05 November, 2008


u2r2h blog: David Thom pictures

David Thom pictures. http://www.tgeneva.com/~davethom/ (taken down around 21 ... http://u2r2h.blogspot.com/2007/07/911-weird-airplane-hitting-tower.html

u2r2h blog: TV 911 airplane fabrication - Eyewitnesses SAW NOT PLANES

Dave Thom took fotos from the pier in NJ......and fotographed the explosion:

user posted image

He thought the explosion was a bomb inside the building!....if there was a plane .....his viewing angle would surely have allowed him to see it:

user posted image

...but zoomin in on Thom's foto:

user posted image

...you see that object which is....

in the fox5 vid:
user posted image

and chopper5 vid:
user posted image

...zoomin in again shows it to be a jet of some kind:

user posted image

Lookin at the chopper 5 vid:
user posted image

...it seem to synch well with Dave thom's foto:
user posted image

The fox 5 vid was not shown until 9:10....7 miutes after the explosion in WTC2

......so the perp had more time to fiddle around with the background....

user posted image
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posted by u2r2h at Wednesday, November 05, 2008


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