08 March, 2010

TURKEY NEWS - 911 inside job

Indictment reveals Special Warfare Unit.s extrajudicial tactics

A manual included as evidence in an indictment prepared on a plot to assassinate two naval admirals advises Special Warfare Unit teams to employ extrajudicial tactics such as carrying out false flag operations to drum up public support for counter-guerrilla activities.

The document, titled .Sept. 11, GLADIO,. included as an appendix to the indictment, outlines violent, subversive tactics to create chaos and subsequently secure popular support for the Special Warfare Unit.s activities. The suggestions were reportedly inspired by information detailed in an article written by the former head of the unit, retired Maj. Gen. Cihat Akyol, which was published in the Journal of the Turkish Armed Forces.

.It should be known that the most efficient galvanizer of resistance is persecution. Sometimes, guerilla forces try to make the public join the resistance camp through intentional forged operations. In order to separate them from that camp, it is advised to stage operations and unfair practices tantamount to persecution [against people] as though they were done by guerillas,. read an article in the manual included in the indictment. Among tactics listed in the manual were murder, bombing, torture, sabotage, disseminating disinformation and propaganda, tyranny and blackmail. The document indicates that the tactics listed were used during the Feb. 28, 1997 process, during which the democratically elected government of the time was forced to resign by the military.

The indictment is the product of an investigation into an alleged assassination plot against admirals Metin Ataç and Esref Ugur Yigit. The indictment lays charges against 19 suspects, nine of whom are already under arrest. The suspects are accused of .membership in a terrorist organization. and .illegal possession of explosives.

02 March 2010, Tuesday


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