28 August, 2007

Planted Aircraft Debris Evidence

Was Major 9/11 Evidence Planted In Order To Mislead The Public?

Randi Rhodes FORUM posting


NIST report PDF (from Democratic Underground posting)

Major events timed to an accuracy of 1 second are:
• First plane strike on WTC 1: 8:46:30 a.m.
• Second plane strike on WTC 2: 9:02:59 a.m.
• Collapse of WTC 2: 9:58:59 a.m.
• Collapse of WTC 1: 10:28:25 a.m.
• Collapse of WTC 7: 5:20:52 p.m.

WTC2 The aircraft struck the tower with a measured speed of 545 miles per hour ± 18 miles per hour

West Side Highway

view photos Uploaded on April 12, 2006
by *Hiro

All sizes
40°42' 40" N, 74°0' 53" W
I went to the otherside (West Side Hwy) of my building, and came across this - what looks to be an office chair or a airplane seat embedded in the back of a car. I found out that the telephone pole near the building was wiped out by a falling plane tire.

This photo also belongs to:

9/11 WTC Attack Photojournal (Set)




A. It looked like pieces of a plane, skin of a plane. I mean, they weren't really discernible. I couldn't say this was this part of a plane or that was that part. Just knowing a plane had hit the building and I looked and I saw it looked like the skin off a wing or a fuselage or wherever it came from.

Q. Clearly not building material?

A. No. The building material was sort of gray and you could see it, you know, how it differed from the plane. I was listening to the tape this morning of the people calling up and they were describing the plane that hit the building. Actually, so many people saw it. They actually described the plane as it came in. They said it was a *military-type plane and it was green* and it was this.

EMT STEPHEN HESS West below Liberty

came through the tunnel, and our initial response was seeing body parts and airplane parts all over the west side. West HW


Monday, December 12, 2005

Airplane Parts from 9/11

Here is some information that was sent in. Please note, there are more images than this, and I did alter these ones to limit their file size, so if you need the originals please contact us or Louis.

I have uploaded all the images here: http://www.putfile.com/somebigguy
They are about 6 MB in total.

Update: I was just informed that images posted in the above link are not full size, so definitely, get in contact if you'd like the full size images.

I was there that morning of 9/11 working on a nearby roof and the following week I was asked to go to Ground Zero to help with the rigging of some of the buildings that were damaged. I worked on, 1 Liberty Plaza, Century 21 Building, Hilton Millenium Hotel, and The Federal Building.

Working at the Federal Building, it was our job to hang swing stage scaffolds from the 7th floor setback roof. When I first got up on the lower setback roof and saw the amount of debris I was amazed. Giant pieces of the World Trade Center aluminum siding were everywhere. We had to move most of them to fasten our tie-back scaffold cables. While moving one of these 7 foot pieces of aluminum I noticed what looked like an airplane part. I picked it up and it had a serial number on it and something in writing "hydraulic piston".

About a half hour later, the Postal Investigator and an FBI Agent came up to the setback roof. I was asked where exactly did I find it and not to remove anything else, especially anything spray painted in yellow paint. I was told that there were many airplane parts on the roof and most of them were identified by yellow spray paint.

Well throughout the day working on the roof I had come across the yellow paint on some objects. No one was supposed to have a camera on the Ground Zero site, but everyone had one. I had my in my work bucket and took pictures of the whole setback roof and debris.

Well, we had problems securing some tie- back cables to the setback roof and I had to go to the upper roof to see if we could run the cables up there. I had my camera and headed for the upper roof and I couldn't believe what I saw. There was a large piece of a landing gear and pieces of airplane parts all over the roof. I took many pictures and quickly left he roof.

I have been told just recently that there are airplane experts who could easily identify what type of airplane it was from my photos. If there is anyone who would be willing to examine my photos and has knowledge to identify the "TRUTH" of what type of aiplane really crashed into the WTC that day, I would be more than happy to show them my photos.

A large airplane jet engine was photographed in the street near Church St., but was immediately roped off my the FBI. Those photos have raised many questions as to whether the plane was really was a 767 engine or a 737. The engine has since been supposedly "lost" or buried at the landfill. Why would such an artifact of great importance quietly disappear and not end up in a museum!

I'm a construction worker and have almost no knowledge of photography, my pictures are real and authenticand have never been altered in any way. So, if you're an expert in airplane part and think you can finally clear up this question of airplane conspiracy, email me at chingy711@verizon.net

- Louis
posted by somebigguy at 8:23 AM EST
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