26 September, 2007

WTC aircraft debris


Other then that, NEVER in the ENTIRE HISTORY of flight, did an ENTIRE jet simply DISAPPEAR after a crash over solid ground.

In fact, the simple rules of PHYSICS state that NOTHING can just disappear with out a trace.

Another fact; even after massive bomb explosions, investigators regularly recover bomb parts, and are able to ID all kinds of elements, including wire and battery type / make.

We’re talking TINY pieces recovered from MASSIVE blasts created by explosives such as C4.

Just a little memory jogger here not one piece of an airliner was found in either tower footprint. No trace of the two 6 ton jet engines, no trace of the wing plank center section, no trace of the horizontal/vertical tail structure, no oxygen tanks, no flight recorder, no voice recorder, no hydraulic cylinders, nothing. I mean where is all of that stuff?

Good question. Somehow 18 tons of jet engines (think the most advanced metallurgy technology achieved by the human race) just EVAPORATED into thin air.

Does anybody care to calculate the amount of ENERGY needed to flash vaporize 18 tons of titanium?

We’re talking about high temperature thermodynamics of what, 22 century?

The melting point of titanium is 3135 F, and I’m simply not aware of any existing technology which can flash vaporize that much titanium with out going thermonuclear.

So what happened to HUGE shafts and compressor discs from all those jet engines?
What happened to 18 tons of SOLID TITANIUM? Where is all of it?

Until I see a single serial number from ANY of those jet engines, nobody will convince me that any airliners crashed ANYWHERE on 9/11.

Wait did I say 18 tons of jet engines? I forgot about other flight that crashed, no engines recovered there as well, huh?
So was a SINGLE jet engine ever recovered from all of the crashes on 9/11?

TV 911 airplane fabrication - Eyewitnesses SAW NOT PLANES

WTC plane parts and engine debris

boeing wtc part


I have a few thumbnails scattered in this page. you can right click and open in a new window, for large photos.

WTC engine and tire debris from 9/11 planes

wtc wtc

click for larger image

murray st engine wtc 911


click for larger image

wtc engine FBI photo 911engine photo click for larger image

click for larger image
wtc engine 911 wtc 911 still smoking ?

click for larger photo
FBI 911 engine FBI 911 engineplane engine FBI 9/11engine

9/11 engine

FBI 911FBI 9/11

Are these photos all of the same tire ?
in the "dusty" photos, it appears that the rubber is broken or torn.
in some other photos, it doesnt look this way?
Was the tire replaced ?
Also look closely at the axle and rim area, is this 2 different tires ?

[Image] wtc 911

wtc 911

click for larger image
wtc tire wtc tire-photo click for larger image

wtc tire photo FBI engine
9/11 photo engine

9/11 photo flight 11 window 9/11
click above-right for large photo of flight 11 window

debris 911 fema FBI 911 engine

nist report wtc
wtc 9/11 wtc wtc2

Flight 175: Engine Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney , Engine Model: JT9D-7R4D

Flight 11: Engine Manufacturer: General Electric , Engine Model: CF6-80A2

9/11 Pentagon WTC Debris, engine pics and photos more debris photos

Pentagon 911 theory analysis Pentagon page


911 theories news video and photo analysis Homepage
911 investigation video and photo analysis Pentagon and WTC

911 weblog backup for Brad

Debris, a collection of 9-11 photos

Even though this debris was supposedly found at the pentagon that day,
it doesn mean that all of this came from a 757.
There has been much contraversy as to the engine, and all other parts found that day as well.
Just bef=cause there is a photo of a "tire and rim", does not mean it came from that flight,
or even from what ever hit the Pentagon (if anything)
There has been little information, if any at all from our own government
that says that these (debris parts) are from Flight 77
There is little evidence that it was indeed flight 77

For an analysis of why i seriously doubt it was even POSSIBLE that a large aircraft hit the pentagon, see my page debunking Snopes....
Response to snopes pentagon "rumor" urban legend 9/11

(see below for boeing part found on hood of car near the WTC.)

rivet no 757 september 11

rivet size and seperation, from a 767?

How far away are they from the Pentagon looking for debris? Why so far?

fbi pentagon search evidence sept 11
bio suit pic 8099
pic 8090
aedrive pentagon 9-11
wheel no luggage no 757 plane debris exit hole
The picture above shows wreckage of what seems to be a small plane, missle, but whatever it is I dont think it came from a 757.
The picture below was titled "lawn2.jpg". Did this piece come from inside the ring and was moved, or was it a separate piece of debris?

pentagon hole closeups hi-res photo

Flight 77, the Pentagon

boeing part AA 9 11 plane sept 11th
military coloring green 757 rusted? 9-11 fbi AA engine apu drive evidence engine photo 9 11

hole original sept 11

pentagon evidence 9-11
Click for Large

Pentagon Plane Rotor

AA logo plane
AA logo american airline
AA original wtc

before evidence was salted. Where is the airline letter "C" above ?

jet plane wtc tower 9-11
click hi res
before planted evidence 9-11

world trade center 9-11

debris photo september 11th

debris wtc photo 9-11

debris photo 9-11

twin tower debris sept 11

debris 9 11 photograph

debris 9 11

september 11
CLick Large september 11

WTC Flight's 11 and 175

flight 11 door tire 2

Engine Parts


pentagon engine

boeing plane part

debris boeing september 11 photo

boeing debris found at WTC -aviation guys please help
Lets Roll! 911 Made Simple :: View topic - HELP IDENTIFY Boeing

wtc engine


evidence world trade plane engine

wtc engine september 11 wtc engine murray

wtc engine 9-11
wtc part2 SEPTEMBER 11

Is this part of a 757 engine?
Pentagon Engine Components
Small Turbine Disc -Pt.2

Photos and graphics showing the "letter" peice of debris found on the Pentagon lawn.
9/11 flight 77 American Airlines debris part pentagon

all of the pictures of debris from the WTC here...
wtc debris 9-11

boeing debris piece found on hood of car at wtc

This page shows the exit holes at the pentagon. One image enhanced and enlarged picture, shows a peek inside the ground floor of the Pentagon.
There is also a piece of debris that doesn't not seem consistent with the curvature of a 757.

Pentagon pictures 9/11 hole cable reels roof buiding wall pictures

Pentagon 9/11 analysis. Plane, missile or ?

Pentagon Attack
Pentagon Attack Damage
Pentagon Attack Debris
Pentagon Plane Rotor
Flight 77 Black Boxes


Pentagon 9/11 theory analysis Pentagon page

9/11 theories news video and photo analysis Homepage

9/11 investigation video and photo analysis Pentagon and WTC original batcave911 site

what do we know about the flight maps? Were the ATC or FAA duped ?
FAA flight maps september 11 planes ATC radar
no plane hit the pentagon on 9/11
analysis of the exit hole at the petagon
911review updates
911review del.icio.us
pentagon conspiracy theory sept 11 debris wtc september 11 debris photos
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