22 February, 2009

A CABAL rules the planet .. read on!

Response to 'Fourth generation warfare in the most advanced stage'

Written by Zahir Ebrahim

Saturday, 21 February 2009 11:03

Over the years I have read many publicly available Pentagon documents, going all the way back to what were earlier classified and later made available either through FOIA or natural declassification cycle.

Before I make my relevant point . let me cite an example. When I learnt, from Chomsky initially, and subsequently reading the originals, of George Kennan's doctrine of outspending the Communists and that they would naturally collapse soon enough, that document is the 1948 Policy Planning PPS-23, I was taken aback. That PPS-23 had formed the underpinnings of what later became the Truman Doctrine that had held the world hostage for over 4 decades . at the brink of annihilation! Or so I, and almost everyone on planet earth have been led to believe.

So we have all dutifully critiqued the .Military-Industrial Complex. of America and remained in awe of President Eisenhower's labeling of it, the very same President who also dutifully carried on the baton of the Cold War from President Truman, embarking on the largest 'peace-time' military and civil defense spending spree in the United States probably in its entire inglorious history of bloodshed up to that time. That flaming-torch of the Cold War was continually carried on by every single American President for four decades. When PPS-23 was declassified, like flies drawn to a dead carcass, the many historians and moralists of empire laughed their way to their bank rehearsing it in their narratives. Not one of them, to my knowledge, decided to donate the proceeds of their pedantic works to the poor victims of four decades of proxy-warfare against the Communists, the last one being Afghanistan.

So how does one cast that into the actual tortuous reality that Communism was created by the Anglo-American banksters themselves who also financed the .Military-Industrial complex. through deficit spending sticking the compound-interest payments on it to the American tax-payer? Going from gullibly naïve-green Chomsky student from the late 1970s where 'empire' was the baddy, to the eye opening research into who runs the empire through the Hegelian dialectics of opposites and fabricated enemies . something Noam Chomsky has never written about to my knowledge, but so many 'lesser' people have, including yours truly based on information uncovered through independent research . the entire PPS-23 now looks like a fabrication to direct the Pentagon's Generals against a fabricated enemy. Like Henry Kissinger had once stated, something to the effect:

.Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy..

So back to 2001 - 2009. 'War on terror' is a fabrication, 911 was an inside job, and fighting the fourth generation war is the sine qua non, inter alia, for world
government. These matters have been amply dwelled upon elsewhere ( see http://humanbeingsfirst.org ).

If that be the case . the article .Fourth generation warfare in the most advanced stage. is a cleverly disguised truth within a lie! We know of lies within lies, but truth within lies has more potential to create believable absurdities. And if you can convince people of absurdities, you can also get them to commit atrocities in the name of .either you are with us or with the terrorists..

There is today, and has been for at least a hundred plus years, only one primal common global enemy of mankind which manufactures, aids and abets, cultivates and sustains, all the local ones. The Pentagon, the White House, the Congress, all work for it. It created Pakistan through the Round Tables; it sanctioned and funded the Zionist agenda since its very inception and created Reform Judaism to bring the flock to their Promised Land by hook or by crook; it created the Bolshevik Revolution by funding the enemies of the Tzar and looting all of Russia's wealth; it funded Nazi Socialism and then funded its opponents to destroy it; and it created China's Communist Revolution by propping up an unknown Mao Tse Tung. It also moved all of America's production and industrial infrastructure to China and replaced that real wealth with its ill fated financial sector and its tortuous instruments of fictitious wealth that has now manufactured the global Financial Crisis. That enemy today, the misanthrope of all humanity, the only one that has profited from all the wars of the twentieth and this century and all the boom and bust economic cycles acquiring the deeds to almost all hard properties on the planet while growing itself into greater and greater combines with each bust, is now ready to bite the hand which has fed it.

Unless that common global enemy and its overarching agenda is kept properly in focus, reports like the above only create red herrings to distract from it.

One thing I have learnt studying the foreign policy of nations for now almost 30 years, is cynicism. Real secrets, real doctrines, and real strategies and tactics, are always kept .Top Secret.. No one in the right mind is going to reveal their secret weapons to the enemy and pending victims. There is always an agenda in all .information leaks. and purported .Pentagon's Joint Vision 2010/2020/2030. documents. The proof of that, that real secrets are always closely guarded to the chest, is that the evidence and circumstances surrounding Abraham Lincoln's assassination 150 years ago . notice we aren't taking JFK, RFK, MLK, or even 911 new pearl harbor . are still classified Top Secret!

So what they let out, in a convoluted way that simple minds like ours un-attuned to the complexities of Machiavelli and the demonic principles of conquest by way of deception can't fathom, is whatever they really want us to believe. In the above report, they really want us to believe that there is a really un-fabricated enemy who attacked the United States on 911, the consequent by-product of which is this new Fourth Generation warfare. Just as in PPS-23, they really wanted us to believe that they are fighting the real enemy, the Soviet Union, which, throughout its existence since the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, had entirely relied on the American tax-payer to sustain it! Un-freaking un-believable? Not if one understands that dialectical deception is the key principle behind it all.

This is far more complex and sophisticated, requiring long term planning, logistics, and execution, than what any two-bit tin-pot dictator in any third world country is capable of.

The .Mighty Wurlitzer. does its thing and us gullibles of the world continually fall for it.

Just look at the description of the Fourth Generation war . the targeted victim will already be demoralized by simply reading it! That is psy-ops 101. With that as the backdrop, what should one get out of this type of warfare whose signs are empirical in the dead bodies of Pakistanis and Palestinians and Iraqis and Lebanese and from Afghanistan to Yugoslavia and which needs no documentary revelations?

What is new that is not already covered in the 2500 year old .Art of War.?

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