21 December, 2006

Weird stuff in the Press

The most IDIOTIC article for a long while:

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED??? You won't read it here:

The 9/11 Fact File
Spiegel Online, Germany - 13 hours ago
The substantial amount of new information available now, five years after the attacks, is inviting a re-examination of the events of the day. ...

Morgan Stanley withheld e-mails in cases, overseer says
"The 9/11 attacks destroyed the firm's legacy Dean Witter e-mail servers and archives," Morgan Stanley said.
Morgan Stanley accused of falsely claiming e-mails were lost in 9/11

Bill Clinton caused 911! Bill Clinton and the Decline of the Military
After Bush was elected and the country had suffered the 9/11 attacks, former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger said Clinton had cut back the military so...

Privatize schools to stop thinking
Privately-Run Public Schools
high school juniors discussed a documentary called “Loose Change,” which makes a case for a 9/11 conspiracy theory

New York Times 9/11 conspiracy theorists:
More Troops? Come on.
Washington Post, DC - 13 hours ago
Is this a new 9/11 conspiracy The New York Times is reporting?

BEAM WEAPONS? No! not the amazing HOTTEST NEWS item article by Judy Wood
but a lame videogame!! Novadrome Review (Xbox 360)
TeamXbox (press release), CA - 6 hours ago ... beam, particle and physics weapons .....

I wonder if they can pick a wavelength that cooks metal and leaves plastic intact...

For laser at Jefferson Lab, it's 'pick a wavelength'
Virginian Pilot, VA - Dec 17, 2006
The US Department of Energy facility is better known for delving into the deep science of the origins of matter with its continuous electron beam ...

FAIRY TALES The Good CIA shepherds the defenseless US citizen!

Robert DeNiro Directs "The Good Shepherd," a tale about the earliest days of the CIA


Outright BS: "Mr. Berger made mistakes in his efforts to prepare thoroughly for the 9-11 Commission


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