08 March, 2009


AUSTRALIAN invasion force murders afghan civilians, women, children..

Imagine how many are murdered by US-americans.. often by remote control and drones.

The USA man in power in Kabul -- KARZAI (CIA) -- is not standing for elections and
has been in power uninterrupted since the illegal US invasion.

Of course 9/11 was an inside job and Afghanistan is a bishop in the geopolitical GRAND GAME

Diggers stand accused

Michael Harvey

March 09, 2009 12:00am

DEFENCE is investigating accusations Australian special forces soldiers killed Afghan civilians two months ago.

The deaths of three men and one woman were alleged to have happened when Australian soldiers launched a mission to avenge the death of a comrade.

The hunt for the Taliban mastermind of a rocket attack that killed Pte Greg Sher in southern Afghanistan found its target.

But, according to a local official, civilians were killed too during an exchange of fire with insurgents.

The Governor of Oruzgan province, Assadullah Hamdam, spoke out yesterday in an interview on Sky News.

"Some senior Taliban commanders were inside some houses," Governor Hamdam said.

"The Australians went there to circle the area and they wanted to arrest him. But he escaped I think just before that from that house."

A fight ensued, during which civilians ran from the house.

"One big bullet hit near them and then exploded and four civilians were killed and others wounded," the governor said.

A Defence spokeswoman said an investigation had been ordered.

"Once the investigation is final, Defence will issue a statement," the spokeswoman said.

Governor Hamdam also lashed out at the deaths of five children in a separate incident last month.

Defence has previously announced it was investigating that incident, which happened during a fight between special forces and Taliban insurgents in Oruzgan province.

The insurgents fired on special force soldiers involved in a "clearance operation" of compounds.

At the time, Defence would not comment on the possibility of children being used as human shields.

An Afghan family who claimed to have survived the fight, and who lost one of their children, last night said the incident erupted without warning.

Speaking on the SBS program Dateline, Zaher Khan claimed there were no Taliban in his house in the village of Surkh Morghab, 12km from the Australian base at Tarin Kowt.

"I wish they'd had the decency to warn us before attacking," he said.

"Without finding out if there were women, children, babies. It was night, everyone was asleep. They didn't care. They just burst in suddenly."

Asked if anyone in the area of his home returned fire, Mr Khan said no.

"They just suddenly rushed into my house," he said.

Mr Khan said his brother was killed along with his brother's wife.

The five dead children included a six-month-old baby, a three-year-old and his own daughter, 7.

As Defence's investigation continues, Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon has described the incident as "very distressing and, of course, profoundly regrettable".

Article from: Herald Sun

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