15 February, 2010

Ergenekon+Gladio - Turkish Press

This article from the biggest turkish daily:

The real crime is  mentioned by name, unlike in the corporate western media


although front-page material, western doctrinal organs
cannot mention it because it illuminates 9/11, Bali, London 77,
Madrid Trains etc etc etc

The real crime is that our secret "services" are
planting the bombs and blaming them on muslims.

Only if they have carefully planned it, assured deniability,
cleaned up all traces left fool-proof false clues,
assured the corporate media cover-up ... they employ
muslim kids to walk into restaurants with rucksacks
In Bali there were two bombs, but nobody talks about it!
Having sent them to "training camps" and
methodically planted a "credible" terrorist
history on them, real or imagined, they reap the harvest
of increased "defence" spending and job security.

Welcome to GLADIO - or "DEEP STATE".
(google both, wikipedia has the facts)

Here now the AMAZINGLY FREE Turkish press.
(Google ERGENEKON+ GLADIO and be amazed, too!)


A Bird's Eye View

Friday, February 12, 2010 by ADVENA AVIS

Operation Gladio

We birds have been following with shock and awe the
various revelations published in the press on various
operations, scenarios or exercises that were being
discussed by elements of the Armed Forces of this
country in 2002 that aimed to create chaos and
instability in Turkey. In this way, the Armed Forces
would be allowed to take over the country and save it.
Nobody knows from what Turkey would be saved as these
plans included assassination attempts against prominent

But these plans are not something new, dear humans.
Please remember your history. Immediately after World
War II, the United Kingdom and the United States decided
to create "stay-behind" paramilitary organizations with
the official aim of countering a possible Soviet
invasion through sabotage and guerilla warfare behind
enemy lines. Arms caches were hidden, escape routes
prepared and many loyal members were recruited, mainly
hard-line anti-communists.

This plan was given the code-name Gladio. It was first
coordinated by the Clandestine Committee of the Western
Union in 1948 and was later on integrated into the
Clandestine Planning Committee of NATO in 1951 and
overseen by the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers
Europe, or SHAPE. Most of the operations were said to be
financed by the CIA. Secret armies operated in all NATO
countries and in some non-NATO European countries. With
the passing of time some of these secret armies were
transformed into different organizations with their own
agenda and may have even started performing terrorist
activities in order to destabilize governments.

Gladio was assumed to be very active in Italy. In 1964
it forced Italian Socialist ministers to leave the
government, in 1969 it masterminded the Piazza Fontana
bombing and in 1972 the Peteano massacre, killing three
policemen and blaming the Red Brigades for it. Gladio
was also behind the military coup that overthrew
democracy in Greece on April 21, 1967.

Here in Turkey, Gladio appears to have been responsible
for the 1977 Taksim Square massacre. The secret
organizations here had the codenames of Ergenekon (the
civilian branch) and the “Counter-Guerilla”
(the military branch). And you must not forget that it
was the late Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit who revealed
the existence of the Counter-Guerilla in 1977. The three
military coups that took place in Turkey in the 1960s,
1970s and 1980s were also inspired, if not organized, by
Gladio. So we wonder whether operations "Sledgehammer"
and "Cage" could belong to the updated version of Gladio
where the word communism has simply been replaced with
the word Islam?

However, we birds still cannot understand why you humans
still need NATO, an organization that, through its
inability to control the secret armies it organized, has
created so much instability and loss of life within its
member-states? And yet NATO is involved in a war to
combat terrorism in Afghanistan!

What more can we say other than ponder our thoughts,
dear humans, for your benefit.

keywords: false flag synthetic terror intelligence joint chiefs of staff
operation northwoods riechstagsbrand corporate cia banking
armament industry military totalitarian nexus

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