27 December, 2006

Millions of Greek TV watchers were exposed to 9-11 inside job!

ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT -- 18-19 December 2006
Interview: Jim Fetzer will be the guest discussing 9/11
with Greek investigative journalist Makis Triantafillopoulous
on the Alter Channel. The 3 1/2 hour television program is
broadcast live in Athens beginning at 11:00 PM local time.

FANTASTIC NEWS !! Jim Fetzer was on Greek TV

James Fetzer appeared on TOP RATING greek TV SHOW!

We heard mr. James Fetzer in Greece before about 1 week in the most popular TV telecast "Zougla" (means "Jungle") here in Greece. He was invited from the most famous journalist in Greece "Makis Efthimios Triantafilopoulos". (Triantafyllopoulos) Millions of Greeks was informed about the "inside job" for the first time from the media! (from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_967jIpFVfo )



Download the mp3 where Jim Fetzer mentions it himself!

Zougla airs Thursdays at 11:15pm on Alpha TV (private for profit TV)

PLEASE Email: zougla@alphatv.gr and get someone to upload a video-copy of that programme to Google Video

Older greek language info and discusssion on the vile crime of 9/11: HERE is a bit of 911 talk: (can some Hellenician give us a translation/summary?)
TRANSLATE http://www.worldlingo.com/en/websites/url_translator.html

Triantafilopoulos translates to THIRTY LITTLE LEAVES.

Here is a message to James Fetzer:
Consider that [Image] was done by beam weapons, too. The reason was to warn AIRBUS to keep quiet!

Jim Fetzer's Three-Plus Hour Blockbuster on Greek Television, Monday 12/18
by fjockey 23 December 2006
Greetings fellow 9/11 Patriots, When I arrived at my week night job late this Monday afternoon, little did I suspect that the prime theme of the evening was not going to be pizza deliveries and tips as usual. Much to my surprise, the evening was dominated by extensive discussions about what really happened on 9/11, and watching my boss and a coworker wake up quickly and dramatically to the entire 9/11 matrix.

The pizzeria where I work is owned and operated by Greek immigrants. My boss has a TV in the kitchen which is hooked up to a satelite dish. He is able to receive the Alter Globe Greek language station, which he has on much of the time.

As soon as I walked in on Monday, he immediately called my attention to what was taking place live on Greek television. It was a panel discussion show involving several Greek journalists and broadcasters. They were asking questions from none other than our own Jim Fetzer, who was laying out his case - point by point - that 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated by elements within the U.S. government.

The entire program was quite slickly produced and was supplimented by plenty of file footage. Included was an interview segment with Willie Rodreguez, a recording of Norman Mineta's testimony, and some of the sharpest, most revealing video footage of the twin towers' demolition I have seen to date. Everything was instantly translated so that the participants could understand professor Fetzer and he could understand them.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with this detailed, one-two punch from Jim Fetzer. Certainly, it was the strongest performance I have ever witnessed from him. As can be expected, the scientific aspects were covered. But his overwhelming emphasis was on political testimony and the 9/11 timeline. One after another, the points he made were the ones that everyone in the 9/11 Truth movement knows and agrees upon - dozens of them, in fact over the course of the three hours. And contrary to the divisions and fear mongering that still plagues our movement, Professor Fetzer unequivocally confirmed the findings of Dr. Stephen Jones and stated that thermite/thermate was used in the destruction of the WTC.

"The simplest explaination for something usually turns out to be the most accurate," he remarked. "But it should cover all the observable data." He then briefly mentioned the possibility that other high tech systems were also utilized on that day, but he quickly added that we don't know what they are or how they work, if any were involved at all. Never once during the course of the three-plus hours did he mention anything about "space beams" or weapons from space being involved. But he did add a political possibility that I never heard of or considered before, namely that the entire 9/11 operation could have been outsourced to the Israeli government, and they are the ones who scripted it. I started thinking about that possibility and realized that if such was the case,it may explain where the missing two-plus trillion dollars from the Pentagon budget went and why the instigators of 9/11 wanted the accountants who were working on the case killed.

Needless to say, the whole experience of this broadcast was quite revealing. Over the past few weeks, I've been hearing incessant criticism of Jim Fetzer, almost to the point of hysteria. But this presentation renewed my faith in him, his judgement, and his value to the movement. It also gave me a chance to witness other people awaken to the truth of 9/11 the same way I did many months ago. My boss had been aware for some time that I was a "9/11 Truther," but we never had the opportunity to discuss it in detail until this presentation appeared on his television. Frequently, I added my own commentary to reinforce the points even further. My boss could barely pull himself away from the set and his assistant once went several minutes before realizing there was a customer at the counter. It's a good thing that overall, it was a slow night.

However, there was one "negative" result of this presentation: It increased my already intense hatred of the American broadcast media. Here is a television network in a far off land that considered this information so important, they devoted more than three consecutive hours of air time to it. Although I did not have the luxury of hearing the English translations of the questions and commentary made by the Greek journalists, it was obvious from Professor Fetzer's answers that their input was thoughtful, intelligent, and appropriate.

Compare that to the corrupt fascism, mockery, and frat boy tactics of our dysfunctional American TV networks and cable outlets. Webster Tarpley is correct: the United States is an autistic nation. And our intollerant, antagonistic, scape goating, sound bite loving, corporate scum media is largely to blame for it.

I have every reason to believe that millions of Greeks, in their native land and around the world, woke up to 9/11 Truth on Monday night. Can you imagine what would happen if, for once, just ONE American network or cable outlet found the courage to turn the tables on their New World Order handlers and air a similar three hour panel discussion featuring ANY leading figure in the 9/11 Truth movement? Could you imagine the impact such a broadcast would have?

So, blog all you want about poor Kevin Barrett subjecting himself to more abuse from neo-con shill O'Reilly, and being shouted down before he can get two sentences out. Kevin puts up with it because he has no other options for a mass audience in America. But as for me, I refuse to even watch such uncivilized abuse. Opportunities like Jim Fetzer's Greek TV marathon have far more positive impact and offer far more opportunities and hope.

fjockey ... http://www.scholarsfor911truth.org/fjockeyGreekTelevision.html

James H. Fetzer was born in Pasadena, California, on 6 December 1940. At graduation from South Pasadena High School in 1958, he was presented The Carver Award. He was magna cum laude in philosophy at Princeton University in 1962, where his senior thesis for Carl G. Hempel on the logical structure of explanations of human behavior won The Dickinson Prize. After being commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, he became an artillery officer and served in the Far East. After a tour supervising recruit training in San Diego, he resigned his commission as a Captain to begin graduate work in the history and philosophy of science at Indiana in 1966. He completed his Ph.D. with a dissertation on probability and explanation for Wesley C. Salmon in 1970.
His initial faculty appointment was at the University of Kentucky, where he received the first Distinguished Teaching Award presented by the Student Government to 1 of 135 assistant professors. Since 1977, he has taught at a wide range of institutions of higher learning, including the Universities of Virginia (twice), Cincinnati, North Carolina at Chapel Hill, New College of the University of South Florida, and now the Duluth campus of the University of Minnesota, where he served from 1987 until his retirement in 2006. His honors include a research fellowship from the National Science Foundation and The Medal of the University of Helsinki. In 1996, he became one of the first ten faculty at the University of Minnesota to be appointed a Distinguished McKnight University Professor.
He has published more than 100 articles and reviews and 20 books in the philosophy of science and on the theoretical foundations of computer science, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science. On this web page, his publications have been divided by area, including special vitae for computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, evolution and cognition, and his applied philosophical research on the death of JFK. His biographical sketch has appeared in many reference works, including the DIRECTORY OF AMERICAN SCHOLARS, WHO'S WHO IN THE MIDWEST, WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA, and WHO'S WHO IN THE WORLD. It may be found, for example, in the DIRECTORY OF AMERICAN SCHOLARS, 10th edition, WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA, 55th edition (2001), and WHO'S WHO IN THE WORLD, 18th edition (2001).

Email: jfetzer/at/d.umn.edu
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