23 August, 2007

David Thom pictures

http://www.tgeneva.com/~davethom/ (taken down around 21 August 2007)
This page contained the ORIGINAL digital camera images for a long time
This page still has excerpts from the original page with reduced-resolution images. The page without images is archived here.

The original files on the server (http://www.tgeneva.com/~davethom/images/first_image.jpg) were dated 18 July 2005 and obviously renamed.
Some images from 15 sept 2001 still have EXIF data, but the images from 11. September 2001 DO NOT.
Image description : OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Camera Manufacturer : OLYMPUS OPTICAL CO.,LTD
Camera Model : C920Z,D450Z
Orientation : top-left (1)
X Resolution : 72
Y Resolution : 72
Resolution unit : Inch
Software : v873-75
Date modified : 2001:09:15 15:45:38
YCbCr Positioning : co-sited (2)
Exposure time [s] : 1/442
F-Number : 8.0
ISO speed ratings : 160
EXIF version : 02.10
Date taken : 2001:09:15 15:45:38
Date digitized : 2001:09:15 15:45:38
Components configuration : YCbCr
Compressed bits per pixel : 1
Exposure bias value : 0/1
Max aperture : F2.8
Metering mode : Multi-segment (5)
Light source : Unknown (0)
Flash : Flash fired
Focal length [mm] : 5.6
FlashPix Version : 01.00
Colour space : sRGB
EXIF image width : 1280
EXIF image length : 960
Interoperability offset : 862
File source : DSC
Shooting Mode : 0
Compression setting : SHQ
Macro mode : Normal
Digital zoom : 0/1
Firmware version : SR873
Picture info : [pictureInfo] Resolution=2 [Cam
Compression : 6
Thumbnail offset : 2012
Thumbnail length : 2967

It seems reasonable to assume that the important images (below) were not significantly altered because the file-sizes and resolution seem original.

The First Image:

A jetliner flies low over New York! The original webpage comment:

Tower 1 on fire
Tuesday morning, I headed to our NJ office on the waterfront right across the Hudson river from lower Manhattan. In the past I sometimes went by subway to the World Trade Center and took the PATH train (another kind of subway) from the station under the towers to New Jersey. On this day I (fortunately) went via a different PATH train from midtown to NJ. When I walked out of the station at 8:50, I noticed a knot of people gathering by the water and pointing. I ran over and looked, and saw the 1st tower burning. (first image) Many people said a small plane hit the tower. I couldn't believe it, but I ran over to the end of the pier and joined other people from our field office who were watching.

Two helicopters, moments before the second tower exploded. Or is it one helicopter and the missile?

The bright spot in the picture does not line up with internal lens reflections, it is actually in the sky, moments after the second explosion in the South Tower of the World Trade Center.
Is this what a direct-energy weapon looks like? (more wild speculation here and here)

Second plane impact
After a while, I saw a huge fireball on the second tower -- being on the far side, I didn't see the plane and assumed a bomb or something had gone off. Other people behind me on land had a wider view and said they saw the second plane approach from far away, figuring it was a rescue plane of some kind. The second image shows the puff of the second impact, with arcing debris on the left side.

Strange, huh?

There is more! See my other articles discussing the Carmen Taylor and Hezarkhani images:

I don't think there were 1000s of eyewitnesses that actually saw a 767 before they were told by the TV that they did, but maybe I'm wrong.

My working hypothesis is that the operation was trying hard to implant the 767 in the minds, TV doing what it does best, hammering false info into people's brains by way of false witnesses (see september clues) and paid actors, and then using the misguided victims as independent proof,
allthewhile discarding any counter-evidence.

We also heard that all photo and video material was confiscated "to help find the terrorists", accompanied with a non-disclosure "agreement" and in case the footage caught the missile or other evidence, a special visit by agents to follow-up and make sure the video/photo-grapher don't do anything stupid, like go public with it. Maybe Carmen Taylor was such a case, she got bribed with high-paying photo-jobs, exhibitions and the like.
"Now, you wouldn't want to loose these perks, would you?" would have made a good argument for her to keep quiet.

I bet if she would read the discussions here and elsewhere about NPT, she would realise that she is covering up for murderers and may speak out.

I am very convinced by the butter plane argument. To me the plane is UNREAL!

High-res images (extracted from the best vid we have) are here:

If someone knows how to compile a Linux programme, could you please have a look at the software: http://u2r2h-documents.blogspot.com/2007/08/us-psyop-photo-fakery-proof.html
and apply it to the CNN plane, and let us know what transpired by way of
(anon) comment (on the bottom of) http://u2r2h.blogspot.com/2007/08/framed.html

Thank you.
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Blogger u2r2h said...

The original File lengths:

168,814 first_image.jpg
178,326 tower1_burning_8.jpg
181,679 tower2_fireball_first.jpg
174,217 tower2_fireball_2.jpg
167,133 tower2_fireball_3.jpg
165,415 both_burning_7.jpg
164,855 both_burning_1.jpg
183,257 tower2_collapse_1.jpg
181,508 tower2_collapse_3.jpg
214,139 nypd_heli.jpg
181,853 tower1_collapse_1.jpg
187,296 tower1_collapse_2.jpg
191,363 tower1_collapse_3.jpg
195,912 tower1_collapse_4.jpg
184,461 tower1_collapse_5.jpg
158,545 waterfront.jpg
183,307 wfc_plaza_2.jpg
132,189 fire_truck.jpg
179,589 southend_ave_5.jpg
135,982 albany_st_east.jpg
145,473 wfc_atrium_1.jpg
223,186 gateway_court_2.jpg
195,303 chase.jpg
196,032 overview_1.jpg
197,824 wrecked_buildings_north.jpg
190,864 wrecked_buildings_south.jpg
327,505 rescue_scene_4.jpg
201,604 tower1_zoom.jpg
356,636 tower2_stump_4.jpg
322,433 tower2_stump_and_skyline_1.jpg
190,204 broken_window.jpg
213,492 rescue_scene_1.jpg
199,808 supplies_1.jpg
201,348 supplies_2.jpg
179,372 shift_change.jpg
213,696 north_cove_marina.jpg
187,073 nyc_damage.jpg
191,664 rooftop_1.jpg
791,348 panorama_hi.jpg
438,596 light.jpg
54,800 2.jpg
57,737 3.jpg

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