02 October, 2007

Tom Bearden - intelligent brainwashed physicist

tom bearden scalar superweapons tesla howitzer soviet beam weapons chernobylTom Bearden has been brainwashed.

This is for certain. His 1950's paranoiac ramblings about the super-clever soviet empire that invented aids and would love to use the doomsday weapon is a self-evident projection and probably a CIA implant. No rational human being would create such a mental nightmare scenario. But CIA, DIA, mossad, mi6, bnd etc are NOT RATIONAL, they are PSYCHOPATHS in a psychopath society, the USA (US of Alzheimers as Al Gore like to call it). Apart from that, his scientific credentials are catastrophic. But in a super-secret national security covert operation false flag terrorist homeland they would have to be.

His video

Soviet Secret Superweapons and driving the Disarmament Talks

circulates on the internet (381,104,128 bytes AVI) in which he,

Lt. Col Thomas E. Bearden (retd.)
PhD, MS (nuclear engineering), BS (mathematics - minor electronic engineering)
Co-inventor - the 2002 Motionless Electromagnetic Generator - a replicated overunity EM generator
Listed in Marquis' Who'sWho in America, 2004

holds a whacko speech that states that that the Chernobyl explosion was caused by a failure of the scalar Time-reversal superweapon and that it ignited the nuclear fuel inside the reactor.
The russians sank the USS Tresher on 10 April 1963 and AIDS was created in a US chemical warfare lab (Fort Detrick, Fort Dietrich, Maryland) BY THE RUSSIANS who slipped it under the smallpox immunisation programme that the good-hearted US americans had lovingly distributed accross Africa, and thereby INADVERTENDLY infected the world with AIDS.
Oh, did I mention... it is also a cure for cancer.

Watch the video in 15 parts on Youtube:


all leave a comment (see bottom of this page) and let me know in one sentence WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS MADNESS, thanks.

Here are some screenshots:

It is OBVIOUS that the superweapons that affect the NUCLEUS of the atom are EXACTLY what we observed with toasted cars.

This is not a new observation.

from http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/warrant8.htm


Date: 9/20/01 10:28:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I haven't seen anyone broach the subject of Scalar Weapons involvement in the WTC Collapse. It would make sense that such involvement was possible except that it would also mean the involvement of entities who have this technology. This would lead to suspicion of World Powers beyond the likes of Lee Harvey Bin Laden or John Wilkes Hussein. According to the preeminent expert on such matters, and you know who I mean, the Yakuza and the Aum have, at some point, rented the Russian Woodpecker for $900 million in gold bullion.

In deference to the good Dr.and ret. Lt. Col., for whom I have the utmost respect, I am not going to provide any links at this point because many of your dedicated readers are already aware of the good works of the aforementioned good Dr.

However, I asked him, via e-mail on the day of Infamy, if he thought there was any Scalar involvement in the WTC incident and his response was noncommittal. I consider his response to reflect an unwillingness to engage in fingerpointing for such an atrocious event. He is to be commended for his restraint under such circumstances.

However, considering the questions that have arisen about the true nature of the destruction of the WTC Towers, as well as the surrounding buildings, and considering the anomalous appearance of unexplained phenomena in the video captured from mainstream news media, there are many unanswered questions which could hypothetically be answered if Scalar Technology was possibly used in conjunction with the airliner disasters and reported possibly planted explosives.

My personal theory is that the World Powers who have commanded Scalar technology, are now holding us hostage and that the collapse of the WTC Towers was a disguised exhibition of their capabilities. I hope I am wrong and have no claim to any inside information.

If I am indeed right, I would expect that bridges, buildings and tunnels may fail in the near future without benefit of any explosives in evidence due to the use of Scalar Weapons, the true Weapons of Mass Destruction of the 21st century. If so,Tesla was right and so was former Defense Secretary William Cohen.

Date: 9/21/01 2:21:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time

If may just come in here for a moment,,,I am reliably informed that two points are open for thought, regarding the tower collapse...... all cellular phones went dead near the buildings for a moment or two.....and a number of buildings near the towers suffered great structural damaged....flooding many of the underground systems....so much damage around the site....and given the radio blackout..one might be tempted to suggest a bomb with intense neutron output..?

Date: 9/20/01 10:28:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi, Kent, I'm currently blocked off RMN, and I'm not liking it. I was on, and opening a link to a report on wiretapping, and got the boot. The New America is no fun.

This sure is something. In one fell swoop, we get a war to re-invent our economy with, hundreds of year's worth of oil, a lot of gas, a mandate for Dubya, the CIA and all the other spooks off the leash, a full-time psy-ops media, and a public so irrational and bewildered, they can be made to accept this huge leap forward for the New World Order. Did I forget to mention the huge rebound for Israel? I'm beginning to think of the US public as so many orphans whose lost parents are History and Psychology. They'll never know what they missed. I guess the media won't be along for this war. Too bad we'll be missing out on all the new toys they'll be playing with. HAARP, aerosol spraying, and super-lasers should be making life most difficult for the Afghanis. I had a chance viewing of a super-laser being tested in the Mojave last year- it was a sight to behold. The name Zeus came to mind.

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