18 August, 2010


They know full-well that GLADIO murdered innocent civilians and blamed it on muslims (oops, lefties).

but they cannot write about it.  Everone would ask "WHY DID YOU NOT WRITE ABOUT IT BEFORE?"

criminal ASSHOLES!!


Mr. Cossiga admitted to having played a part in the 1960s in organizing a clandestine NATO-sponsored operation, code named Gladio, that involved training guerrilla fighters who would enter into action in the event of an invasion by Warsaw Pact nations.

DON'T SAY CIA!!   The italian courts have established the link!!   Imagine if it had been IRANIAN Agents!!  

He resigned in April 1992, two months before his seven-year term was to expire, amid criticism about the Gladio operation.

CRITICISM!!   WHAT??   Murdering innocent people for political gain?

info http://u2r2h.blogspot.com/2008/02/turkey-gladio-nato-staybehind-false.html

The New York times should be replaces by the YES MEN, who published this:


albeit a dream

Cheney:  War that will not end in our lifetimes.  RIGHT!  Because it can't.
9/11 inside job would be exposed officially!

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