31 December, 2006

WTC impact photo

This photo has a history that needs to be told:

David Handschuh took this about 1 second after the "impact" or should we say "the explosion"

We see

  • a white explosion-cloud in the OTHER TOWER
  • the orange fireball is already big on the side OPPOSITE of the "impact"
  • the impact area has exterior cladding pieces flotaing in the Air, but no aeroplane parts.
  • the flame is thin and directed unlike the "fireBALLS' on the other side(s). If a real plane had impacted one would expect the explosion to take the easiest route through the 'punched hole'. The momentum of the jet fuel not withstanding.
  • what is the large black object?

I bet you that a study of this photo and others of the explosion will reveal more.

email or phone David Handschuh DHandschuh@DailyNewsPix.com @ work 212/210-2344 to obtain a super-high-rez photo so we can analyse the debris!

Then this noise filled the air that sounded like a high-pressure gas line had been ruptured. It seemed to come from all over, not one direction. Everyone was looking around thinking, "What was that?" And the second tower explodes. ...

I don't even recall making the picture that wound up in the paper the next day. Just after we started seeing the flames come out of the South Tower, I pulled the camera and started shooting.

Time stood still. I had just run into a friend of mine, [a television cameraman], who said he had unbelievable footage of the second tower getting hit.

The turbo-fan-roar of a 767 does not sound like a the hiss from a gas pipe. However a missile does.

Another version of Handschuh's statement goes like this:

Handschuh was standing on the corner of Liberty and West when he heard a noise that “seemed to come from everywhere.” He thought that perhaps a large natural gas main in the building let go. “But all of the sudden the second tower explodes into flame. And I’m standing underneath it. And I think, “OK. This is a second bomb. This is not an accident.”

Handschuh instinctively raised the camera to his eye. “I have the fireball coming out of the West Street side.”

Handschuh tells of friends he lost. Among them was Glenn Pettit, a former freelance photographer who joined the NYPD a few years ago as a videographer. “He said he had amazing footage of the second plane hitting…for some reason we just gave each other a little hug around the shoulders and he went east and I went north. Apparently just after we spoke he went into the South Tower with the fire fighters…he is officially listed as missing. Even though they haven’t found his body, I just attended his funeral and memorial service.”



The original filename implies that there are AEROPLANE PARTS raining down, but the shape of the pieces is that of the aluminium cladding elements

source, and more photos http://sageauthoring.com/fdny/WTC-911/WTCpho001.htm


Not related this photo, but an interesting czech helicopter shockwave .. coinsidering that the shockwave from the collapse should arrive at the helicopter at a different time than a shockwave from a big explosion (that initiated the collapse) it should be possible to do a timing estimate.


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