10 November, 2006

Mahatir -- death sentence on Mr Bush for killing 600,000 Iraqis

Former Malaysia PM Dr Mahatir Muhammad (Mahathir Mohammed, Mahatir Mohammad) has issued a


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War should be made a crime, and any leader that takes his country into war, should be hauled before an international court.
Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.

".. we claim to be civilised, we claim that we want to see the rule of law, we want to see justice done everywhere, we want to inprove the quality of life, et cetera, but, at the same time, we also claim that it is right to kill people in order to ..."

The lunacy of war .. 600,000 people in Iraq have been killed in a bid to save them from Saddam Hussain ...
He calls for an international defence force to fight the threat of war and for anyone who initiates war to be held accountable before an internation court.
The current situation, where the victor of a war gets to control the trial of war criminals, such as with Saddam Hussain, is patently unfair.
"Supposing that Saddam has won the war, and Mr. Bush was in a court where the judges were Saddam's men?  Would Saddam's judges pass a fair judgement on Mr. Bush. Obviously they also going to pass a death sentence on Mr. Bush, for killing so many Iraqis."


Allan Weir a member of the international association of lawyers against nuclear arms says he welcomes Dr. Mahatirs comments. He says New Zealand has made some positives moves, such as not supporting the Iraq war, but he'd also like to see closer links with neighbors like Malaysia.

There seems to be a bit of a hesitancy, I think, to collaborate on initiatives with some of these countries because of our traditional alliance with the United States and with the United Kingdom. So, for example, Malaysia has a wonderful initiative to criminalise nuclear weapons at the international arena. That should be an easy thing for New Zealand to do, but New Zealand hasn't yet joined that initiative at the United Nations.

Anthony Shome, a lecturer from Massey University, who has written about Malay political leadership, says Dr. Mahatir is a very influential politician who dealt successfully with the hotbed of conflict in South-East Asia.

Mahatir is very outspoken ... he is admired .. privatise citizen

He has a sense of humour, balanced, articulate ...

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