20 June, 2008

PLEASE sign the NO STAR WARS online petition - hunger strike June 22

Brunswick display supports Czech strike http://news.mainetoday.com/updates/029184.html

A picnic table with empty plates will be set up on the Brunswick Mall this Sunday to show support for a hunger strike in Czech Republic.

Czech citizens began a hunger strike May 13 to protest the installation of a United States Star Wars base in their country.

Bruce Gagnon of Bath said the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space is inviting Midcoast residents to participate in the "empty plate picnic protest."

The protest will be held from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

PLEASE sign the
NO STAR WARS online petition
Hunger strike June 22

"I do not agree with the installation of a US military base on Czech Republic territory, as part of their NMD (National Missile Defense) project. The implementation of this project is increasing international tensions, generating a new arms race and is the first step towards the militarization and control of space. Since more than two thirds of the Czech population are against this project, I think it is only fair that the Czech people have the right to decide on such an important question by means of a referendum."


The NMD project of the United States . their national missile defense system, is a very complex project which involves the production of new weapons, and the installation of US military bases in different parts of the planet. In particular, in Europe, the first step is the installation of a radar system in the Czech Republic, as well as a base for interceptor missiles in Poland.

This plan has divided Europe, which at the moment is not able to give a united, coherent and nonviolent response to the United States. aggressive policies. The reaction of Russia and China has created a .cold war. atmosphere. International tensions are increasing, and the crazy arms race (both conventional and nuclear) has restarted. Above all, the bases are being installed to militarize and control space. More than two thirds of the Czech population are against the presence of United States military on Czech territory. Despite this, the Czech and US governments are continuing the negotiations which are, by now, reaching their concluding phase.

The Czech people will declare that any contract that the Czech government may sign with the US Government concerning the project to install US military bases on Czech territory will have no legal value. And so the Czech people will not feel in any way bound to any type of commitment. The formal respect for laws passed in Parliament by a relative majority is not enough to be considered as real democracy. When a Government takes a decision which clearly goes against the will of a majority of its citizens, it is not respecting either the spirit or deepest essence of democracy.

The US government must clearly understand that it is not carrying out a dialogue with the Czech people, but with a minority that does not represent the will of the majority of Czech citizens. For this reason, any agreement will have no legal value. Our American friends must clearly understand that their government.s policies are generating a widespread feeling of .anti Americanism. which was not present before in Czech culture, and in this way, their aggressive policies will only turn against them. We know that a nonviolent action to boycott American products has already begun, and that this phenomenon could quickly spread beyond the boundaries of the Czech Republic.

The majority of Czechs do not want foreign military bases on their territory.
The majority of Czechs want to decide these problems themselves by means of a referendum: a fundamental instrument of any democracy.

Jan Tamá.
Nonviolent Movement against US bases in the Czech Republic

Dana Feminová
Europe For Peace

Jun 19, 2008 08:10 ET
Center of Cultures Announces a Worldwide One-Day Hunger Strike to Protest Installation of U.S. "Star Wars" Radar Base

Hunger for Peace: June 22nd

Join the hunger strike June 22

Sign the online petition

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 19, 2008) - The Center of Cultures, a non-profit organization focusing on advancing the values of New Humanism, announces that on June 22nd, thousands worldwide will join a one-day hunger strike to protest the proposed installation of a U.S. "Star Wars" radar base in the Czech Republic. Despite public polls showing 70% of the Czech citizens are against the base, the Government is ignoring the will of the majority and moving ahead with the plan. Noam Chomsky has warned that "The installation of a missile defense system in Eastern Europe is, virtually, a declaration of war."

In North America, events will be held on June 22nd in solidarity with the Czech people opposing the base. In New York, an "Empty Plate Picnic" is being organized at Bryant Park. According to Chris Wells, spokesperson for New Humanism, "We propose that everyone who opposes this absurd and immoral escalation of 'Star Wars' join us in a simple but meaningful act: not to eat for one day. We need to stop feeding the war machine, and start feeding people." The event is co-sponsored by The Center of Cultures, the Humanist Movement, the Campaign for Peace and Democracy, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, CodePink NYC, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, and Fellowship of Reconciliation. For information: www.humanism.org.

The worldwide fast grew out of the hunger strike that two Czech Humanists, Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar, began on May 13th after Tamas realized "We tried almost everything, but our government has failed to listen." Their actions drew the attention of media, politicians and personalities and inspired others to follow suit. They ended the strike after 21 days when others kept it alive in a "chain hunger strike" which is continuing in various countries.

Opposition to the U.S. base is mounting and the press is finally beginning to take notice. Noam Chomsky, Christopher Hedges, Dennis Kucinich and other notables have lent their support. The European Parliament has invited Tamas to address a special session on July 9th in Strasbourg.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is scheduled to sign the radar base treaty between the U.S. and the Czech Republic in Prague on July 10. Czech opponents of the base are collecting online signatures (www.nonviolence.cz) to build pressure in advance of Rice's trip.
Nicole Myers
Center of Cultures
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