19 February, 2010


Here an interesting WHITE MANS BURDEN article
Imagine you are Iran and you are surrounded by the most deadly military machines.
How does this article sound?  YES it sounds like Hitler being against the arms race!
(laughable?  There is a photo of it)

here the article:

Avoiding the last resort

By Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff - HAARETZ

If anyone still had doubts, they disappeared this week,
with the visit by the U.S. chairman of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff and the latest threats by the Iranian president
and Hezbollah's secretary general:

Oh No! The highest military arseholes of the world, the oligarchs with the mightiest weapons of mass destruction have not threatened Iran at all.. The THREAT comes from the UNTERMENSCHEN. We, the well-intentioned WEST, we are oh-so-surprised and cannot understand why someone would consider violence to other countries.

Ill winds are blowing
in the Middle East. If the international community finds

Ah!  Its the international community!  The coalition of the willing, the civilized West WHO ALL AGREE!  USA and Israel are alone in UN resolutions and all other 180-odd nations vote differently, but NO MATTER, we (Israel and USA)  -- by definition -- are the international community!!

itself on a collision course with Iran,

Oh, it is a passive ship.. its just a course... we are going our peaceful ways, and HEY! SUDDENLY there is this highway-robber. No Matter that we are killing thousands in his neck of the woods and we are carrying WMDs.  No!  Its just a collision course! How unfortunate!

and levies tough
sanctions, the spring and summer months could be
particularly difficult. This tension could escalate into
an all-out war.

But we are not threatening! Noooooo.

Maybe only a few people want this to

MAYBE??  How honest!  Maybe the sentence would have sounded way too devious like this:  Nobody wants this to happen Yes this would have sounded like Al Capone or Adolf Hitler.

 but meanwhile Tehran and Jerusalem are
exchanging threatening messages, and with Beirut, Gaza
and Damascus in the middle, the situation could spin out
of control.

While Iran is deliberately heating up the atmosphere,
the United States is seeking to cool it down a little.
Strangely enough, at this stage both sides have
interpreted Israel's role in a similar manner; both
apparently believe it could lose its patience.

Patience?  Israel has been the ATTACKER! It's like a Mafia-Boss Loosing his patience!

This is
the backdrop for the announcement by Iranian President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Israel is planning a war in the
coming months (which was immediately met by a sweeping
denial by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu), and for
the threats by Hezbollah secretary general Hassan
Nasrallah about attacking Israel's strategic

This threatening atmosphere is apparently also the main
reason for the "airlift" of senior U.S. officials to
Israel, including CIA Director Leon Panetta (who was
here earlier this month, according to foreign reports),
chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen,
and Vice President Joe Biden, due here next month.

Mullen landed at the beginning of this week on the
hottest day of the winter, bearing an unequivocal
warning. First, in a departure from the norm, his visit
began with a brief press conference at the U.S. Embassy
in Tel Aviv, which lasted 25 minutes. Some of the
Israeli correspondents, who were informed only an hour
in advance, arrived in T-shirts. It was evident that His
Honor the Admiral was somewhat surprised by the casual
atmosphere - and by the biting tone of the questions.

But Mullen had a message to convey, by order of the
president, and he stuck to it. True, "from a policy
standpoint, Iran cannot have nuclear weapons," but, said
the guest, he was worried about the "unintended
consequences" of an attack by Israel. He made these
comments publicly even before his first meeting with his
hosts, and of course they immediately dictated the tone
of that evening's news and the next morning's papers.

Mullen - whose excellent relationship with Israeli Chief
of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi is described in Israel as a
security asset - had carried out a similar mission once
already, in June 2008. He was sent then by the previous
U.S. president, George W. Bush, to warn Israel not to
attack Iran. He did so after two meetings between Bush
and then-prime minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister
Ehud Barak, during which the president got the
impression, based on rather exceptional Israeli
requests, that Jerusalem was planning to bomb Iran.

Early in 2003 an Israeli delegation visited Washington
for strategic discussions, on the eve of the U.S.
invasion of Iraq. The Americans wanted only one thing
from Israel: a promise that it wouldn't attack Iraq on
its own, even if Iraqi president Saddam Hussein launched
chemical weapons at it (the same weapons of mass
destruction that it later turned out the Iraqis no
longer had). The Israelis, on orders of then-prime
minister Ariel Sharon, refused to commit. More than a
year later, when Sharon himself visited the White House,
Bush asked him to promise that Israel would not try to
assassinate or otherwise harm Palestinian Authority
chairman Yasser Arafat. Sharon replied that he was well
aware of the American demands. When the president
repeated his request, the prime minister again avoided
an official promise.

History History... all those memories!!  Except it is a very one-sided version. Imagine! In all those peaceful years Israel was soo passive, it never attacked Lebanon (oops, it did) or Gaza (oops) and the USA -- mafia bully No One -- has conquered the oil-regions and killed untold numbers of brown untermenschen..

Now, particularly after announcing that they are
starting to enrich uranium to 20 percent, the Iranians
are no longer making much of an effort to pretend their
nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, which was
their explanation until now. Tehran's true intentions
are now clear to everyone, from Washington to London to

Lets just assume that is true. Lets assume that Iran is building a nuclear arsenal. How many nuclear bombs?  Two?  Ten? And how about Nuclear Proliferation?  Did Israel join the regime?  Have inspections? Pakistan? India? USA? France? UK? Germany? South Africa? North Korea? France? China? Russia?  Were they bombed when they made their nuclear arsenals? The whole thing is so sad. The USA now has incredible secret WMDs, weapons that could split the earth in two. And Iran?  Have you seen the air-pollution in Teheran? SHOCKING!  They need electricity!  They need a big stick to stay independent. They have NEVER in 2000 years attacked ANY country. They were attacked by the CIA NUMEROUS TIMES.  Knowing that, and knowing that we DO NOT WANT NUCLEAR ANYTHING -- how should we treat our neighbor on this blue planet?

The problem is that the Chinese are far more
concerned about the danger to their oil supply than the
nuclear threat, and consider refusing to approve
sanctions against Iran to be an effective tactic in the
power struggle with the United States.

Ah, ok. so It is all the Chinese people's fault. How novel!  England and USA can't sell them Opium any more, bad untermensch.

Had Mohammed ElBaradei, who flagrantly collaborated with
the Iranians,

Wow.  A newspaper writing government propaganda, wow!

 not ended his term as director of the
International Atomic Energy Agency, we could have
wondered whether even he was still capable of denying
the clearly emerging picture. In his absence, it looks
as though the IAEA will also align itself with future
U.S. analyses and harden its tone toward Iran.

Israel will choose to attack only as a last resort. If
Iran continues to enrich uranium and Washington does not
succeed in imposing genuine sanctions, or if such
sanctions do not move Iran, this question becomes more
relevant. In such a case, Israel would have more
legitimacy for acting in self-defense, and could not be
blamed when diplomatic efforts fail.

Hitler claimed self defence!  Bombing the civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan - Pure Self-Defence!!

For the time being, the Netanyahu government will try to
"translate" the fear of its future actions into hard

Oh, he is so good. What a wonderful manager!!  Hard Currency.. we like it!

 The United States has already deployed a radar
system in Israel, which has improved the country's
deterrent capability against missile strikes. Israel
recently received a commitment regarding U.S. Army
emergency storehouses here.

Of course this is not preparing for war, and it is not a threat to iran. As long as they do what we tell them to do, there will be no violence, maybe. Al Capone.

If we accept the version of
the Prime Minister's Office, there may also have been
success on the Russian front, in the form of another
delay in the deal to sell SA-300 anti-aircraft missiles
to Tehran.

Mullen's host, Ashkenazi, calmed down another front this
week: Barak's front against Ashkenazi. Barak even
praised the latter in public - a sign that both sides
are trying to chill the atmosphere after the blowout
between their advisers a week ago. A certain amount of
bad blood will apparently remain between the two
bureaus, however. And that is what awaits the chief of
staff as he enters the fourth year of his term, which is
likely to be extended to a fifth year.

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