17 August, 2010

+Cossiga and BLOOMBERG mentions GLADIO!!

Gladio was a CIA/NATO black operation that blew up innocent civilians and blamed it on leftists.

Francesco Cossiga, Italy's Combative Former President, Dies at Age 82

By Steve Scherer and Lorenzo Totaro - Aug 17, 2010 1:58 PM GMT+0200

Former President Francesco Cossiga, one of Italy's most prominent Christian Democrat leaders who was nicknamed "the pickaxe" for his frequent criticism of fellow politicians, died today. He was 82.

The ex-president was hospitalized in Rome's Gemelli Hospital on Aug. 9 with cardio-respiratory problems, and his condition turned "drastically" worse overnight, the hospital said earlier. A spokesman for Cossiga's son Giuseppe confirmed his death, which newswire Ansa said was caused by heart failure.

Bologna train station bomb 1980 was done by CIA instigation.

Cossiga joined the Christian Democrat party, a Catholic bloc that ruled Italy for five decades, in 1945, when he was just 17 years old. In 1976, Cossiga became Italy's youngest interior minister at the age of 47. He resigned after the Red Brigades communist terrorist group murdered Aldo Moro, the party secretary and his friend, in May 1978.

A key player in Cold War politics, Cossiga supported the U.S. in the clandestine fight against the Soviet Union.


Cossiga backed Gladio, the code name for an operation after World War II where clandestine NATO forces stayed in the country to counter a Warsaw Pact invasion of Western Europe. As president, he turned what had traditionally been a ceremonial post into a bully pulpit to criticize the failings of Italy's political system and its ruling elite.

As an unelected, honorary senator late ihttps://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1#drafts/12a8054c7cc69637n his life, Cossiga maintained contacts with Italy's police commanders, military leaders and spymasters. He was fascinated with the world of espionage and loved spy thrillers written by John le Carre.

'Spies Like Flowers'


"I like spies the way most people like flowers," Cossiga wrote in his book "Per Carita di Patria: Dodici Anni di Storia e Politica Italiana," or "For the Good of the Nation: 12 Years of Italian Political History 1992-2003," published in 2003.

Francesco Cossiga was born on July 26, 1928 in Sassari, on the Italian island of Sardinia. He managed to complete a law degree by age 20 and taught constitutional law at the University of Sassari as he began to make his way into politics.

Cossiga was elected president by parliament in 1985 and served until 1992. During his last two years in office, he regularly attacked the political establishment for not recognizing that the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 meant that Italy too had to renew its political system.

Cossiga gave the office of president a voice, and became known as "the pickaxe" for his blunt and sometimes offensive commentary, often peppered with information about politicians that had never been revealed publically. His outspoken manner during the final years of his presidency prompted some of his own party leaders to claim that he had lost his mind.

Andreotti the Poker Player

Last year, in an interview with Corriere della Sera newspaper to commemorate the 90th birthday of seven-time former Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, Cossiga lauded his party colleague while also exposing his friend's love for gambling on horses and playing poker.

"He's a great Vatican statesman," Cossiga said of Andreotti. "His political calling was a religious calling."

"I've been through periods of depression, and taken antidepressants," Cossiga said in an October 2003 interview with la Repubblica newspaper. "But there's a difference between being depressed and being crazy," he said, denying any mental instability.

In recent years, Cossiga has been known to make controversial statements about Italian and international politics. In 2007, Cossiga said the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York's Twin Towers had been organized by the Central Intelligence Agency, Israel's Mossad and the "Zionist world" to justify the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

After the collapse of the Christian Democrat party in the early 1990s caused by the Bribesville investigations into widespread corruption and illegal political financing, Cossiga formed the Democratic Union of the Republic party.

Cossiga's party backed the formation of a government by Massimo D'Alema in 1998, the first Italian administration ever headed by a former communist.

He is survived by a son, Giuseppe Cossiga, who is an undersecretary of defense in the current government, and a daughter, Anna Maria, who published her first novel in June.

To contact the reporters on this story: Steve Scherer in Rome at scherer@bloomberg.net Lorenzo Totaro in Rome at ltotaro@bloomberg.net

If TOTARO managed to smuggle in that GLADIO sentence, the masters of the Newspaper operation will fire him-
The code (every newspapaer-man knows) is:  DO NOT OFFEND THE HIERARCHY!

more info on GLADIO

turkey does a GLADIO clean up (CIA not happy!)

e Brigate Rosse Aldo Moro - He was murdered by CIA because
he wanted peace with the voters WHO VOTED COMMUNIST
(who governs?)

Cossiga passed away at Rome's Agostino Gemelli polyclinic, where he had been hospitalized eight days earlier suffering from acute respiratory problems, public television RAI reported.

A Sardinian, Cossiga served as Italy's president - a mostly ceremonial head-of-state position - from 1985 to 1992.

His election by parliament was seen as the crowning achievement of a long, and at times controversial political career which also included a spell as prime minister in 1979-80.

Born on July 26, 1928 in Sassari, a city in northern Sardinia, Cossiga joined the Christian Democrats in his teens. After completing his studies, he worked as a university lecturer in constitutional law. Following his election to parliament aged 30, he turned his attention to politics.

Cossiga was interior minister during one of the most tumultuous periods in Italy's post-World War II history - the 1978 kidnapping and murder of the then Christian Democrat leader and former prime minister Aldo Moro.

Amid divisions within the then governing coalition, Cossiga was among those who rejected negotiations with Moro's captors, the leftist Red Brigades terrorists, who were demanding the release of their group's imprisoned founders in exchange for Moro.


Cossiga resigned shortly after Moro's bullet-ridden corpse was found in a car parked in central Rome on May 9, 1978 - almost three months after the abduction.

But he returned to the political limelight a year later as prime minister, and subsequently also served as a parliament speaker before his election as state president at the age of 57, the youngest in the country's history.

Near the end of his seven-year term as president, Cossiga was threatened with impeachment - a move later dismissed - over his admission that he had played a key role in an alleged, clandestine US-sponsored military organization known as Gladio (sword).

The so-called "stay-behind" structure was aimed at preventing a Warsaw Pact takeover in Italy, a country which for several decades after World War II had the largest Communist party in Western Europe. Critics said Gladio had undermined Italian democracy.

How do they avoid telling us about GLADIO FALSE FLAG murder? Journalists must be VERY afraid for their jobs.
Like all former Italian presidents, Cossiga was entitled to the position of lifetime senator and from this seat he mostly supported the views of the centrist Catholic parties which were formed after the Christian Democrats were swept away in a widespread 1990s bribery scandal.

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