea-Porter
New Jersey-7 Mike Ferguson (R) Linda Stender
New York-3 Peter King (R) Dave Mejias
New York-19 Sue Kelly (R) John Hall
New York-25 James Walsh (R) Dan Maffei
New York-29 Randy Kuhl (R) Eric Massa
Ohio-2 Jean Schmidt (R) Victoria Wulsin
Ohio-12 Pat Tiberi (R) Robert Shamansky
Pennsylvania-4 Melissa Hart (R) Jason Altmire
Texas-23 Henry Bonilla (R) Ciro Rodriguez
Vermont** OPEN Peter Welch (D) Martha Rainville
Virginia-2 Thelma Drake (R) Phil Kellam
Virginia-10 Frank Wolf (R) Judy Feder
Washington-8 Dave Reichert (R) Darcy Burner
Wyoming Barbara Cubin (R) Gary Trauner

**Vermont's statewide district is currently represented by
Independent Bernie Sanders, who caucuses with the Democrats.

The following is a list of competitive Senate seats:

State Incumbent Opponent
Missouri James Talent (R) Claire McCaskill
Montana Conrad Burns (R) Jon Tester
Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee (R) Sheldon Whitehouse
Virginia George Allen (R) James Webb

State Incumbent Opponent
Arizona Jon Kyl (R) Jim Pederson
Maryland OPEN Ben Cardin (D) Michael Steele
New Jersey Bob Menendez (D) Tom Kean Jr.
Ohio Mike DeWine (R) Sherrod Brown
Pennsylvania Rick Santorum (R) Bob Casey Jr.
Tennessee OPEN Bob Corker (R) Harold Ford Jr.

Your vote was stolen? Voter turnout is low, as always. Democracy is dead. Election resluts? Video Most Popular Times Topics U.S. Wednesday, November 8, 2006 Election 2006 World Virginia So Close; Tennessee Goes G.O.P.; Missouri and Montana Still Out Senator George Allen's reelection campaign is down to the wire, and may wind up in a recount. Corruption and Scandal Washover Tom DeLay's district goes to the Democrat. Get used to seeing a lot more of Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats have taken the House. READ MORE COMMENTS Latest News Articles Democrats Take Control of House; Republicans Hopeful on Holding Senate By ADAM NAGOURNEY The House victory signaled a sea change in the political dynamics of a government that has been dominated by Republicans for a decade. AUDIO: The Times's Jim Rutenberg With Bush (mp3) Problems Lead 8 States to Extend Some Voting Hours Democrats Win Control Over Four Statehouses By KIRK JOHNSON Democrats took the governor’s offices in Massachusetts, Ohio and New York, which are states where Republicans had been making inroads. Ohio Picks Democratic Governor for First Time in 16 Years Polling Places Report Snags, but Not Chaos By IAN URBINA The problems with new electronic voting equipment and new registration laws did not lead to the voting gridlock some had feared. Blogs Take Lead in Reporting Polling Problems The Impetus for Changes: Frustrations and Unease By SHAILA DEWAN Voters said they were unhappy with the Iraq war and expressed discontent over the economy, the cost of health care, gasoline prices and illegal immigration. Awaiting Outcome, Bush Spends Quiet Night With Friends Exit Polls Show Independents, Citing War, Favored Democrats By JEFF ZELENY and MEGAN THEE According to the exit polls, about 4 in 10 voters said the economy, corruption, terrorism and Iraq had been important factors in making their decisions. Graphic: Issues That Swayed Voters Lieberman Prevails Against Lamont in Connecticut By ANNE E. KORNBLUT and JEREMY W. PETERS Despite losing to Ned Lamont in the Democratic primary in August, Joseph I. Lieberman enjoyed a late resurgence in the polls. New York Spitzer Leads Historic Sweep in N.Y. by Democrats By PATRICK HEALY Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Andrew M. Cuomo and Alan G. Hevesi rounded out the party’s triumph. News Analysis | Slide Show Multimedia VIDEO: Voters in Virginia Voters at the Cora Kelly Center Polling Station in Alexandria, Va., share what issues brought them to the voting booths. SLIDE SHOW: At the Polls Voters cast their midterm election ballots in New York City and across the nation. The Candidates at the Polls The Final Push Campaign Notebook: A Last Hurrah of Sorts for Bush-Rove Partnership Clinton Is Midterm Campaign’s Biggest Spender, Records Show, at $29.5 Million and Counting With Political Frenzy or Ease, Campaigns Close in 3 States Bush Trumpets Iraq Verdict to Rally Support National Issues, Led Iraq, Dominate Final Appeals in Congressional Campaigns White House Memo: Win, Lose or Draw, Bush Faces Unfamiliar Terrain Expecting Losses, State G.O.P. Accuses National Party of Neglect New Jersey’s Tight Senate Race Gets an Infusion of Resources With No One to Campaign Against, Incumbents Reach Out Political Action: Fair-Weather Optimism The Bloggers The Media Equation: Online Player in the Game of Politics State-by-State Results Key Races: Senate 1:14 AM ETConnecticut Votes % Lieberman 458,143 50% Lamont 365,743 40%Schlesinger 90,580 10% 83% Reporting New Jersey Votes % Menendez 1,139,546 53% Kean 956,511 45% 97% Reporting Arizona Votes % Kyl 464,672 51% Pederson 407,901 45% 92% ReportingMissouri Votes % McCaskill 819,942 49% Talent 804,392 48% 81% ReportingMontana tes %Tester 98,029 53% Burns 83,761 45% 47% Reporting Ohio Votes % Brown 1,918,096 55% DeWine 1,547,701 45% 91% Reporting Pennsylvania Votes % Casey 2,202,953 59% Santorum 1,527,185 41% 95% Reporting Rhode Island Votes % Whitehouse 205,274 53% Chafee 178,548 47% 100% Reporting Tennessee Votes % Corker 906,559 51% Ford 854,936 48% 97% Reporting Virginia Votes % Webb 1,143,756 50% Allen 1,141,030 49% 100% Reporting All Senate Results » Key Races: Governor 1:14 AM ETNew York Votes % Spitzer 2,846,581 69% Faso 1,195,004 29% 98% Reporting Michigan Votes % Granholm 1,754,648 56% DeVos 1,341,843 43% 86% Reporting Iowa Votes % Culver 540,337 54% Nussle 447,633 45% 97% Reporting All Governor Results » Key Races: House 1:14 AM ETOhio Dist. 15 Votes % Pryce 100,560 51% Kilroy 96,930 49% 100% Reporting Colorado Dist. 7 Votes % Perlmutter 77,343 55% O'Donnell 58,362 42% 17% Reporting Connecticut Dist. 4 Votes % Shays 72,347 52% Farrell 64,481 47% 67% Reporting Virginia Dist. 2 Votes % Drake 85,839 51% Kellam 81,105 49% 99% Reporting New York Dist. 26 Votes % Reynolds 102,139 52% Davis Reporting All House Results News From Congressional QuarterlyElection Night News Update Rep.-Elect Michael Arcuri (D—N.Y.) Rep.-Elect Carol Shea-Porter (D—N.H.) Rep.-Elect Christopher S. Murphy (D—Conn.) Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor, 1905



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