21 February, 2009

"secret training camps in America" for PAKI murderers

"secret training camps in America" for PAKI murderers

Nobody talks about the USA AGGRESSION.

Why are we in Afghanistan? OIL! O=oil I=israel L=Logistics

9-11 was an inside job by Henry Hugh Shelton Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Imagine the Nazi Empire training Yugoslav Turkish special (murderer-) agents
who are sent to murder Greek partisans?

Forget religion. Its another method to rule over brains, that's all.

The embedded intelligenCIA reports calmly on murder.
3 comments (all US citizens, all discussion the efficacy of killing
and coercion.. and not the WHY.)

Washington Post

A Three-Pronged Bet on 'AFPAK'

By David Ignatius

Sunday, February 22, 2009; Page

In the two-front war that Washington is now calling "AFPAK," there's more head-scratching going on than is immediately visible. Yes, President Obama approved a Pentagon request to send 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan. But at the same time, he has ordered a strategy review to make sure the United States isn't marching blindly into what historians call "the graveyard of empires."

Obama's War and the Risks Of Realism

Ordering troop deployments before deciding on strategy isn't a great idea -- as Iraq demonstrated. But the additional troops are only about half of what U.S. commanders have requested. "The decision on the 17,000 troops is not predictive of the outcome of the strategy review," cautions a top Pentagon official.

Obama and his special adviser for the region, Richard Holbrooke, want to put their own stamp on policy. They inherited three reviews on Afghanistan: one by Lt. Gen. Doug Lute, which was commissioned by the Bush administration; a second by Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and a third by Gen. David Petraeus, the Centcom commander who oversees the region.

Obama promptly ordered up a fourth assessment -- a review of the reviews, if you will. The baseline is the idea that Afghanistan and Pakistan are two theaters in the same war, combating the Taliban and al-Qaeda extremists that are operating in both countries. Hence, AFPAK. Overseeing this meta-review is Bruce Riedel, a former senior analyst at the CIA who's on loan for 60 days from the Brookings Institution.

As part of the review, top military and intelligence officials from Afghanistan and Pakistan are visiting Washington this week. "We agree that there is one front, from Kabul to Calcutta," a senior Pakistani official told me. But what that will mean in practice is far from clear.

U.S. officials were flummoxed by Pakistan's announcement last week that it had negotiated a truce with Islamic rebels in the Swat Valley region. Pakistani officials portray the deal, which would impose Islamic sharia law in the area, as a way to placate tribal leaders and pry them loose from Taliban militants.

But American officials are skeptical. They say that while 100,000 Pakistani troops are deployed in the northwest, the war is going badly. "Even with all that manpower, they're not making much progress," says one key official. Washington fears that Pakistan may want to fold its hand in Swat to avoid morale problems in an army that would rather be confronting India in the east than Muslim militants in the northwest.

A similar stand-down took place several years ago in Waziristan, where Gen. Pervez Musharraf agreed to a truce rather than continue a failing campaign. Today in Waziristan, the only real threats to Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters come from U.S. Predator drones overhead.

Asked about the Swat truce, Mullen said in a telephone interview: "It's too soon to tell, but the history is not encouraging. It's not good if it's a repeat of what happened before."

Pakistani officials say that the government of President Asif Ali Zardari is ready to fight the Muslim militants, if America provides the tools and training for counterinsurgency. On the Pakistani "wish list" are attack helicopters, night-vision equipment, light artillery for the mountainous border regions, jamming equipment to stop Taliban radio broadcasts and other high-tech surveillance gear.

The Americans would like to teach counterinsurgency tactics to a Pakistani army organized to fight a traditional war against India. Here again, Zardari's government says that it is ready. The Pakistanis say that they already have authorized 70 U.S. Special Forces advisers to train the Frontier Corps constabulary in the tribal areas along the border -- and that they are willing to approve three times that number. They even talk of secret training camps in America to reduce the U.S. footprint in Pakistan.

The Obama team's broad goal for AFPAK is a three-way strategic engagement to fight a common enemy. This means billions in economic aid for a collapsing Pakistani economy; it means a new focus on fighting corruption in Afghanistan; and it may mean distancing the United States from President Hamid Karzai in advance of Afghanistan's presidential elections in August. (Complicating the situation is the fact that Karzai's legal mandate may expire in May.)

Will the new strategy require more U.S. troops than the 17,000 Obama decided to add last week? He will make that call over the next month, and it will be one of the fateful decisions of his presidency.

The writer is co-host of PostGlobal, an online discussion of international issues. His e-mail address is davidignatius@washpost.com.


abby0802 wrote:
Food for thought: we supported these extremist Muslims in their fight against our "enemy" the Soviet Union; we gave them weapons and money and the know-how.

The Soviet Union leaves and the Taliban take control.

They let bin Laden do whatever he wants because he has tons of money.

We went after the Taliban because of 9/11 and then because of Bush's ego and Bush and Cheney's oil buddies started a war in Iraq and blew off the problem of Afghanistan.

Now we are trying fix Afghanistan.

We are trying to change a part of the world that refuses to change.

You are talking about people who throw acid in the faces of girls trying to go to school; people who marry off their 11 and 12 year old daughters to 50 year old men; people who kill girls and women "over honor;" people who think it's okay to physically and sexually abuse girls and women.

They are the same people who claim that their religion gives them the right to do so.

They don't want to change and that is why they will not help America unless they are paid enormous sums of money to do so.

When our money is gone, so will be our so-called "allies."
2/21/2009 12:06:14 PM

imagesadv wrote:
Taliban whether in Afghanistan or Pakistan are but driven by one ideology and until you don't dismantle that source of all ills in Najd (Riyadh and adjoining areas) their publications and propaganda material there can be no hope. They have hijacked Islam with their petrodollars not with their piety. Islam earlier had spread with piety and the appeal of oneness of God and the exalted character and example of prophet Mohammed PBH. Now these guys are primarily illiterate and want to dictate the world what to do. In my opoinion US should get Osama and leave the area. But should remove all Wahabi literature from US, Europe, Arab World, India, Pakistan and the Far East. They are on a drive to convert the regular Muslims - The Hanafi, Shafei, Maliki and Humbali to Salafism that is the deadly Wahabism. You cannot make the big leap backwards. I plead to the world powers to save the world of both Muslims and non-Muslims from the scourge of Wahabism and Salafism. Read Desert King by David Howarth 1962 and you will know what these guys are.
2/21/2009 6:33:46 AM

I feel tactics must be changed dramatically unless 17000 troops are shipped home in boxes. You have rules of war you must stick to or else but they have only one rule and it is they have no rules. They use women and children to kill and think nothing of this life. Its an ideology you are fighting against, an invisible force that is set in concrete in their brain. Most are uneducated and believe its OK to kill you. They have millions willing to replace their dead, how many do you have? Education is one key issue but they kill to prevent learning anything but their religion. As soon as they get their hands on nukes they will not hesitate to use them on you. Its not just the Taliban you are fighting against its Islam, and Islam is spread around the world the sooner you accept this the better chance you will have in subduing their evil doings.
2/21/2009 4:14:13 AM

"SUBDUEING" "EVIL" -- it like the USA is still in the times before age of enlightenment... reason is conquered by ideology (of free markets! haha!)

Free markets that are more unfree than ever. Global corporations rule our minds and our food.

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